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L5R Clan Family School

The Great Clans


mb The Defenders

"Since the founding of Rokugan, the Crab have stood guard in the south, protecting the Empire from demons and monstrosities that dwell within the blighted region known as the Shadowlands. While other clans have enjoyed peace and serenity for centuries at a time, the Crab know only war, day in and day out, year upon year. While they do not begrudge their own duties, they resent those more sophisticated and effete samurai who mock the Crab while benefiting from the protection they afford."

The Crab are the watchers on the wall, protecting the realm from all sorts of horrible things. They are gruff, blunt, and straightforward. While a particular Crab samurai may not have served time on the wall, they all work towards keeping the Shadowlands forces at bay; from the Yasuki courtiers who see to it that supplies and resources are never short, to the Kaiu engineers and siege masters, to the Hida bushi who man the wall and serve as the backbone of the Crab armies. The scouts of the Hiruma family are as silent and agile as the Hida are boisterous and strong. The dedicated Kuni shugenja are feared across the Empire, as their task is to understand the Shadowlands and the knowledge of the horrors therein. The small Toritaka family was once the Falcon minor clan, they are knowledgeable about spirits and ghosts of all sorts.

How they view the other clans:

Mon Clan Description
mb Crane "Pathetic, weak socialites with scarcely a warrior among them. They belittle us? Put them on the Wall for a week and see how many are left alive. They will beg for our protection then."
mb Dragon "Their ways are strange and nonsensical. They seem to be capable warriors when their hand is forced,b ut why do they wait so long to enter the battle? Perhaps they are cowards."
mb Lion "They alone understand what it means to wage war, but even they have no appreciation for what it is we do each day. Perhaps one day we can be true brothers, but until they gain perspective, they are to be respected but not feared."
mb Mantis "Our distant cousins are brave enough, but so intent on proving themselves that they behave foolishly. Wealth and daring do not earn respect, little brothers."
mb Phoenix "Pacifism has no place among samurai. We are called to make war, and to weep over the deaths of your enemies is weakness."
mb Scorpion "There is no one more useless than a Scorpion! All the weaknesses of the Crane, plus their pointless love of deception and lies. They are so convinced of themselves that they think they are invulnerable. We will see about that, perhaps soon."
mb Unicorn "Our closest allies, they understand what it means to be ostracized because they do not care for the peculiar rules and fashions that command the day in other courts. They are strange, yes, but they are our brothers in arms."
mb Minor Clans "They understand what it means to struggle to survive every day, even if they command no resources to speak of. We treat them kindly, but ultimately they are of little consequence."

Families of the Crab Clan

The Hida Family: +1 Strength

The descendants of the Kami Hida are among the largest and most powerful samurai in all the Empire. The burden of defending the Empire falls upon them, and they are both incredible warriors and skilled defensive tacticians. Hida samurai often resent the other Clans for enjoying their protection even as they mock the Crab for their mannerisms.

The Hiruma Family: +1 Agility

Silent and deadly, the Hiruma are the scouts and yojimbo of the Crab. They are as agile and graceful as the Hida are powerful, and warriors from the two families tend to complement one another very well. Hiruma samurai often have the unsavory duty of scouting the Shadowlands for enemies, a task that leads many to death or ruination.

The Kaiu Family: +1 Intelligence

The industrious Kaiu are responsible for th emost impressive and long-standing feats of engineering in all the Empire. They are the siege engineers and architects of the Crab Clan, and are responsible for maintaining the Great Carpenter Wall as well as its defenses.

The Kuni Family: +1 Intelligence

Sinister in appearance and deed, the Kuni are among the most feared shugenja families in the Empire. Long ago, the family's leadership determined the only hope of defeating the Shadowlands lay in understanding it, and so the Kuni possess knowledge of things that would drive most men mad.

The Toritaka Family: +1 Perception

The tiny Toritaka family was once known as the Falcon Clan before tragedy threatened to destroy the Minor Clan completely. It was absorbed by the Crab to prevent a threat from growing within its ranks. The Toritaka hail from a region frequented by spirits, and they are highly knowledgeable about ghosts and spirits of all different sorts.

The Yasuki Family: +1 Awareness

Strangely at odds with the other Crab families, the Yasuki are slight of build and devious of mind. They were once part of the Crane Clan, but joined the Crab in the third century, provoking the first great internal war in Rokugani history. They are merchants and courtiers, always looking for any means to gain an advantage for their Clan, and tend to be more concerned with monetary gain than is considered respectable for someone of the samurai caste.


mb The Courtiers

"...Followers and descendants of the Lady Doji, said by many to be the first Hantei's most beloved sibling, and the Kami responsible for creating the social and political institutions of Rokugan's courts and society. As a result, the Crane have a perfect understanding of every nuance and facet of poltiics. Because they have such exceptional command of the courts, their duty to the Emperor is to maintain the Empire's social harmony, to ensure Rokugan always has art and beauty and civilization, a task that has earned the clan the appellation Left Hand of the Emperor."

The namesake Doji rule the courts across most of the Empire, their courtiers deftly positioning their clan into the most beneficial of positions, arranging treaties and marriages to strengthen their relationships with the other clans. The Kakita are artisans and [i]iajutsu[/i] ("the art of drawing the sword," think "dueling by quick draw into a single strike") masters of great renown. The Asahina priests maintain the extensive Crane temples throughout their lands, while the Daidoji "Iron Crane" bushi serve as the scouts and troops of the meager Crane armies.

How they view the other clans:

Mon Clan Description
mb Crab "Brutish oafs who think the rules of polite society should not apply to them simply because they do what they do. They could no more survive without us than we could without them, but they fail to see it."
mb Dragon "Strange people who prefer to stay hidden in the mountains and contemplate the universe. By all means, please feel free to remain there."
mb Lion "They have the temperament of angry children and the flexibility of a stone sculpture. The world does not exist in the ridiculously narrow view they hold, and they resent anyone strong enough to tell them so."
mb Mantis "They are ostentatious beyond all belief, but willing to undertake all manner of unsavory tasks for pay. They are useful and convenient allies!"
mb Phoenix "Perhaps our closest allies, they at least understand the benefit of a structured and orderly society. Their insistence that all clans should cooperate with one another is useful as well, if a bit naive."
mb Scorpion "Deceitful, manipulative cretins who will stoop to the lowest means to accomplish what they wish. They are what we would become if we forgot our honor and dignity."
mb Unicorn "They remain grateful for our assistance in re-establishing them once they returned to the Empire. They are peculiar and ignorant in many ways, but can be quite helpful in certain circumstances."
mb Minor Clans "Those decended from our own ranks deserve our consideration, but the rest are of little use in the grand scheme of things."

Families of the Crane Clan

The Asahina Family: +1 Intelligence

Quiet and serene, the Asahina are among the most monastic of all samurai families. They are also perhaps the most pacifistic, even more so than the Phoenix Clan, and abhor violence, seeking other means of resolving disputes at all costs. The Asahina are also known for their devotion to philosophy and the arts.

The Daidoji Family: +1 Stamina

The so-called Iron Crane are the strong arm of the Crane Clan and the enforcers of the Doji and Kakita's will. They do not employ grace and style as their kinsmen do, but instead focus on sheer strength of arms and employ tactics that some might consider ruthless or even dishonorable. Daidoji means "defenders of Doji," and it is a name the family has earned.

The Doji Family: +1 Awareness

Lords of the Crane Clan, the Doji are the unquestioned masters of culture and politics in the Empire. It is a testament to the Doji's cunning and influence that the Clan has endured for a thousand years despite being beset by larger, more militant Clans who find the Crane's dominance of the courts endlessly antagonistic.

The Kakita Family: +1 Agility

Literal cousins of the Doji, the Kakita family was created by the children of Lady Doji and her husband Kakita during the dawn of the Empire. The Kakita believe in excelling at one's chosen task, whether that task is making war or creating the most glorious pieces of art. Like other Crane families, the Kakita are also well known for their physical beauty.


mb The Observers

"The task bestowed upon the Dragon Clan by the first Emperor was to watch the Empire, and it is a task they embraced without question. During the earliest days of Rokugan, the Dragon Clan ascended to the northern mountains and have rarely ever come down, never expanding their borders, and engaging in battle with the other clans for reasons no one else can ever fully comprehend."

The Mirumoto bushi serve as the mountaineers and swords of the clan, focusing on the use of using one blade in each hand, an oddity in Rokugani custom. The Kitsuki magistrates and courtiers are ever observant, having a curious predisposition towards trusting physical evidence. The Tamori shugenja are the militaristic remnants that held to the Dragon Clan when their parent family departed for Phoenix lands. The mystical Togashi order of monks, the tattooed ise zumi, are an order of enlightenment seekers who are capable of astounding and some say unnatural feats of physical prowess.

How they view the other clans:

Mon Clan Description
mb Crab "They cling to duty with enormous tenacity, and that is admirable, but their open disdain for everything outside their own realm of experience is their weakness. They are not so strong that they can survive alone."
mb Crane "The Crane rule the courts, yes, but not always with the benevolence a true master of men should possess. Like the Crab, they create their own hardships by alienating those around them."
mb Lion "The Lion have a mighty roar, but it deafens them to the sound of all else. If all they crave is war, that is all they shall receive. What a shame, to miss all else the world has to offer."
mb Mantis "The Mantis are hardy souls who live fully in the world, but they forsake their own spirits in doing so. One must live in both worlds in order to achieve one's destiny."
mb Phoenix "Our closest allies and those most fully on the path of enlightenment. We salute their brilliance and their piety, and hope only they will one day lear to be less assured of their own infallibility."
mb Scorpion "We have been allies at times, and we respect their strength without the judgment that other clans levy against them. Still, they walk a dark path, and one day they may become lost in the shadows. Our Kitsuki watch them closely."
mb Unicorn "Most believe they have no place in the Empire, but they do not listen, and embrace ways that others find abhorrent. They are comfortable with themselves, and in that, they are strong."
mb Minor Clans "Greatness may spring from the lowliest of places, but the ambitious must beware lest their own desires cast them down."

Families of the Dragon Clan

The Kitsuki Family: +1 Awareness

The ever-perceptive Kitsuki serve the Dragon Clan as magistrates and court representatives, although they are better suited as the former. Even in court, however, a Kitsuki's ability to perceive truth when presented with lies has proven a tremendous asset to the Dragon in their pursuit of an Empire free of deceit and treachery.

The Mirumoto Family: +1 Agility

The Mirumoto are the broad shoulders that carry the burden of the Dragon Clan. While the Togashi pursue their unique brand of enlightenment, the Mirumoto rule the clan in all but name, overseeing its day to day operations and filling the ranks of its military. Comprising more than half of the Clan's ranks, the Mirumoto are the most commonly encountered Dragon samurai in the Empire.

The Tamori Family: +1 Willpower

Perhaps the most militant shugenja family in the Empire, the Tamori embrace unique magical styles, including alchemy, blacksmithing, and melding of magic and war. The Tamori are more feared than other shugenja because of their willingness to commit to violence when other priests would turn away.

The Togashi Order: +1 Reflexes

A monastic order rather than a true family, the Togashi accept all who wish to join their ranks, provided they are able to embrace the order's teachings and endure its trials, which many are not. Over the centuries, the monks of this order have used the divine blood of the Dragon Kami to create mystical tattoos that grant them incredible, supernatural abilities.

The Hitomi Order: +1 Strength

The Hoshi Order: +1 Void

The Agasha Family: +1 Perception

Once a family of the Dragon Clan, the Agasha abandoned their Togashi masters when they felt the Dragon abandoned their duties to the Empire. The Phoenix have proven much more amenable to their unique brand of magic. The Agasha are highly experimental and curious, always pushing the boundaries of what is known and what can be safely attempted when dealing with magic.


mb The Warriors

"There is no greater military power in Rokugan, perhaps the world, than the unleashed might of the Lion Clan. Even at the dawn of the Empire, the first Emperor recognized the nascent Lion would become powerful, perhaps beyond any other clan, and tasked them with becoming the Right Hand of the Emperor, the defenders of the the throne and the Empire as a whole. It is a role the Lion relish, and would never surrender unless they were first wiped from the face of the world."

The Lion are led by a long and storied history of military victory. The Akodo family serves as the clan's primary leaders and tacticians, as well as noble bushi. The Matsu are ferocious and formidible, a matriarchal family whose strongest daughters serve among the "Lion's Pride" elite regiment. The Ikoma are the clan's scouts and noble historians; they also serve as the clan's courtiers, spinning tales of the glorious battles and ensuring that the Empire knows of the clan's victories. The reverent Kitsu family trace the path of their ancestors, seeking their guidance in all matters spiritual.

How they view the other clans:

Mon Clan Description
mb Crab "They are formidable, but they conduct themselves strangely and seemingly without thought for their honor. They are to be respected as warriors, but little else."
mb Crane "Cowards and manipulators who face threats with words rather than steel, and who hide behind the Emperor when the time comes to face the consequences of their actions."
mb Dragon "What can be accomplished from hiding in the mountains for centuries at a time? Nothing. They are beneath our notice."
mb Mantis "Bold but presumptuous. When they have achieved one fraction of what a true Great Clan has accomplished, then perhaps we will reassess our view of them. Until then, they are insignificant in every regard."
mb Phoenix "Powerful foes with considerable prowess at manipulating the battlefield, but they squander their abilities with their obsession with peace. Samurai are born for war."
mb Scorpion "They are all that we despise about the Crane, but worse. Their blatant disregard for honor is an offense that cannot be borne. Why they have not been destroyed by the Emperor after a thousand years, we will never understand."
mb Unicorn "Their ways are strange, and therefore inferior, but they conduct themselves with honor and speak the truth in all instances. For that, and for the might of their cavalry, they are to be respected."
mb Minor Clans "The Minor Clans exist only through the generosity of the Emperor and the mercy of the Great Clans. They should always remember this."

Families of the Lion Clan

The Akodo Family: +1 Agility

The lords of the Lion Clan, the Akodo are the unquestioned masters of battle throughout the Empire. It is said that no army led by an Akodo has ever known defeat, and while this is something of an exaggeration, it is not all that far from the truth. Akodo samurai tend to be calm and analytical, and often lack the fiery nature for which the Lion are so well known.

The Ikoma Family: +1 Awareness

The voice of the Lion Clan, the Ikoma speak on behalf of the Clan in court and in the annals of history. The family provides not only the majority of the clan's courtiers, but virtually all of its historians and storytellers as well, studies that the Clan considers extremely important. For ever stoic Lion who refuses to allow emotion to affect him, there is an Ikoma bard who weeps openly when he tells the samurai's story to others.

The Kitsu Family: +1 Intelligence

Quite and reserved, the Kitsu are the most traditional and conservative, some might say old-fashioned, shugenja family in the Empire. Descended from the union of men and the ancient kitsu creatures that were driven nearly to extinction by the Lion during the dawn of the Empire, the Kitsu possess several bloodlines with strange, otherworldly abilities, such as the ability to walk between the mortal world and the spirit realms.

The Matsu Family: +1 Strength

The Matsu are the largest family in the Empire, and they are the reason for the image many have of the vast legions of the Lion Clan. They are also the source of the tempestuous stereotype for the Lion, and it is largely correct; the Matsu are fiery in nature, quick to anger, and eager for battle at all times. They were founded by a female warrior, Matsu, and have a famous all-female military unity, the Lion's Pride.


mb The Seafarers

"The mere existence of the Mantis Clan as a Great Clan of Rokugan gives credence to the words of Shinsei: 'Fortune favors the mortal man.' The Mantis were born from Hida Kaimetsu-Uo, [who] carved a land of his own out of the Islands of Silk and Spice off the Empire's coast. There he and his followers became the Empire's first Minor Clan... Centuries later during the Clan War, the Mantis played an essential role in defending the Emprie from the Shadowlands, and when the Clan Champion Yoritomo demanded the right to stand among the Great Clan Champions as an equal, they granted him that right, later reinforced by Imperial decree. Since that time, the Mantis have struggled to prove to everyone, including perhaps themselves, that they are truly worthy of the mantle of a Great Clan."

A Clan of unique individuals, their families are taken from a number of previously minor clans who found a home in Yoritomo's Alliance, becoming integral parts of the Mantis Clan. The Yoritomo family are the bulk of the Mantis forces, both in courts and on the high seas. Their bushi are supported by the unequalled marksmen of the Tsuruchi (previously the Wasp Clan), the thunder-wielding Moshi shugenja (previously the Centipede), and the nature-intuned Kitsune family (previously the Fox).

How they view the other clans:

Mon Clan Description
mb Crab "Our cousins are formidable warriors and strong allies, but their view of the world is too narrow. There is much in life once one's duty has been fulfilled."
mb Crane "Cowardly politicians content to sit back and let others take the risks while they steal the glory. Their koku spends as well as any others, though."
mb Dragon "And the others call us strange? Still, they do not judge us for our differences, and for that we respect them."
mb Lion "Small-minded bigots incapable of seeing the reality of the world that surrounds them. They may be dangerous, but when the world leaves them behind they will be nothing more than obsolete warmongers no one has any use for."
mb Phoenix "A thousand years ago they harbored the murderer of our founder's father. They learned then what it means to call down the thunder, and yet they have forgotten. They will remember, when the time comes."
mb Scorpion "At least they understand how the world truly works, even if they are foolish enough to let everyone know how devious and secretive they are. Really, what's the point of that?"
mb Unicorn "Our fellow outsiders. They have always treated us with respect and courtesy, and for that we will treat them with the honor they deserve."
mb Minor Clans "We were born from the ranks of the Minor Clans and have brought several of them into our ranks. Thus our own triumph is proof that any caln, no matter how small, can rise to greatness. We offer them friendship and aid in the hope that they may[size=11]]emulate our success."

...families not listed


mb The Scholars

"The Phoenix Clan is widely regarded as having the greatest shugenja of the Emprie, and for good reason. The number of shugenja in their ranks is more than double that of any other clan, and their shugenja also generally possess a greater understanding of the Elements and how the kami can be invoked. The Phoenix are a clan of brilliant scholars and peaceful priests, many of whom command incredible power at their fingertips. Fortunately, this power is tempered by a devotion to non-violence that, while not absolute, is nevertheless extremely prevalent throughout their ranks."

While the Clan Champion is usually one of the noble Shiba bushi, the Clan itself is ruled by the Council of Five, made up of the Elemental Master for each of the five elements of spirits (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Void) usually hailing from the Isawa family of shugenja. The Asako family adheres to monastic traditions, as well as maintaining an order of inquisitors who ensure the Phoenix do not delve too deeply into matters of darkness. The Agasha family previously served the Dragon, but left during a tumultuous time in that clan's history and found their place amongst the Phoenix, using their alchemies to better understand the role of the kami (in this case, elemental spirits).

How they view the other clans:

Mon Clan Description
mb Crab "An existence that consists solely of war erodes the soul. If they would but embrace the wisdom of the Tao, it would change everything."
mb Crane "Like us, they avoid war at all costs, but all too often they allow petty politics to influence their decisions. Our honored cousins have a path yet to walk."
mb Dragon "Our closest allies share much of our devotion, although their methods are strange. Too much emphasis on finding a different path means the true way is lost."
mb Lion "Why must there always be war? We all exist under a mandate of peace, yet that is the one Imperial decree the Lion seem to conveniently forget."
mb Mantis "Upstarts and braggarts. There is no place in a civilized Empire for those who do not comprehend the natural order of things. That the shugenja among their ranks are of such power is an anomaly, nothing more."
mb Scorpion "Nothing can be accomplished with such ridiculous deceptions. They fool themselves with their shadow games, but they amount to nothing in the long run."
mb Unicorn "They are uncouth and distasteful, but they understand many foreign forms of magic that should be carefully studied. Treat them with respect and perhaps they will share the invaluable knowledge they possess."
mb Minor Clans "Of little significance, but for this very reason, deserving of our protection so long as they recognize their humble place. The abuse they have often suffered at the hands of more arrogant and militaristic Great Clans is shameful. Is it not always the duty of samurai to care for those less powerful?"

Families of the Phoenix Clan

The Agasha Family: +1 Perception

Once a family of the Dragon Clan, the Agasha abandoned their Togashi masters when they felt the Dragon abandoned their duties to the Empire. The Phoenix have proven much more amenable to their unique brand of magic. The Agasha are highly experimental and curious, always pushing the boundaries of what is known and what can be safely attempted when dealing with magic.

The Asako Family: +1 Awareness

The quiet, reclusive Asako are a very monastic family, living scholarly and ascetic lives more befitting the Brotherhood of Shinsei than a family of samurai. They comprise the majority of the Phoenix Clan's courtiers, and the entirety of the mysterious Henshin monks. Asako are contemplative and inquisitive, but generally without ambition other than to serve and learn.

The Isawa Family: +1 Willpower

The Isawa truly rule the Phoenix Clan, despite the presence of a Shiba Clan Champion. They are unquestionably the most knowledgeable, most powerful, and most numerous shugenja family in the Empire. Unfortunately, this has made them arrogant as well, and many Isawa constantly struggle against their own shortcomings.

The Shiba Family: +1 Perception

The Shiba are among the most scholarly and least aggressive of all bushi families. They serve the Clan and the Isawa without complaint or consideration for themselves. Although they prefer peace and compassion, the Shiba will not retreat from a battle once the Phoenix have committed themselves to an engagement.


mb The Secret-Keepers

"In many of Rokugan's greatest plays, poems, and works of fiction, there is a Scorpion villain, and for good reason. The Scorpion are the antithesis of everything the other Great Clans believe, and as a result they are hated almost without exception. This is their choice, and they would have it no other way. his Emperor's command, [Bayushi] created a clan that could accomplish any task deemed necessar, any task the Emperor could not have ordered done and still retain his honor. The Scorpion are the Underhand of the Emperor, the necessary villain that exists to ensure the other clans loathe them and never turn against their Emperor. The principal philosphy of the Scorpion Clan is that the ends justify the means in any situation. There is virtually no act the Scorpion will not commit if doing so advances the clan's agenda and fulfills their mandate." (I should note that most samurai are unaware of this Imperial task, they just know to not trust a Scorpion.)

The Bayushi family excels at every aspect of deceptions, as deadly warriors, skilled infiltrators, and silver-tongued courtiers. The Shosuro are the greatest masters of shadow, moving unseen through the Empire as spies and assassins. The Soshi are masterful shugenja, while their cousins the Yogo are capable, the Yogo also bear an ancient curse that makes them pariahs among everyone save the Scorpion.

How they view the other clans:

Mon Clan Description
mb Crab "Be extremely cautious, for they are too stupid to be manipulated. The Crab respect only strength, so if one must be killed, do it as spectacularly as possible. Only then will they learn."
mb Crane "They have so much potential if they would but cast aside their pointless desire to remain virtuous in the eyes of their colleagues."
mb Dragon "They sometimes count us among their allies, and they have always treated us with the respect other clans deny us. If they must be used, then do so cautiously and with as much consideration as possible. They must never know."
mb Lion "Anger and honor are easy to manipulate. Both in one clan makes them little more than pawns. Dangerous pawns, yes, but pawns just the same."
mb Mantis "Those who are so ridiculously eager to prove themselves will jump headlong into virtually anything with minimal effort on our part."
mb Phoenix "They combine arrogance and naivity with incredible power. They can be manipulated easily, but their prowess allows them to see through many simple deceptions. Proceed with caution when dealing with them."
mb Unicorn "We facilitated their reindtroduction to Rokugan, but that does not mean we believe they belong here. Why does everyone assume they are who they say they are, when they can provide so little evidence to support the claim?"
mb Minor Clans "They are too weak and unimportant to bother with, unless they threaten or defy us – in which case they must be crushed without mercy."

Families of the Scorpion Clan

The Bayushi Family: +1 Agility

Ruthless and deceitful, the lords of the Scorpion Clan possess many talents, all of which have been put to sinister use for the benefit of their Clan and their Emperor. The Bayushi are dark, dangerous, and manipulative, and always evaluate any situation in terms of how it can best benefit themselves and the Scorpion.

The Shosuro Family: +1 Awareness

The Shosuro dwell in shadows, rarely being seen but always having an influence on those around them. They are secretive and withdrawn, keeping their own counsel but never failing to obey a command from their Bayushi lords. When the Scorpion require some impossible task performed without complication, it is a Shosuro who fulfills the duty.

The Soshi Family: +1 Intelligence

The Soshi are the main shugenja family of the Scorpion Clan, founded soon after the Clan's beginnings, and specialize in using magic to enhance the Clan's efforts in politics, deceit, and manipulation. They often work in close concert with the Shosuro, using their magic to support the Shosuro's ruthless and secret activities.

The Yogo Family: +1 Willpower

No family amoung the accepted Great Clans is more feared or reviled than the Yogo, the Scorpion Clan's second shugenja family. they are descended from a Phoenix who was cursed during the early days of the Empire to betray the one he loved the most. The curse has been passed down into the family's bloodline, and as such many avoid the Yogo whenever possible. The Yogo pay no heed to their reputation, however, and use their powerful magic in service to the Scorpion regardless of how expendable they may be considered.


mb The Wanderers

"During the first days of Rokugan, the Lady Shinjo petitioned her brother Hantei for the right to explore the world beyond the Empire in order to ensure that no new threats might come from there. For eight centuries the Clan of the Ki-rin was gone, before it finally returned as the Unicorn Clan. Now the clan fits in poorly with its fellows, having adopted numerous customs the Empire finds strange or even disgusting. The Unicorn do not care overmuch, however, and celebrate life as few others, embracing their rich and diverse culture in spite of the raging xenophobia their colleagues share. The Unicorn may never fully be integrated into the Empire, but their zest for life, their compassionate nature, and their powerful cavalry (unique because of the gaijin (foreign) horse breeds the clan controls) ensure they will not be ousted from their position any time in the near future."

The Unicorn encountered many people in their centuries-long travel, including a group of brash nomads that joined the young Ki-rin as the Moto family, eventually displacing the Shinjo lords as leaders of the Unicorn. The Utaku (formerly Otaku) are a pious and devoted matriarchal family, forming one of the most well-respected and loved groups the Battle Maidens. The Ide courtiers are among the Empire's most ardent pacifists, always seeking to foster cooperation. The Iuchi family's shugenja practice odd rituals unlike any others seen across Rokugan. The tiny Horiuchi family was once a member of the proud Unicorn, but as caregivers of the ill and infirm, they were particularly vulnerable to a recent plague and were eradicated from the face of the world.

How they view the other clans:

Mon Clan Description
mb Crab "They do not care that we are different, because they do not care about the Empire's customs any more than we do. It is refreshing to be treated as equals, and we will not forget their camaraderie."
mb Crane "Were it not for them, we might never have reclaimed our birthright. Always remember they are our allies, and forgive them their arrogance. They know no other way."
mb Dragon "What kind of person can tolerate hiding in the mountains for a thousand years? Do they not crave the wind in their hair and the plains rushing by beneath them? They are extremely peculiar."
mb Lion "Our closest neighbors and potentially our greatest enemies. They dislike us because we are different, but they recognize our military power. Peraps one day we can be allies rather than simply neutral toward one another."
mb Mantis "Ambitious and aggressive, attempting to seize a place for themselves in the Empire. They are very much like us."
mb Phoenix "They look down their noses at us but still covet the knowledge we safeguard. If they wish to gain access to our libraries, they must first meet us as equals. A pity they are not willing to do so."
mb Scorpion "Even in the most treacherous realms, we never encountered anyone as despicable as the Scorpion. They are a blight upon the Empire, and perhaps as their enemies we can forge alliances with the other clans."
mb Minor Clans "Their weakness makes them of little importance, but their bushi can be as brave and honorable as any Great Clan samurai, and for that at least we can respect them."

Families of the Unicorn Clan

The Horiuchi Family: +1 Willpower

The tiny Horiuchi family has never claimed more than a few dozen members at most. Created a few decades before the Clan War, the Horiuchi are a branch of the Iuchi family that specializes in defensive and protective magic. Horiuchi samurai are compassionate individuals who tend to intervene in the affairs of others during times of crisis.

The Ide Family: +1 Perception

The public face of the Unicorn, the Ide have worked tirelessly to cmobat the perception many have of the Clan as barbarians and near-gaijin. They flawlessly merge the traditions of their people with the customs of the Empire, and in doing so seek to earn the gradual respect and acceptance of other clans. Samurai of the Ide family are almost universally even-tempered and eager to forge alliances with others, whether personal or larger in scale.

The Iuchi Family: +1 Intelligence

With the exception of the Tamori, the Iuchi family is probably the most militant shugenja family in the Empire. They serve in the armies of the Unicorn Clan in considerable numbers, and while they enjoy friendship and scholarly debate as much as any priests, they do not shy away from conflict when pressed.

The Moto Family: +1 Agility

The Moto exemplify virtually every negative stereotype that the Unicorn Clan as a whole has struggled with since their return to the Empire centuries ago. More than any other family, their gaijin blood is obvious from the look of them, short, and squat as they are. They are alternately boisterous and brusque, depending upon the circumstances, and rarely fit in well with samurai of other Clans. They are respected, however, for their warrior traditions.

The Shinjo Family: +1 Reflexes

The Shinjo family ruled the Unicorn Clan for most of their history, although in the latter portion of the Empire's development they were removed from power by their founder, the Kami Shinjo, due to corruption within their ranks. The Shinjo are an affable, industrious family whose members adapt easily to almost any task set before them, and who work well with others in virtually any situation.

The Utaku Family: +1 Stamina

The matriarchal Utaku family are rigidly honorable and pious individuals with carefully defined duties depending upon their gender. Women are generally trained to serve with the most elite cavalry units in the world, the Utaku Battle Maidens, while the men manage the households and serve among the legions of infantry in the Unicorn army.

mb Crab Clan Schools

Hida Bushi School

The Hida fighting style is on of the oldest and most respected bushi schools in the entire Empire, and one with a very basic premise: endure the enemies attacks until you have the opportunity to crush him with sheer brute force. The style was shaped by the clan's early years combating oni and other Shadowlands enemies, when only the strongest and most resilient among Hida's followers survived.

The Hida Bush school encompasses two broad themes: damage mitigation and heavy weapon use. Hida Bushi may not be the most accurate samurai in the Empire, but when they do connect, they inflict tremendous damage. And fortunately for them, they are able to withstand incredible amounts of punishment while they wait to cripple their enemies.

Benefits: +1 Stamina
Skills: Athletics, Defense, Heavy Weapons (tetsubo), Intimidation, Kenjutsu, Lore: Shadowlands, any one Bugei Skill
Honour: 3.5
Outfit: Light or Heavy Armour, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Heavy Weapon or Polearm, Travelling Pack, 3 koku(gold).

Kuni Shugenja School

Often missunderstood, the Kuni Shugenja School has frequently been painted as a collection of obsessive madmen who delve too deeply into secrets no one should explore. Most Kuni would object to the label of madmen, but beyond that they would admit the stereotype fits fairly closely with reality. The Kuni understand they must sacrifice certain inhibitions and reservations in order to serve their clan and Empire to the best of their ability, and they do so without protest.

The Kuni Shugenja School emphasises the Crab Clans specialisation in fighting creatures of the shadowlands. The Crabs alliance with the Nezumi tribes that dwell within the region also has granted them great insight into other non-human creatures, and their Technique allows them to benefit or destroy such creatures as desired.

Benefits: +1 Willpower
Skills: Caligraphy (cipher), Defense, Lore: Shadowlands 2, Lore: theology, Spellcraft, any one weapon skill.
Honour: 2.5
Outfit: Wakizashi, Knife, Scroll Satchel, Travelling Pack, 3 koku
Affinity/Deficiency: Earth/Air
Spells: Sense, Commune, Summon, 3 Earth, 2 Fire and 1 Water.

Yasuki Courtier School

Once a Crane family, the Yasuki defected to join the Crab after their Doji masters refused to accept the questionable manner in which the Yasuki performed essential tasks necessary for the Crane to function. The Crab were far more practical masters, and under their leadership the Yasuki have have become the most prosperous merchant patrons in the Empire. Their sensei emphasis the ability to find that thing one's opponents in court must have, and provide it for them at a low cost, ensuring both profit and gratitude.

The Yasuki specialise in using commerce as a means of gaining the favour of others. They are as much salesmen as courtiers and can use any number of sales tactics, including both pressure and false sincerity, to gain that which they desire from others. No one in the Empire can take a simple resource and transform it into a hot commodity with the same style and deftness as the Yasuki.

Benefits: +1 Perception
Skills: Commerce (appraisal), Courtier, defense, Etiquette, Intimidation, Sincerity (deciet), any one Merchant skill
Honour: 2.5
Outfit: Traditional Clothing, Wakizashi, Knife, Calligraphy Set, Travelling Pack, 5 koku

Hiruma Bushi School

Where the Hida bushi school teaches endurance and strength, their Hiruma cousins teach avoidance and targeting weak points in an enemy's defences with lightening fast strikes. The lessons taught by their sensei are essential to fulfilling their duties as warriors inside the Shadowlands. Those who do not heed their teachers well do not survive to purpetuate their mistakes. Those who excel at their lessons become a scourge upon the Shadowlands, moving through that dark realm with speed and grace, leaving death in their wake.

The Hiruma bushi school emphasises movement and survival, not just to endure a strike as the Hida do, but to live through an entire skirmish. In one-on-one combat the Hiruma excels at evading his opponent, while in larger skirmishes his ability to avoid damake makes him adept in reaching troublesome foes and eliminating them while his allies tie up other rank-and-file opponents.

Benefits: +1 Willpower
Skills: Athletics, Hunting, Kenjutsu (katana), Kyujutsu, Lore: Shadowlands, Stealth and any one skill.
Honour: 4.5
Outfit: Ashigaru or Light Armour, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Bow with 20 arrows or knife, Travelling pack, 3 koku

mb Crane Clan Schools

Kakita Bushi School

The sacred art of Iaijutsu is practiced by all clans, but none have truly mastered it in the same manner as the sensei at the Kakita Dueling Academy. The school focuses unapologetically upon dueling. Other skills are part of the core teachings, but they are considered incidental and in many cases are offered only because some facet of their instructions relates in some way to iaijutsu. While there are those in the Empire who have criticised the school for it's narrow focus, few can argue with the results; many battles have been won by the Crane because an enemy general was slain I na duel before the fighting began. Likewise the Crane stranglehold on the courts is easier to maintain when any challenge can be answered by a Kakita champion taking the courtiers place in the duel.

The Kakita techniques place an obvious emphasis on iaijutsu but severel of them can be of use in both dueling and general skirmish. The Kakita are generally faster than most opponents, reflected in their Initiative bonus, and are able to utilise the Centre Stance for greater benefits than normal, both in dueling and outside.

Benefits: +1 Reflexes
Skills: Etiquette, Iaijutsu (focus), Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Sincerity, Tea Ceremony, any one Bugei or High Skill
Honour: 6.5
Outfit: Light Armour, Strudy clothing, Daisho, any 1 weapon, travelling pack, 10 koku

Doji Courtier School

The reputation of the Crane clan has for being the unquestioned masters of any court activity in which they are involved is well-deserved, and almost exclusively the result of the ancient secrets of the Doji courtier school. The schools primary focus is on the creation of vast networks of allies upon whom the Crane can call to accomplish virtually anything, preferably indebting those involved to the Crane in the process. The curriculum in the Doji school is quite broad and encompasses a myriad of topics, more than could be mastered by any single samurai, no matter how talented. Fortunately, the sensei ensure that there are an ample number of courtiers trained in every area so no matter what the need, a Doji stands ready to fulfill it.

The Doji courtier school is built upon the notion of trading favours. That is not the entirity of their abilities, however; what makes them even more daunting opponents is their ability to perceive what and individual needs, and then offer it to them in such a manner that refusal is difficult if not impossible.

Benefits: +1 Awareness
Skills: Calligraphy, Courtier (Manipulation), Etiquette (courtesy), Perform: Storytelling, Sincerity, Tea Ceremony, any one artisan or perform skill.
Honour: 6.5
Outfit: Extravagant Clothing, Wakizashi, any 1 weapon, Calligraphy set, Travelling Pack, 10 koku

Daidoji Iron Warriors

The skills of the Doji amd Kakita have raise the Crane into their position as masters of the court, but when words alone cannot attain victory; it is the strength and the courage of the Daidoji Iron Warriors that carry the day. The Daidoji have always considered themselves the silent steel of the Crane, and that perception is not inaccurate. The Daidoji Iron Warriors are both the rank and file and the heavy infantry of the Crane armies, compromising a sizeable portion of the Clan's first army and the majority of the second. They also serve as yojimbo, and this duty is the one most often ascribed to the Daidoji. Even if it is but one of their many roles.

The Daidoji are a versatile group, with techniques that emphasis both enduring the damage of one's opponants and protecting their charge. This fighting style is not exclusively protective, however, and it allows an Iron Warrior to fight defensively in a skirmish to great effect.

Benefits: +1 Agility
Skills: Battle, Defence 2, Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu (katana), Kyujutsu, and any one skill.
Honour: 6.5
Outfit: Light or Heavy armour, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, heavy weapon or Polearm, travelling Pack, 10 koku

mb Dragon Clan Schools

Mirumoto Bushi School

Famous throughout the Empire for it's unique teachongs, the Mirumoto Bushi school is the lone fighting style that utilises the Niten technique, wherein a Samurai wields the katana and wakizashi simultaneously. This is a controversial style because it flies in the face of the traditional style used by the other clans for centuries, although Niten was actually developed at the same time as the one-sword style. In particular, the rivalry between students of the mirumoto bush school and the kakita dueling school, the greatest advocates of Kakita's “One soul, one sword” philosophy, is heated even during times of peace, Many opponents, anticipating the reputation of the Dragon as erratic, are surprised to face the calm, implacible Mirumoto as an enemy, a mistake that has cost more than one Samurai victory on the field of battle.

The Mirumoto Bush School focuses on the mechanical benefits of wielding two weapons simultaneously, both in forgiving the penalties associated with doing so and improving the benefits. It also increases the Samurais Armour TN and grants him additional attacks at an increases rate due to the availability of his weapons.

Benefits: +1 Stamina
Skills: Defence, Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu (katana), Lore: Shugenja, Meditation, Theology, any one bugei or high skill.
Honour: 4.5
Outfit: Light Armour, Sturdy clothing, Daisho, any 1 weapon, Travelling pack, 5 koku

Kitsuki Investigator School

Even among the Dragon, the methods and beliefs imparted at the Kitsuki School are unusual. Alone in the Empire, the Kitsuki believe in the importance of evidence, something that most others cannot comprehend. The sensei of the unusual School place tremendous emphasis on developing the family's trademark powers of observation, honing them to a razor point, so much so that those trained in its Techniques possess a nearly infallible memory, perfect recall, and an almost inhuman attention to detail. Very little escapes the eye of a trained Kitsuki investigator.

Although their primary role is as the court representitives of the Dragon, the Kitsuki Investigators obviously make excellent magistrates, and their strengths lie in gathering information both from the environment and from other people.

Benefits: +1 Perception
Skills: Courtier, Etiquette (courtesy), Investigation (interrogation), Kenjutsu, Meditation, Sincerity, any one Lore skill.
Honour: 5.5
Outfit: Traditional Clothing, Wakizashi, knife, Calligraphy set, travelling pack, 5 koku

mb Lion Clan Schools

Akodo Bushi School

Over the centuries, the primary bushi Schools of many clans have developed specialties that have narrowed their focus. The Akodo consider such things a mistake, and have carefully avoided it. The Akodo school focuses on precision in the art of Kenjutsu, the basic swordsmanship style of the empire. The Akodo believe that if you strike your target exactly as you intend every time, there is no need for anything more complicated as part of your studies. Some regard this as simplistic, bot no one argues with Akodo capabilities in battle. The study of battle itself is also a strong component of every Akodo's training, and there are virtually no Akodo-trained Samurai who do not possess a rudimentary knowledge of tactics and strategy.

The Akodo techniques focus on precision and success, transforming marginal successes in to greater ones and, at higher levels, changing failure to succcess. To some extent the School also negates bonuses an opponent might possess, but generally speaking the techniques exist only to ensure success on the part of Akodo-trained Samurai.

Benefits: +1 Perception
Skills: Battle (mass combat), Defence, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Lore: History, Sincerity, any one Bugai or high skill.
Honour: 6.5
Outfit: Light Armour, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, any 1 weapon, Travelling Pack, 5 koku

Matsu Berserker School

The great majority of the vast legions of Matsu samurai study at the families home school, if for no other reason than that most Matsu believe other fighting styles are too conservative and reserved, A true Matsu has no fear of death, and as such the techniques imparted by their sensei embrace absolute, unwavering commitment to battle. Although this leaves the Matsy vulnerable to an opponent's attacks, the philosophy behind the techniques is that an opponent who has been defeted has no opportunity to retaliate. It is for this reason that the legions of the Matsu family are so feared on the battlefield: how can one defeat an enemy who does not care if she lives or dies, so long as you are defeated first?

The Matsu techniques focus heavily upon the Full Attack stance, which makes them heavy-hitting opponents who have to position themselves carefully in order to prevent an opponent from exploiting their lower armour TN. As a secondary focus, the Matsu can generate Fear effects that can further destabalise opponents and make them easier targets for himself and allies.

Benefits: +1 Strength
Skills: Battle, Juijutsu, Kenjutsu (katana), Kyujutsu, Lore:History, any two bugai skills
honour: 6.5
Outfit: Light or Heavy armour, Sturdy clothing, Daisho, Heavy Weapon or Polearm, Travelling Pack, 5 koku

Ikoma Bard School

If one examines the greatest storytellers of every generation across the history of Rokugan, the pattern that emerges will indicate clearly that the Ikoma dominate this aspect of the Empires social circles. Unlike most courtiers who focus on manipulation and shades of deception, the Ikoma bards or omoidasu strive to live by example, citing historical precidents and mythical tales of heroes in order to demonstrate the desired outcome of whatever discussion they are involved in. While this might seem a curious tactic, there are many courtiers in other Clans who have difficulty conducting themselves against the Ikoma when the Ikoma can demonstratively prove that the individuals ancestors might well have disproved a course of action. In a society so steeped in history and tradition, argument via parable is a surprisingly effective technique.

The Ikoma techniques allow a courtier to inspire others as well as to resist manipulation by his opponents. Further-more, by comparing others to historical figures, the Ikoma can gain Glory not only for himself but for others far easier than most.

Benefits: +1 Intelligence
Skills: Courtier, etiquette, Lore: History (Lion Clan), Perform: Storytelling, Sincerity (Honesty), any one High or Bugei skill
Honour: 6.5
Outfit: Traditional Clothing, Wakizashi, Knife, Calligraphy set, Travelling Pack, 5 koku

mb Mantis Clan Schools

None Playable

mb Phoenix Clan Schools

Shiba Bushi School

The Shiba Bushi are well known as a relatively peaceful group, at least as bushi are concerned. Their training emphasises a number of non-martial skills in addition the the traditional weapons training, which has lead to a reputation as warrior-scholars in some circles. A Shiba bushi considers all options before commiting to combat, searching for any possible alternative other than the loss of life. If those a Shiba protects are threatened, however, or if combat is an inevitability, he attacks swiftly and without reservation, committing himself fully to the act until lit is done. Those who mistake the desire oh a Shiba bushi to preserve life for an inability to take it are woefully unprepared to face them on a battlefield.

The Shiba techniques optimise the use of Void Points and specialise in protection of others, allowing Shiba bushi to more than adequately fill their common role as yojimbo. They also possess an affinity for the use of polearms, and can excel at dueling if properly trained.

Benefits: +1 Agility
Skills: Defence, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Meditation (void recovery), Spears, Theology, any one Bugei or High skill.
Honour: 5.5
Outfit: Light Armour, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, any 1 weapon, travelling pack, 5 koku

Asako Loremaster School

The Asako are monastic and scholarly by nature, and nowhere is this more evident than in the courtier tradition they maintain on behalf of the Phoenix Clan. Their training consists of extensive studies in a large number of subjects, some of which may be chosen by the students themselves. A broad knowledge base gives the Asako a frame of reference from which to examine any new data or situation, and allows them great insight in to the social situations of court.

The Loremasters specialise in scholarly pursuits, and use those as a means of succeeding in social situations. Asako courtiers use Lore Skills to augment their Social Skills, gaining influence and success in court through their learned natures.

Benefits: +1 Intelligence
Skills: Courtier, Etiquette (courtesy), Lore: History, Lore: Theology (Fortunes), meditation, Sincerity, and any Lore Skill.
Honour: 6.5
Outfit: Sensible Clothing, Wakizashi, Calligraphy set, Travelling Pack, 5 koku

mb Scorpion Clan Schools

Bayushi Bushi School

The greatest villains in Rokugans most successful plays are always Scoprions, because it is so easy for most Samnurai to believe. It is the actions of students from the Bayushi Bushi School that have brought this stereotype to life and reinforced it over and over again, Every student in the Bayushi dojo is trained to be the perfect weapon of discord, capable of turning the Clans against one another with minimal effort. Weapons training is only one aspect of their education, which often includes social manipulation, stealth, and even the use of poisons when the student is deemed suitable for such things.

The Bayushi techniques might be best described as dirty tricks. They focus on granting the character an advantage, such as an increase in initiative, or ruthlessly exploiting any other advantage that might already exist. In particular the ability to cripple an opponent with Conditions can turn the tide of a battle against a vastly superior opponent, if one has but a little luck.

Benefits: +1 Intelligence
Skills: Courtier (manipulation), Defence, Etiquette, Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu, Sincerity, any one skill.
Honour: 2.5
Outfit: Light Armour, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, any 1 weapon, Travelling Pack, 5 koku

Bayushi Courtier School

The reputation of the Scorpion in court is nearly equal to that of the Crane, and certainly more fearsome. This is the direct result of the machinations of the Bayushi courtiers over the course of centuries. The much vaunted information network of the Scorpion is largely a product of their masterful courtiers, ferreting out even minute bits of information that can be used as a whole to bring ruin to individuals, families or even Clans.

A Scorpion courtier is a master of manipulation and deceit. Even more than that, however, they excel at discovering the weaknesses or dark secrets of their opponents (or even allies!) and ruthlessly exploiting them for the good of the Scorpion. Any foe, no matter how seemingly implacable, can be the target for a Bayushi courtiers abilities, opening avenues previously closed.

Benefits: +1 Awareness
Skills: Calligraphy, Courtier (gossip), Etiquette, Investigation, Sincerity (Deciet), temptation, any one High skill.
Honour: 2.5
Outfit: Extravagant Clothing, Wakizashi, any 1 weapon, Calligraphy set, travelling pack, 5 koku

Shosuro Infiltration School

Few outside of the Scorpion Clan are aware of the existence of the existence of the Shosuro Infiltration school, and those few who do are either so inextricably bound to the Clan that they dare not reveal it's existence, or have been so thoroughly discredited that no one takes their wild accusations seriously. The Shosuro are that which most believe all Scorpion to be, but without the arrogance and cruelty that such villains are commonly ascribed in plays and poems. The infiltrators are silent, merciless killers who take no pleasure or satisfaction from their role. They are simply fulfilling their duty, and experience neither joy nor remorse as a result.

The specialisation of the Shosuro Infiltrators is relitivly simple: they attack unknowing targets and destroy them utterly. Their bonuses to stealth make them virtually impossible to detect and, once hidden from an opponent, they can strike from shadows and inflict incredible amounts of damage.

Benefits: +1 Reflexes
Skills: Acting, Athletics, Ninjutsu, Sincerity, Stealth (sneaking) 2, any one skill
Honour: 1.5
Outfit: Ashigaru or Light Armour, Sturdy Black Clothing, Daisho, Bow or Knife, Travelling Pack, 5 koku

mb Unicorn Clan Schools

Moto Bushi School

The Moto Bushi are the living stereotype that many hold of the Unicorn clan. More so than any other family, they are born of a union between Rokugani people and the gaijin who were allowed to join the Unicorn during their travels. Owing to their descent from the wild, nomadic, barbarian tribes of the northern steppes, the Moto practice an unfettered fighting style that makes them awe-inspiring to opponents on the battlefield, even as it earns them the enmity of all those who dispise deviation from the customs and nature of Rokugani warfare.

The Moto Bushi are heavy cavalry, a role around which their techniques are unabashedly centered. They excel at the Full Attack stance, and many of their techniques are geared towards allowing them to do additional damage with any of an assortment of weapons.

Benefits: +1 Strength
Skills: Athletics, Defence, Horsemanship, Hunting, Kenjutsu (scimitar), any one Bugai skill, any one skill
Honour: 3.5
Outfit: Riding or Heavy Armour, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Heavy Weapon or Polearm, travelling pack, Horse (Unicorn Riding Horse), any one weapon, 10 koku

Ide Emissary School

The Ide techniques focus on a calm mind, serenity in all things, and meditation. They are the most pacifistic of any courtier tradition among the Great Clans, save possibly for the Asako of the Phoenix Clan. The intensity of their conviction with regard to pacifism has waxed and waned over the years, but on the whole they remain devoted to defusing conflict whenever possible. This makes them welcome allies to some Clans, and meddling outsiders to others. The Ide accept compliments and criticism with equal cheer.

The Ide techniques are different from most courtier techniques in that they are entirely non-offensive in nature. The Ide specialise in protecting themselves from the ramifications of their actions, and in attempting to defuse conflicts among others.

Benefits: +1 Awareness
Skills: Calligraphy, Commerce, Courtier, Etiquette (conversation), Horsemanship, Sincerity (honesty), and any one High or Perform skill
Honour: 5.5
Outfit: Extravagant clothing, Wakizashi, any 1 weapon, Calligraphy set, Travelling pack, 10 koku

The Utaku Battle Maiden School

The Utaku battle Maidens, also known as the shiotome, are the finest and most respected cavalry in all the Empire, feared by reputation even more so than their kinsmen among the Moto and Shinjo families. While the remainder of the Clan trains on gaijin riding horses, a larger and sturdier breed than the simple Rokugani pony, the Utaku alone have the right to breed, raise, and ride in to battle on the legendary Utaku steeds, the finest horses in the world.

Like other Unicorn bushi schools, the Utaku Battle Maiden techniques focus on mounted combat, although not to the total exlusion of non-mounted abilities. On a horse, however, an Utaku is a threat to virtually any human opponent. Honour is an important trait for a Battle Maiden as well, and the higher an individuals Honour, the greater the bonuses they receive.

Benefits: +1 Reflexes
Skills: Battle, Defence, Horsemanship 2, kenjutsu, Sincerity, any one High or Bugei skill
Honour: 6.5
Outfit: Light or Riding armour, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, any 1 weapon, Travelling Pack, Horse (Utaku warhorese), 10 koku

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