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Liam Dunport

Name Liam Dunport

Player Ben
Drive Revenge
Previous Patron MI6
Background Paranoid former agent with a body broken by the service.

Health Stability
Total 8 8
Current 8 8

Investigative skills General skills
Ability Total Current Skill Total Current
History 1 1 Athletics 4 4
Military Science 2 2 Conceal 4 0
Occult Studies 2 2 Cover 12 12
Research 2 2 Digital Intrusion 2 2
Interpersonal Disguise 2 2
Interrogation 3 3 Driving 2 2
Intimidation 1 1 Explosive devices 4 4
Streetwise 2 2 Hand-to-Hand 4 4
Tradecraft 4 3 Infiltration 4 4
Technical Mechanics 2 2
Cryptography 1 1 Medic 2 2
Electronic Surveillance 1 1 Network 19 19
Notice 2 2 Piloting 2 2
Outdoor Survival 1 1 Preparedness 2 2
Urban Survival 2 2 Sense Trouble 4 3
Shooting 8 3
Shrink 2 2
Surveillance 4 4
Weapons 4 4
Cherries Note
Sniping You can reduce the hit threshold by taking a turn aiming. If the target is aware of you, the threshold is reduced by one, if not it is reduced by two.
Extra attack (shooting If you hit with an attack, spend 4 hand-to-hand and 1 stability to attack again.
Suppressive fire Spend points depending how large area you want to fire at. The action takes two rounds and requires an automatic weapon. Any target who wishes to go through the area needs to roll athletics. If they fail, they are hit and fall back. If they succeed be rolled within 4 of your roll, they are hit. If they roll above four more than you, they get through without getting hit.
Technothriller Monologue Once per fight scene you can get three shooting points back by giving some cool firearm tech related description.

Sources of Stability Status Note
Symbol Strong a Moroccan charmed necklace said to protect against evil spirits
Solace Alive David Wood, ex military buddy before I was a spy
Safety Safe "abandoned" espionage safe house during his time at MI5

Covers Status Note

Contacts Status Note

Equipment Status Note

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