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Kai SoE-Game1

Game 1 Information
Retired Characters

Relationships between Characters
Fiona and Filian are siblings
Catriona saved Fiona from a Feondas attack (spidery thing)
Filian hired Ruach as a bodyguard to travel from Kel Loar to Seol
Caerian hired Catriona when traveling to Seol
Ruach's and Caerian's fathers worked together as hunters
Fiona knows the knight that Ruach is fleeing from
Caerian came to Seol to meet Ruach's father (who actually lives in Kel Loar)

Relationships to NPCs
Caerian met Aoda Mac Iseanor when she was traveling across Taol-Kaer and she bore a striking resemblance to his missing betrothed

Session Reports
Session 1: In which the characters learn of a nearby Feondas attack and endeavor to rescue the village children from it's evil clutches, only to learn that they may have stumbled into a conspiracy...
Session 2: In which the details of the plot come to light, and the conspirators escape...
Session 3: In which the characters find a dead end and leave for Seòl to search for a cure for the children...
Session 4: In which the characters lose their lead, attend a ball, and gain a quest...
Session 5: In which the characters depart Seòl to search for Aoda Mac Iseanor and we learn just how spiteful Caerian really is...
Session 6: After which the GM admits he will have to struggle to make the party seem like the good guys...
Session 7: In which Fiona chooses to side with the law over the party, which causes some drama, before the party stumbles into Aoda's last known location...and something very much like heaven. Except for the magientists.
Session 8: In which the characters investigate several gruesome scenes of murder and mayhem and come to believe they may have discovered Aoda's whereabouts...
Session 9: In which they learn a short trip to the Ashen Yards may be in order...
Session 10: In which the party invades the Ashen Yards with polite conversation and learn the villain might not be so villainous...
Session 11: In which Aoda is rescued! ...Kind of.
Session 12: In which they return home without Aoda and break the news to her father...
Session 17: In which the heroes venture into the manifold lands of relationship...
Session 18: In which the party returns to Garad to follow-up on the condition of the children there...
Session 19: In which the party's decisions end in tragedy...
Session 20: In which a few loose threads come together...
Session 21: In which the characters unknowingly begin the search for one of their own...
Session 22: In which the no one makes any headway except for the spy himself...
Session 23: In which a new threat casts its shadow upon the characters...
Session 24: In which the characters realize a morcail may be behind the riot...
Session 25: In which an innocent is killed and in which the conspiracy deepens...
Session 26: In which plans are made...
Session 27: In which a few stones are unturned...
Session 28: In which the characters find themselves caught in the middle...
Session 29: In which the characters realize there will be no winner...
Session 30: In which the characters witness a mass execution...
Session 31: In which Turian dies...
Session 32: In which the murders begin again...


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