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Longfang Warrior

Name Longfang the Warrior Player Patrick

Hit points
Current Max
2 8

3 -2

Trait Sum relevant positive and negative traits to determine aptitude (max +3, min -3)
My approach to conflict Kill first, question later
My goal I seek vengeance
My gimmick War stories for every occasion
My background Won my freedom from the pits
My foreground I perfect myself through war
My weakness Tunnel-visioned

Core Flaw
(Once per session, use to wriggle into or out of trouble, or succumb for +3xp)
Violence is the root of all power, and often is the best and only solution to conflict.

Beastkin WOLF: Select a creature or order of creatures. You resemble this creature, whether through magic or natural hybridization.
Gain +1 speed (added), and gain another +2 speed when operating in terrain that is native and endemic to your bloodline.
Treat your unarmed attacks as light weapons, capable of rending, cutting, and stabbing far greater than a human can.
You never fail (treat 6- as 7-9) at actions directly related to your bloodline (wolves at hunting, chameleons at hiding, etc.).

Armorborn You ignore two points of speed reduction when wearing armor. (added above)

Full armor harness armor 3, heavy, worn
Poleaxe reach, 2h, effective vs humanoid
Longsword step, 2h, effective vs unarmored
Potion of battle brew 1 use, +3 damage and +1 armor until end of scene)
Adventuring kit Adds +1 to a test or allows for adventuring actions(5 uses)
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