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Maze Rats



2d6+ [STR / DEX / WIL] for those, otherwise we resolve by questions and roleplay. Target is 10, or opponent's 2d6+Stat if confrontational.


2d6+[0...2] vs 10 is not a likely win, so it's in your best interests to avoid rolling, or to leverage anything possible to create Advantage. Add in an extra die for 3d6.


Armor target starts at 6. Leather (starting gear) is +1 for 7. A shield, if wielded, is +1 for 8. If you're wielding a shield and would take enough damage to die, you can instead sacrifice the shield.

Weapons & Damage

When you roll an attack, any difference above the target's Armor class becomes damage. Heavy weapons boost that damage +1.
Light (1 hand) | Heavy (+1 damage, 2 hands) | Ranged (2 hands)

Active Characters

Gil Blazewind

C His craggy, pock-marked face was nearly always drawn into a strange toothless smirk. Indeed he had lost several teeth in his prior profession of debt collection. Yet the adventuring bug had bit him, or rather, while attempting to collect a debt, a wizard had knocked him on his head, and now delusions of magic and gold rattled around in his inquisitive brain. Donned in antiquated garb – all garishly purple – he was ready to try a new path in life.

STR: +1 | DEX: +0 | WIL: +2

Health 3/4 | Armor 7 | XP 0

Single spell slot
Spell: Consuming Shard! (Physical Effect in Ethereal Form)
A crystalline spear darts from your fingertip and impales a target for d6 damage. If it kills the target, it's body never hits the floor - instead the shard remains intact, now containing an image of the dead creature.

Gear & Items
Light Armor (+1 Armor) (worn)
Shield (+1 Armor, 1 hand) (backpack)
Light Weapon (1 hand): A polished wooden baton, the 'Common Sense' (belt)
Heavy weapon (+1 damage, 2 hands): War hammer, the 'Collector' (hands)
Backpack: Steel mirror, Tinderbox, Hacksaw, Grease, Crowbar
Belt: Lockpicks (3)

Tordek Trollforge

L After barely making a living as an alchemist, Tordek decided it was time to seek his fortune as an adventurer- the cat who wants fish must wet her feet, after all. He looks gorgeous, especially for a guy with stained clothes and matted hair, but he tends to be suspicious of others. A word is enough to the wise, as they say, and Tordek is always coming out with quaint sayings.

STR: +2 | DEX: +1 | WIL: +0

Health 3/4 | Armor 8 | XP 0

Attack Bonus +1

Gear & Items
Worn & Wielded:
Dwarvish Armor (+2 Armor)
Halberd (Heavy weapon; +1 damage; 2 hands)

Crossbow (+1 damage, 2 hands; ranged)
Vial of acid

Shield (+1 Armor, 1 hand)
Crowbar, Metal file, Tinderbox, Shovel, Bedroll, Rope, Light Armor

Grizzle Bearclaw

N Full of more energy than his body seems able to control effectively, Grizzle was enthusiastic in his work as tribal headsman. More enthusiastic than accurate. The time it took him four heavy but wayward strokes of his axe to remove the victim's head from their body was something that lived long in the memory of those who witnessed it - however much they tried to forget. But the spirits spoke to him, and led him on a new path of adventure. Dressed in ceremonial bearskins, and with bear-tooth piercings through his ears as well as silver rings through his eyebrows and nose, he cuts an unusual figure. His boundless energy spills over into conversation, where he can hardly wait for anyone to finish before he interrupts with his own opinions - quickly formed, but stubbornly hard to shift once he's expressed them.

STR: +0 | DEX: +1 | WIL: +2

Health 4/4 | Armor 7 | XP 0

Single spell slot
Spell: Concealing Worm (Ethereal Effect on Physical Element)
A tube of ghostly plasm envelops you or a target within a stone's throw, obscuring it from mortal senses. Inside, it looks and sounds like a howling maelstrom but outside the air just ripples slightly.

Gear & Items
Light Armor (+1 Armor) (worn)
Heavy weapon (+1 damage, 2 hands): Executioner's Axe (hands)
Ranged weapon (2 hands): Sling and stones (belt)
Belt: Horn
Backpack: Metal File, Vial of Animal Scent, Torch, Rations (3), Waterskin, Hook Grapple, Coiled Rope

Piety Barrow

? An angular woman dressed in a magpie array of greys – men's breeches, calf-high boots, a leather doublet and an oversized floppy hat that has seen better days and casts a convenient shadow over her features, when she chooses to be unnoticed. She wears a bow and goose-fletched arrows at her back, an arming sword at her belt, and her eyes – blue and hard as sapphires – suggest she thinks lightly of putting them to use. She might have once been beautiful – but missing front teeth, grizzled hair and a face hardened by a cruel life have put paid to that idea for good. But she holds herself proudly as if she couldn’t give a damn what any crystal-dripping powderbird might care to think, and those who know her well can attest to her cheerfulness in the face of death.
STR: +0 | DEX: +2 | WIL: +1

Health 1/4 | Armor 7 (8 w/ shield) | XP 0

Level 1: Shadowjack

Gear & Items
Light Armor (+1 Armor)
Shield (+1 Armor, 1 hand)
Ranged Weapon (2 hands): Bow
Light Weapon (1 hand): Arming sword

Pack: Tinderbox, Glue, Chalk, Hand drill, Hacksaw, Large Sack

Death Frost Doom


Ezaya's Cottage

Skin and pole hut. Skull full of juicy berries. Plaques and skins with names of the dead. Dire warnings.

Mountain Cabin

Temple & Entry

Minor Characters & Memorials


An old hermit lady living in a home of piled logs and skins about halfway up the mountain. As a child she experienced a cult harvesting people, including her family from the town and bringing them back to a secluded cabin. She maintains a pilgrimage where she records the names of the dead from a book in the forgotten cabin, then writes grave markers for them on skins and planks.


Dead; naked. Found outside the mountain cabin. Was exploring the cabin and possibly the temple beneath but probably went mad. Reanimated and slain again.

Hamish VanLeeuwen

N As a towering ghost of a man, Hamish certainly stands out with his pale skin, white hair and mustache-less beard,
so much so that it would almost be too easy to spot him for any wrong doing. This lanky Albino doesn't wear the
most friendly face and it is clear his clothes are the least of his concern.

STR: +0 | DEX: +2 | WIL: +1

Health 3/4 | Armor 7 (8 w/ Shield) | XP 0

Fingersmith Path: Tinkering, Lock/Pocket Picking

Gear & Items
Light Armor (+1 Armor) (worn)
Shield (+1 Armor, 1 hand) (backpack)
Light Weapon (1 hand): A simple Dagger (belt)
Ranged weapon (2 hands): Crossbow, with lots of modifications that don't really contribute anything (hands)
Backpack: Lantern + Oil, Hacksaw, Vial of Poison, Vial of Animal Scent
Belt: Metal File, Caltrops

Tem Plate

STR: + | DEX: + | WIL: +

Health 4/4 | Armor 6 | XP


Gear & Items

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