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Kitsuki Inouye


Once counted among the Dragon's most promising young duellists famed for her languid style and efortless grace, no one could confuse Inouye Kitsuki with a warrior, not any more. She refuses to speak to the cause of her injuries, but whatever happened to her the result is plain to see - the dashing swordswoman reduced to a shambling cripple.

Inouye is of middling height and whippet thin, her face marred by a long, ragged scar that splits her lips into an unsightly sneer causing a heavy lisp. Her hair has gone to white well before its time, and she wears it tied simply at the back of the neck, her fringe hanging long over the left side of her face in a forlorn effort to conceal her disfigurement.

Her left leg is a wasted ruin of charred and twisted flesh, and though she curses the withered stump she is, in truth, lucky to have it. Against the odds the surgeon was able to save the limb at the cost of her mobility, and so Inouye walks with a heavy limp and constant pain, relying utterly on a simple wooden cane.

Her sword arm too is damaged, though she still retains some range of motion and can use a dagger or long knife with limited effect.

Kitsuki training has been good for Inouye for it has rekindled in her a sense of purpose. She has a sharp analytical mind well suited to sifting evidence and discerning truth, and her memory is frighteningly precise. However she can come across as excessively cold or calculating, detached from the emotional and human reality of the world. She is also given to bouts of bitter whimsy, often related to her disfigurement, which can make those close to her uncomfortable.



Earth 2
Air 2
Water 2
STR 2 - PER 3
Fire 3
AGI 3 - INT 3
Void 2

Honor: 5.5


Courtier [Awareness] Rank 2
Etiquette (Courtesy) [Awareness] Rank 2
Investigation (Interrogation, Notice) [Perception] Rank 3
Games (Go) [Intelligence] Rank 2
Kenjutsu [Agility] Rank 2
Defense [Reflexes] Rank 1
Lore (History) [Intelligence] Rank 1
Meditation [Void] Rank 1
Sincerity [Awareness] Rank 2


Clear Thinker
Precise Memory


Kitsuki's Method


5 koku
Go Set
Notebook &
Calligraphy Set
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