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Kate Mason

Owlglass Wiki

Investigator Name Dr. Kate Mason Player Liga Bekere
Occupation Doctor of Medicine Colleges, Degrees ?????
Birthplace ????? Mental Disorders None
Sex Female Age 34

12 7 14 70
10 14 3 65
12 65 20 100

Max Sanity Current Sanity Magic Points Hit Points Damage Bonus
65 62 8 22 +0

Investigator Skills
Accounting 10 Law 5
Anthropology 1 Library Use 25
Archaeology 1 Listen 25
Art 5 Locksmith 1
Other Art 0 Martial Arts 20
Other Art 0 Mech. Repair 20
Astronomy 1 Medicine 75
Bargain 5 Natural History 10
Biology 71 Navigate 30
Chemistry 1 Occult 5
Climb 60 Opr. Hvy. Mch. 1 Sneak 10
Conceal 15 Latin 51 Spot Hidden 25
Craft 5 Zulu 45 Swim 25
Other Craft 0 Other Language 0 Throw 35
Other Craft 0 Other Language 0 Track 10
Credit Rating 20 Own Language EDUx5% Other 0
Cthulhu Mythos 00 Other 0 Other 0
Disguise 1 Persuade 15 Other 0
Dodge 14 Pharmacy 71 Other 0
Drive Auto 20 Photography 10 Other 0
Electr. Repair 10 Physics 1 Other 0
Fast Talk 5 Pilot 1
First Aid 75 Other 0 Handgun 20
Geology 1 Other 0 Machine Gun 15
Hide 10 Psychoanalysis 21 Rifle 25
History 20 Psychology 30 Shotgun 30
Jump 35 Ride 5 SMG 15

Weapon % Damage Hands Range Number of Attacks Bullets HP Malfunction
Fist 71 1d3 1 touch 1 n/a n/a n/a
Grapple 25 opposed 2 touch 1 n/a n/a n/a
Head 10 1d4 0 touch 1 n/a n/a n/a
Kick 25 1d6 0 touch 1 n/a n/a n/a
Crowbar 25 1d8 1 touch 1 n/a 20 n/a

It was not long after Kate Mason had gained both the title and also the position of a Doctor at the hospital that she decided to throw it all away and instead use her skills as volunteer in south Africa. Even though at first it was just a whim to go on adventure that she never had in her youth, soon it became her devotion. In few years from temporary volunteer she became permanent resident. On her free time from work Kate enjoyed exploring the country - taking walks, climbing. It was on one such trip that she had an unlucky fall and she broke her leg. Unfortunately it was not treated properly and now few years later she is feeling pain in it more and more often, recently limping has become a regular occurrence.

In need of operation Kate returned to New York. She has to wait couple of days before her first appointment. In the meantime she heard of the auction and also the mention of some Zulu relics being sold there. Not intending to buy anything she still decided to have a look.

Kate Mason is 34 years old, but definitely looks younger. She is tall, thin, but athletic, no visible scars (but there is a large scar on her left leg). Has short, blond hair and her skin is well tanned after living in Africa. She dresses in loose, comfortable clothing and wears some bracelets and necklace made of wooden beads.


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