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Name XXXX Player Pete
Faction Freelancer Heritage Bauhaus
Status Nobility Character Trait Mediator
Jungle Nightmares
Influence 0 Origin Asteroid Estate
Ranged damage bonus 0 Melee damage bonus 0
Chronicle Points Dread

Wounds Current Max Soak
Head 3 3 4+2
Torso 8 8 4+1
Right Arm 4 4 3+1
Left Arm 4 4 3+1
Right Leg 6 6 3
Left Leg 6 6 3
Serious Wounds 6 6 -
Critical Wounds 4 4 -
Mental 10 10 -

Ability/Skill Score ( Expertise / Focus)
• Acrobatics 1
• Close combat 1
•• Unarmed Combat
• Stealth 1
• Observation 2
•• (sig) Insight 2
• Thievery (sig) 3
• Ranged Weapons 5
•• Heavy Weapons 1
•• Gunnery
• Pilot 1
•• Space
• Education 1
•• Linguistics
•• Science
• Mechanics 1
• Survival 2
•• Vacuum
• Treatment
•• Medicine
•• Psychotherapy
• Willpower 1
•• Mysticism 1
• Animal Handling
• Lifestyle
• Persuade
•• Command
• Resistance 1
• Athletics 3

Weapons Range Damage Mode ENC Size Reliability Qualities
MP-105 pistol C 1+3D Burst 2 1H 3 Ammo (Spread 1): For each Dark Symmetry Icon generated, roll X additional hit locations. These additional hit locations suffer half of the attack’s damage, rounded down. This is affected by Soak, as normal.
Close Quarters: This ranged weapon may be used against targets within Reach without penalty.

Talents Effect
Under the Radar This reduces all Restriction Ratings by one but all items come with the Quality ‘Black Market’. Possession of any equipment with this quality is illegal as the item is stolen, a knock-off, or otherwise restricted by law.
Sharp senses
The character may re-roll a single d20 when making an Observation test, but must accept the new result.
Sixth Sense
The character may re-roll a single d20 when making an Insight test, but must accept the new result.

Gear Effect
Fake ID (choose or roll for a faction and primary career)
Bullet-proof vest
Disguise kit
Military dress uniform
Guardsman Mk III armour w/ military shoulder pads
Heavy cloak Helps with camouflage. Wearing camouflaged equipment appropriate to the environment grants a character one bonus Momentum on Stealth tests to avoid being seen. If the character is willing to spend ten minutes preparing with the kit, this increases to three bonus Momentum

You have an enemy in a Heretic cult. Further, the ‘souvenir’ grants you one additional Chronicle point. Whenever you use a Chronicle point, roll a D – if a Dark Symmetry icon is rolled, the character suffers a 3D Corruption Roll.
You have a contact in the Brotherhood, or the Ministry of Faith. The contact owes you a favour.

Life events Effect
Faction event A noble favour has been granted to your house. Using this favour will gain you an enemy in the noble who granted it.
Adolescent event
(Creative pre-career training)
During your childhood there was a great deal of conflict between your closest family members. You developed a talent for helping people find common ground.
Career event
(Intelligence operative)
Lost in the Jungle – you were one of the few survivors when an expedition into the Venusian Jungles encountered difficulties and lost their way before being rescued. Add one year to your age, and gain a trait: Jungle Nightmares.
Career event (Army Dragoons) During the course of your career you accompanied a team into the depths of an abandoned citadel. Against your better judgement you took a small metal object, some token of the Dark Legion, as a souvenir of your expedition. You still keep it, believing it to bring you good fortune.
Career event
(Venusian Ranger)
You were implicated in a Heretic plot. Why were you involved? Why did the Brotherhood let you go?
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