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Web Links are submitted to a game, publisher, or designer page via the Web Links section on the page. The links section functions as a meta-collection of further information about the subject page. Web Links are a means to link to off-site information about a game.


Web links are submitted by using the >>Add Link<< button in the Web Links section of the page.
  • Primary Name : The title that will appear on the link in the Web Links section. This should describe what the link is and what information will be found at the target page.
  • URL : The URL for the target page. This should be the whole URL of the target page and should not be a shortened link like one generated by Tiny URL or other link shorteners. This is because BGG has no control over external links, and some pages are moved or removed by the poster, and shortened links cannot be easily corrected. Additionally, the full URL of the target page informs the user as to where he or she is going.
  • Languages : The language of the target page. This categorization allows links to be filtered by language, making information in a specific language easier to find.
  • Category : The type of information on the target page. This categorization allows links to be filtered by subject, making information on a specific topic easier to find.
  • Description : Further information about what is found on the target page. Please do not add additional links in the description field.

Representative Links

The Web Link field that appears in the header information of an object page is the Representative or Default Link. To propose a link for this field:

  1. Submit the link to the page if the link is not already present. After submission, await admin approval.
  2. After the link is approved, go to the Web Links section and click Browse
  3. on the Browse page, Select the link you wish to propose from the list.
  4. The proposal is sent to GeekMod, and the link will be posted in the header information when it is approved.

What to submit as a link

This is the type of information that should be in the links section. Each of these items is a category that can be used to organize and quickly find link information

  • Review : lots of game groups write their own reviews for games, so others' opinions are great. This goes for print, video, or audio reviews. Be certain to state in the link description whether the review is video or audio. YouTube or Vimeo video links should be submitted to that page section, not to the Web Links area.
  • Rules : It is problematic under copyright to upload scanned rule sets to BGG (and scanned rules are prohibited in the file submission guidelines), but if the publisher or designer of a game has posted them on their page (or if an independent outfit has published them with permission) then there should be no problem for us to link to them.
  • Official : Home pages belong in the links section, and can be set as the Representative Link for the game. The former practice of putting Home Page links in the description section should be discontinued and these links should be converted over to the links section. The Home Page should be one that is dedicated to the game and gives further information about the game -- not merely a publisher's website, e.g. information to historical background for the theme of the game or the particular wargame battle(s) will be adjudged at admin's discretion. A home page for the game can be set as a Representative Link after it is approved
  • News : Relevant information about the game in news articles.
  • Fan Site : Fan-based sites about the game.
  • Forum : Discussion for the game external to BGG.
  • Session : A write-up about a game or an after-action report.
  • Strategy : A write-up or discussion about how one would play the game.
  • Variants : Changes to the rules or alternate scenarios for play.
  • Online Play : Online Play sites
  • General : this is currently a catch-all link for links that do not specifically fit into one of the other categories, but items that are being submitted in this category should be considered whether they are in the classes below of items not to be submitted, or if the link is actually relevant to the game.

What not to submit as a link

  • Internal links to items on BGG/RPGG/VGG : There are tools that can be used in forum posts and descriptions that point to other areas on the sites. The Web Links section is for external URLs.
  • Links to designer/publisher home pages on game pages : Designer and publisher pages have a separate links section that is specifically for these types of links. It is unnecessary to duplicate-post a publisher's home page on all the game pages that publisher has in the database.
  • Retail/sale/commercial links : Weblinks to general stores as well as resellers are not allowed. Gamecrafter links are only allowed if there is no other weblink availalbe. Advertising and sales go through the the advertising department on BGG.
  • Pre-Order/P500/Kickstarter/indiegogo/crowd funding sites : These have the same problems as retail/sale/commercial links, except that these additionally have the problem that these are not permanent links, and are only applicable up to the point the game does/does not go into print. Pre-order links can be added to the version that is being pre-ordered or crowdfunded, and if the start and end-dates of the project are entered, the link will appear in the Pre-Order field of the game header while the game is being funded.
  • YouTube or Vimeo Links : Each item page now has as separate section specifically for YouTube or Vimeo links. Existing links are slowly being phased out.
  • A corrected link while leaving an incorrect one in place : A link that gives a correct address while leaving a dead link among the links is only half-done work (e.g., "(This one works)"). The correct methods to handle this are to submit a correction to fix the broken URL in the existing link, or to submit a dead-link correction to delete the dead link before adding the new or correct link.
  • Podcasts : The Podcasts system on BGG can now draw podcast information to be locally cached or streamed through BGG. Additionally, the Podcasts and Publications module allows podcasts to be internally linked to relevant games, meaning that a podcast episode can be linked to all relevant and discussed games, persons, and publishers. These should no longer be listed in the Web Links section.
  • Links to Images or Image Galleries on the Web : The Geek domains have Image Galleries, Images should be submitted in accordance with the Image Policy of the domain to which you are submitting images.
  • Links to the main product on expansion pages: We want links to be as unique as possbile. So we on expanion pages we want links that go straight to that expansion and not just the main page of it's parent game.

Link Corrections

When there is problem with a link just go to the weblink section on the item page (More > Weblinks) and click the three dots next to the link you want to make a correction to. Then hit the report button. This will bring you to the correction page where you can alter all information or mark it for deletion before submitting the form.

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