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Kakita Umiko


Short and slight, Kakita Umiko is clearly of the Crane. Her long white hair hangs loose, framing a delicate face and inquisitive bright blue eyes. A wide conical straw hat rests at a slight angle upon her head and a small, blue songbird sits atop the point, occasionally launching itself trilling into the air before settling back to its perch.

Kakita Umiko’s kimono is sky blue, decorated with a swirling pattern of cranes in flight with an exquisite daisho belted at her waist. She also carries a huge No-Dachi, perhaps six feet long, the scabbard strapped to her back behind her travelling pack. The back of her hat has a notch cut in it to allow the huge sword to sit, and be drawn, comfortably.


Earth 2
Air 3
Water 2
STR 2 - PER 2
Fire 2
AGI 3 - INT 2
Void 2

Honor: 6.5
Insight: 125
Glory: 1
Armour TN: 20
Reduction: 3
Initiative: 4k3 + 6


Courtier [Awareness] Rank 2 - 6k3
Etiquette [Awareness] Rank 2 - 6k3
Sincerity [Awareness] Rank 1 - 5k3
Kenjutsu [Agility] Rank 2 - 6k3
Jiujutsu [Agility] Rank 2 - 6k3
Iaijutsu (Focus) [Reflexes] Rank 3 - 7k3
Tea Ceremony [Void] Rank 1 - 4k2
Artisan (Poetry) [Awareness] Rank 1 - 4k3
Meditation [Void] Rank 1 - 3k2


Iaijutsu (3) Readying a Katana is a free action


Prodigy – Whenever you make a School Skill Roll, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to the roll.
Sacred Weapon – Kakita Blade: 4k2 katana; may reroll damage once per Iaijutsu duel
Hands of Stone - Damage for unarmed attacks is +0k1


The Way of the Crane - You add twice your Iaijutsu Skill Rank to all Initiative rolls. You gain a bonus of +1k1 plus your School Rank to the total of all attack and Focus rolls while assuming the Center Stance. This bonus also applies during the Combat Round following one in which you assumed the Center Stance.


Light Armour
Sturdy Clothing
Travelling Pack (Blanket, Bottle of Sake, Daisho Stand, Ink Brush Kit, Parchment & Charcoal, Songbird, Sake Cup, Tea Set, Wide Brimmed Straw Hat)
8 koku


No-Dachi: Attack 6k3 (7k4+1 in Centre Stance), DMG 5k3
Kakita Blade: Attack 6k3 (7k4+1 in Centre Stance), DMG 6k2
Wakizashi: Attack 6k3 (7k4+1 in Centre Stance), DMG 4k2
Juijutsu: Attack 5k2, DMG 2k2


10 - Healthy (+0)
14 - Nicked (+3)
18 - Grazed (+5)
22 - Hurt (+10)
26 - Injured (+15)
30 - Crippled (+20)
34 - Down (+40)
38 – Out


Centre Stance: forfeits all actions this round to get +1k1+Void to any one roll and +10 initiative next round.

1 koku = 5 bu = 10 zeni


  • Xd10rrl[X-Y] - X = Total Dice, Y = Kept Dice
  • Xd10rr[9]l[X-Y] - For exploding on 9 and 10
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