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Kasumi Sato

Name: Kasumi Sato
Rank: Corporal - Quartermaster NATO code OR 4
Current Assignment: Winters Light

Security Clearance: GAMMA (yellow) (acces to all non sensitive parts of the base)


Awareness: 3
Coordination: 4
Ingenuity: 3
Presence: 4
Resolve: 2
Strength: 2


Good Traits

Crack Shot (+2 when using Marksman for trick shots)
Five Rounds Rapid (can fire in 'Runners' or 'Doers' phases)
Sharpshooter (can aim for 2 actions instead of one - p.92)

Face In The Crowd (+2 to Subterfuge & +2 to 'blend in')
Keen Senses (Sight) (+2 Awareness when using Sight)
Quick Reflexes (Goes first tie breaker)

Charming (+2 when trying to be charming)
Empathic (+2 to Empathise or read another person)
Voice of Authority (+2 Presence / Convince tolls to order or gain trust)

Bad Traits

Code of Conduct (Minor)
Dark Secret (Minor)
Insatiable Curiosity

Trait of Obligation (UNIT) (Major)


Athletics 2
Convince 4
Fighting 2
Knowledge 1
Marksman 4
Subterfuge 3
Survival 1
Transport 1

Medical Assessment and Description:

Subject is five foot four inches tall, one hundred thirteen pounds, and moves with an inherent, easy grace. Subject is in excellent physical shape with a resting heart rate of 55 BMP and a BMI of 19. Subject's vision is outstanding, rated 20/8 (confirmed per protocol 5F, Dr. Hamasaki, MD, MCOptom), and subject possesses physical reflexes and hand-eye coordination in the top tenth percentile. Subject is of Japanese descent, with brown eyes and black hair. Medical history is clear excepting for an arm broken in childhood, and a dislocated shoulder acquired on assignment. Subject's physical strength is sub-par due to the dislocated shoulder, though it is my opinion that the deficiency does not impinge upon subject's ability to function in her current role. Subject's intelligence is average according to all standard UNIT metrics.

--- Doctor Matsumoto, MD, UNIT Tokyo

Supervising Officer's Assessment:

Corporal Sato served under my direct command for thirteen months as part of Tokyo CRASH Team 3, where she used the callsign Oni 5. One of the finest shots I have ever seen, Cpl. Sato is highly skilled at infiltration, marksmanship and wetwork. She is also an extremely charismatic individual, capable of surprising insight and finesse in negotiation and diplomacy. This secondary skill-set was invaluable to my team, and her conduct during her time in CRASH Team 3 was exemplary, and included a citation for bravery and two citations for exceptional marksmanship.

Though she shows some measure of command potential Cpl. Sato has been turned down for promotion twice. While not disrespectful, nor lacking in honour, Cpl. Sato is impulsive and overly curious, with little appreciation that decision making should be influenced by tactical military doctrine rather than gut instinct. While her dedication to UNIT has never been less than satisfactory, Cpl. Sato's commitment and willpower have both been observed to be below average under the highest levels of stress.

--- Lieutenant Kawaguchi, Commander CRASH Team 3, UNIT Tokyo.


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