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Introduction to the Wildly Unofficial MYTH FAQ

The Kickstarter for MYTH has had many questions; this is an attempt to collect them in a somewhat more easy to use manner.

Formatting for the FAQ is going to look like this:
Questions will be in bold.
Official answers will be italicized, with links cited in parentheses afterwards.
Unofficial answers will be in plain text and take everything in plain text with a huge grain of salt.

Dramatis Personæ

Folks who are going to count as "official" MYTH representatives.

Brian is Brian Shotton, game designer for MYTH (also, any post from "MERCS Miniatures" on Kickstarter is assumed to be Brian)
Kenny is Kenny Sims, game designer for MYTH
Keith is Keith Lowe, artist for MYTH
Chris is Chris Doughman (CDoughman), graphic designer for MYTH


General Info

Q: I have not seen the rules anywhere. Will these be available before the kickstarter ends?
A: Doubtful. We are in the process of writing the rules now. We don't have pictures to support the rules, nor any diagrams at this point. We understand this is a deal-breaker for some of you. We really wanted to get something for those people who want to read the rules. In lieu of the rules, we hope you accept the many videos we have and continue to upload. (Brian, Re: Almost ready to pledge - just a few questions)

Q: When will the rules be available?
A: You'll get a pdf of the rules in June. Tiles, tokens, cards....that will be more difficult to swing. (Brian, Kickstarter)

Q: Tell us about the box itself. what are your plans for it? just a plain box or something special?
A: The box as it exists now is sturdy. It has some premium treatments on the outside. The inside is undecided at this point. We like inserts that are help the player with organization, set up, and take-down.
We know the box won't be small. Sorry I can't give you more. (Brian, Kickstarter)

Q: Will the box be large enough to hold all of the stretch goals and add on if we are able to unlock everything you guys have currently planned?
A: Doubtful. Certainly the printed materials, but not all the minis. (Brian, Kickstarter)

Q: There are game modes for MYTH?!
A: We're also going to be showing an alternate game mode called Slaughterfield in the evening. (Brian, Kickstarter)
A: I am tricky that way...Slaughterfield is a Myth game mode. (Brian, Kickstarter)

Q: Regarding the Slaughterfield Supplement Pack, is this the only way we can play that mode then?
A: No. There will be rules in the book. (Brian, Kickstarter Update #53)

Pledge Levels

Q: What are the breakdowns of the pledge levels?
A: The breakdown is as follows.
Merchant - 2 Orc Minions. This means you are unsure if you want to buy anything but if you forget to un-pledge you only lose $25. No Stretch Goals.
Lair - 2 Orc Minions, 2 Arachnid Minions, 1 T-Shirt. This means you are a little unsure if you want to buy anything but if you forget to un-pledge you get a T-Shirt. No Stretch Goals.
Minion - You are saving $14 dollars of MSRP but for only $11 over MSRP you could be getting a couple hundred dollars of free swag. No Stretch Goals.
Captain - For only $11 over MSRP you are getting a couple hundred dollars of free swag and counting. Comes with Core Game, promo Mini-Boss and Stretch Goals.
Apprentice - For $50 over Captain everything from that (including promo Mini-Boss) plus you are getting a lithograph worth $15 and one Enemy Add-on (1 Captain and 10 Minions) for every unlocked race (currently worth ~$100). Includes Stretch Goals.
Acolyte - For $300 you are getting two Core games (one signed), a promo Mini-Boss, a lithograph worth $15, two Enemy Add-ons (1 Captain and 10 Minions) for every unlocked race (currently worth ~$200), and the Quest Expansion Deck which is worth $15. Includes stretch goals.
Archer - Here is where it gets long. Three core sets (one signed), three promo Mini-Bosses (one metal and painted), lithograph worth $15 and two Enemy Add-on (1 Captains and 10 Minions) for every unlocked race (currently worth ~$200). the Quest Expansion Deck which is worth $15, 6x6 Tile Supplements I (not the same as the stretch goal, same as the add-on) worth $25, 6 T-Shirts worth $150, two of each unlocked races Captain in metal ($40), One of each Hero and alt gender Hero in metal ($50-100). Includes Stretch Goals.
Trickster - Only reason to get this over something else is A) if you want to spend a lot of money or B) if you want to design a Mini-boss. Otherwise is almost the same as Archer only you don't get the third painted metal promo Mini-Boss or metal Captains but your Heroes are painted (price unknown).


Below is a common option discussed among backers. It refers to paying for the Captain pledge level twice. Those wishing to partake of the "Double Captain" will start with their base pledge ($200) plus any addons and pledge that amount. When the pledge manager opens, you will indicate that you want two captain rewards plus addons.
Double Captain - For twice the amount of Captain ($50 more than Apprentice) you are getting two Core games, two promo Mini-Bosses. Compared to Apprentice you are getting 11 extra Orc and Arachnid minis, 6 extra Skeleton minis, 3 extra Captains each for Orcs, Arachnids, and Skeletons, and one extra Elemental Captain. Pledging Double Captain will also net you DOUBLE STRETCH GOALS!


Q: What scale are the figs?
A: 28mm Heroic scale (Game component list from Kickstarter page, Kickstarter)

Q: Will the Myth miniatures need assembling?
A: Most will be fully assembled. The larger miniatures (mini-bosses and bosses) will have pieces, but they will be large pieces. (Kickstarter FAQ, Kickstarter)

Q: Will the bases of the minis be detachable or they are fixed in place?
A: If you are asking if they come with bases pre-attached, I do not think so. Not all the creatures get bases anyway. However, most come with bases that can be attached. (Brian, Kickstarter)

Q: I'm trying to get a sense of "hobby-level" plastic, as I've never really delved into true tabletop gaming. Would the plastic miniatures in Descent 2 be considered hobby game? Or Cyclades, the itty bitty miniatures are obviously boardgame plastic, but the large gods/monsters (like the kraken or minotaur) are much more robust - would those be hobby level as well?
A: Descent 2 is not even close. The Cyclades monsters are close, but even they are not quite at the level we are using. you best best would be to look at some Privateer Press (Warmachine) figures.
This plastic carries details unbelievably well, and doesn't bend or feel flimsy like the Descent 2 and Zombicide minis. There are no large plastic edges you need to trim. (Brian, Kickstarter)
A: Our plastics are hobby-level. That really means something. In fact, it is the same plastic that PP uses.
The Zombicide plastic is not even close to our caliber. I have very strong feelings for miniature companies that use that quality of plastic. That is boardgame plastic, not hobby game plastic. (Brian, Kickstarter)
A: It means the definition in the sculpt will stand out. It will mean you can paint them with the same results as a full-fledged table-top miniatures game. You could enter these miniatures into contests. (Brian, Kickstarter)


Q: How do the game tiles work?
A: First, there are guidelines about placing tile types. You can't place same size tiles back to back, unless you do it together. In other words, you just played a 6 x 6. You can't turn around and place another 6 x 6; you would have had to place them together at the start (6 x 12). That means, coming out of a single tile, you will have a choice of the remaining two. It can be as simple as that, if the players want.
If the players need to know more, then each tile specializes in certain things (large=quests/treasure, medium=merchants/gold, small=trap/serendipity) and rewards things differently. In addition, some Acts quests require X hallways, or must finish on a large tile.
If you have watched the most recent videos, you'll quickly know why a double Lair tile is suggested to take place on a large tile. It can't work on a hallway, for one. In a medium tile, the Heroes can't easily get to the Lairs to shut them down. It is extremely difficult. It is Thermopylae, except the Heroes are the Persians. (Brian, Kickstarter)
A: Yes, these types of setup "rules" are in the book. It is more like a a set of guidelines. There are certain tile requirements in any given Act and Story. Certain tile difficulty levels for tiles in Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3. But we don't tell you how to arrange the tiles. How does me telling you how to setup the story before you get there allow you to "not know what's around that next corner." It seems quite the opposite to me. Besides, I didn't set these up how I wanted (except the last tile), the quests I drew told me what I was going to encounter for the first tile. I didn't know what was going to be in the first tile, until I drew the Lucy quest card. Likewise, I didn't know what Trap was going to be in the hallway until I rolled. I knew the that the next tile was going to be a 6 x 6 (square) or a 6 x 4 (hallway) because if it would have been a 12 x 12, it would have been a major room (12 x 24) from the beginning (it is in the setup guidelines). We don't need to worry about you "choosing" easy over difficult because you can't predict what is easy and difficult. Square (6 x 6) rooms are not less dangerous than hallways or large 12 x 12 rooms. Why choose a hallway that only has Traps? One, they don't only have traps, just in this case. Two, succeeding at Traps provide players with Serendipity. I knew the last tile was going to be a double Lair, but I made it a double Lair tile with the same monster type so you can see how many minions it takes. (Brian, Kickstarter)

Q: How does terrain impact movement?
A: Not for the most part. Certain things can't be moved through. (Brian, Re: Almost ready to pledge - just a few questions)
A: Yes and no to terrain. Certain features matter and certain features are cosmetic. We do 2d terrain maps for MERCS and have a system of colored outlines that has benefited us well. We'll use a similar system here. (Brian, Re: Interested with some questions)

Q: Are the Slaughterfield tiles exclusive to Kickstarter backers?
A: These are NOT KS exclusive, but won't be out for a long time, so we wanted you to have them. (Brian, Kickstarter Update #50)

Q: How many tiles are available?

Tile Set
Core World Tiles
Tile Supplement 1
KS $325K Stretch World Tiles
KS $600K Stretch Slaughterfield Tiles

Game Components

Q: How many lairs/trap tokens come in the base game?
A: 4 Lair (2" x 2") and I think about 10 Trap (1" x 1"). (Brian , Kickstarter)

Q: Can you describe what traps are part of the 275k group?
A: Every trap won't get a 3d sculpt. It just doesn't make sense in the context. We'll go through them, but at least 7, for certain. The extra nice thing is that some of these traps can overlap with the Trickster so he is actually placing out 3D objects, which is kinda cool. (Brian, Kickstarter)

Q: If we hit the 275k level, will there be sculpts for the Elemental and Rats Lairs?
A: There will be sculpts for every Lair for a monster type that is unlocked. At 275, that would be the Orcs, Arachnids, Skeletons, and Elementals. If Rats are unlocked, then you would get Rat Lairs, too. (Brian, Re: Question about Lair Sculpts on KS)

Q: How many are in the bonus add-on quest deck? How are they divided up among the three quest types?
A: The Quest expansion has 30 cards: 20 Chapter, 8 Act, 2 Story. (Brian, Re: How Story Driven is this game?)

Q: How many card sleeves are required?
A: We have done the card breakdown for 1 Captain and every add-on with cards.

Heroes - 31 Cards each (they have their own sleeves)

Large Cards: 63 x 88 mm (blackjack)

    • Darkness Cards - 12 in the Base Game + 78 in the Extras/Stretch
    • Trap - 18 in the Base Game
    • Quest - 45 in the Base Game + 33 in the Extras/Stretch

-186 Total-

Small Cards: 44 x 67 mm (mini)

    • Treasures - 96 in the Base Game + 48 in the Extras/Stretch

-144 total-
(Brian, Kickstarter Update #48)

Q: How much does the battle foam hold?
A: The battlefoam inserts at this point hold all the base game and 20 more figures. We are working on a solution to find a home for the other miniatures. No option is off the table. (Brian, Kickstarter Update #42)

Q: Are the dice etched or printed/screened?
A: They will be etched. We aren't fans of painted or screened dice. (Going to say it's Brian, via Kickstarter PM The dice are all etched/engraved!!!)


Q: The pledge level images and the text do not match up, why?
A: The Kickstarter system does not allow the editing of pledge level text after things have gone live. As stretch goals have unlocked we wanted, and thought we could, update the pledges to represent things have been added, we could not. The pictures are correct. (Kickstarter FAQ, Kickstarter)

Q: What is going to be exclusive to the Kickstarter?
A: The Rat mini-boss is exclusive as is Trickster and the Razorfiend. If we do a Conner figure w/ quest it will also be KS exclusive. All other pieces will be available at sometime in the future. However, most won't be when the game is released. For instance, the Skald won't be available until much further down the road. (Brian, Kickstarter)
A: The Trickster is a KS exclusive. No one will be able to get him or that deck again after this KS ends. However, that doesn't mean he can't have card upgrades. Obviously, only those players who have him will want those cards so they won't be available except through us. (Brian, Kickstarter)
A: The Spriggan Hero. The Spriggan model is unique to KS, but the deck used is not. The Deck will be used in the far off future for the Druid. (Brian, Kickstarter)
A: The $500K stretch goal, the Metal Hero chits and treasure tokens, are also KS exclusives. (markguy, looking at the stretch goal images)

Q: Does the Metal Heroes Optional Purchase include the alternate gender version, and are metal versions of trickster/skald available?
A: Alt genders, yes. Trickster yes (as it is a pledge level). Skald, not at this time. (Brian, Kickstarter)

Q: Will the add-ons be available to purchase on your website after the kickstarter is done?
A: There will be further purchasing in the pledge manager (we guess this will be live about a month after it opens at the beginning of May). After the manager closes, we'll have a site devoted to communications and showing pictures and progress. At this time, nothing will be available. After it goes to production, we'll begin to offer it for sale again, but at the standard MSRP. (Brian, Kickstarter)

Pledge Manager

Q: What will happen when the KS ends?
A: We will send out the standard KS surveys, like every KS. In the survey will be instructions to setup your accounts on our pledge manager. You will need to register your email (the same associated with your Kickstarter pledge) and a password. We'll then link that account to your survey information. (Brian, Kickstarter Update #38)

Q: Will I be able to login right away?
A: No. You MUST setup the account so we can attached your pledge to the pledge manager account. (Brian, Kickstarter Update #38)

Q: What will happen when I login?
A: You be asked to verify an address, then once your account it linked, you'll have all the information of your pledge at your fingertips. It will tell you what your pledge level is (this can be altered up, but not down), it will also tell you how much extra monies you have at your disposal and provide a click-style menu of additional purchases you can add. It is at this time you will determine what your overfund is spent on. Once you click the SUBMIT button, the only way you can change your order is to contact us. (Brian, Kickstarter Update #38)

Q: When will the Myth pledge manager go live?
A: We'll invite backers in waves starting the first week of May (most likely 500 at a time). (Brian, Kickstarter Update #38)


Q: Are European backers going to have to pay VAT?
A: European orders will be shipped from within Europe, Germany to be specific. This means the VAT penalties associated with shipping Myth from the United States won't be an issue. (Brian, Kickstarter Update #22)

Q: Is the Captain level pledge shipping in January 2015?
A: The Captain Level pledge will be delivered Jan 2014. (Brian, Kickstarter)

Q: What do I pay for shipping?
A: No shipping charges for addresses in the US. Minion, Captain and Apprentice are $13 to ship internationally. Acolyte is $18 to ship internationally. (Kickstarter main page)

Q: How does shipping for multiple copies of pledges work?
A: The shipping you pay is for the pledge and add-ons. However, if you pledge x2 (or more) of a pledge level, then you'll need to add the extra shipping. I should say our pledge manager does this for you after it is live. (Brian, Kickstarter)

Q: Are all the Kickstarter items going to ship together?
A: We plan on shipping everything together. (Brian , Kickstarter)


Q: Can Myth be played solo?
A: It can be played by one person using two or more Heroes without changing the rules one iota.

If you want to play just one Hero against the Darkness, then yes. The game can be played solo. However, it requires a little tweaking to the Darkness AP and Bosses. We plan on releasing these tweaks as a pdf once the game is produced. (Kickstarter FAQ, Kickstarter)
A: We thought about saying 1-5. We've tested the game solo. It works, if you alter a few things (namely the Darkness' AP activation). In the end, we thought we would offer those rules and changes for free download and publish a game for 2-5. (Citation needed)

Q: Can you explain a bit more what you mean by Story, Chapter and Act quests? Is there some sort of order in which the quests are played? What's the difference between the three?
A: Story quests are drawn at the beginning of the game. A Story consists of three acts that the players experience. The Story quests ties the narrative of the three gaming sessions together and give the Heroes an over-arching goal to accomplish. Completing a Story quest rewards you with the ability to manipulate your deck one card OR grants you a title.
Act quests are drawn for Act 1 and Act 2 of a Story (Act 3's end is the Story quest's end). Act quests give the player an additional story (with a small "s") that tie the current game session together. Act quests can be failed and the Story continues. Act quests often provide the Heroes with something besides treasure they can take with them to make the Story quest easier.
Chapter quests seem insignificant. They start as small quests that exist in a tile. Not all tiles have them. Players draw one Chapter quest card per act. However, these quests are where the players get to make the most choices. These quests chain together and choices matter. Single Chapter quests cards allow you to manipulate the treasure bag or draw treasure. The final card of a chain of Chapter quests has all kinds of different types of rewards.
(Brian, Re: How Story Driven is this game?)

A: So the Base game comes with 40 quests. 5 Story, 20 Chapter, and 15 Act. Many of our stories have options. Many of our quests can be failed, without losing the game. Many quests "chain" together, and the outcome of these quests affect the Story quests. (Brian, Re: How Story Driven is this game?)

Q: Does the 2hr gameplay estimate refer to playing an act or group of acts?
A: 2 hrs per Act. We wanted people to be able to digest a Story in multiple sessions if they want. Player count actual affects it a lot less than decisions. The more people usually the quicker the game. The game is most often lengthened by players don't control their Threat and AP generation. On the other hand, reaching Threat 10 in the first tile guarantees you a quick game (Brian, Re: Interested with some questions)

Q: What is Serendipity?
A: Serendipity is resource gained from completing Chapter quests. Never a lot. Heroes can spend Serendipity according to a table to acquire temporary things, unexplained boons that can turn the tide of a battle: treasure drops every two kills, an ally shows up in a tile, draw two coins from the bag and keep one, even keeping death away. They are things that serendipitous for the Heroes. When Serendipity is spent it goes away like gold would.. (Brian, Kickstarter)


Q:If we purchase the extra characters, like Trickster and Skald, they do not come with player boards? Only cards?
A: They do not come with Hero boards, but do come with the little Hero chit. (Brian, Re: 6 player Myth, or how does scaling work?)


Q: How do the Skald's cards work?
A: The Skald is a deck of heroic phrases.
These phrases have three classifications: positive, neutral, and negative.
Positive phrases buff the party. They can be used in conjunction with other positive phrases and neutral phrases.
Negative phrases debuff the Darkness. They are used in conjunction with other negative phrases and neutral phrases.
In addition, while most phrases are labeled Reaction, there are a few labeled as Action in each classification. As always, Heroes are only allowed to play one Action per Hero Cycle. (Brian, Re: The Skald)


Q: Is the Spriggan a Kickstarter exclusive?
A: The Spriggan model is unique to KS, but the deck used is not. The Deck will be used in the far off future for the Druid. (Brian, Update #45)

Q: How does the Spriggan work?
A: The Spriggan uses spells. It has two types of spells: attacking spells that awaken nature to attack the darkness like Bee Swarm or Gaia's embrace, and spells that equip the Spriggan with temporary items: like Oaken Armor and Willow's Kiss. The equip spells provide the Spriggan with items it can equip and use with it's more standard attack cards. These items have limited hit points or do limited Blood. When they are spent, the item goes away. (Brian, Update #45)

Q: Is there going to be an alternate gender/race sculpt for the Spriggan?
A: There will be only one miniature for the Spriggan. We consider it genderless. (Brian, Update #45)


Q: I assume that the base game treasure deck will not come with gear for the Trickster and Skald. So are we getting extra item cards when the Trickster unlocks/if we buy the Skald?
A: That would be correct. (Brian, Kickstarter)

Q: How many cards are in the Treasure Expansion Deck?
A: 30 cards are in both the quests and treasure expansion deck. (Brian, Kickstarter)

Q: Does the Treasure Expansion Deck have cards for all the hero types, including Trickster and Skald?
A: Yes and yes. :) Skald, Trickster, and all the Heroes. (Brian, Kickstarter)

Q: Are the cards in the Treasure Expansion Deck unique?
A: All of the card in the treasure expansion will be unique. These cards will not be duplicates from the base game. (Brian, Looking for more info: Treasure Deck Expansion)

Q: What's with the Twilight Knight?
A: The Twilight Knight is a Kickstarter Exclusive mini-boss courtesy of Adam Poots, creator of Kingdom Death. He pledged early on at the Trickster level and wanted a KD character to make a cross over into Myth. This mini-boss will feature her own stat card as well as a special orange color item the heroes can win by defeating her. This model is available for free too all backers pledging at the Minion Level ($75) or higher. Please note, this model is one per backer, not one per pledge level. Going Double Captain will not earn you another Twilight Knight. (Brian, Kickstarter)


Q: Do new enemy-types in the Stretch Goals come with stat cards?
A: All new Minions, Captains, Mini-Bosses, and Bosses come with their stat cards. The Bosses also come with their Darkness deck (10 cards). (Kickstarter FAQ, Kickstarter)

Q: Why do I need so many minion minis?
A: You'll be able to play the game completely with the base game. However, you'll be limited in how you populate the tiles by how many miniatures you have. A large 12" x 12" tiles can have two lairs spawning multiple creatures. Without additional minion miniatures, these tiles will ALWAYS need to be of two different enemy-types. With additional minions, you will be able to create a tile that is all Arachnid or all Orc (or all Skeleton, if we hit that stretch goal). More minion miniatures means more freedom for you to tell the story you want. (Kickstarter FAQ, Kickstarter)
A: When asked why backers needed more Minions, from the beginning I have said, if you want to set up a double Lair tile with the SAME type of enemy, you'll need more Minions. (Brian, Kickstarter)
A: Now, I am going to make some assumptions here, that you'll have to make with me. First, the Heroes are actively trying to kill. Second, the Heroes will succeed more than fail. If we can agree on these assumptions, here is the breakdown:

Arachnids 1 Lair = 15 Minions + 2 Captains, 2 Lairs = 30 Minions + 4 Captains
Orcs 1 Lair = 12 Minions + 2 Captain, 2 Lairs = 24 Minion + 4 Captains
Skeletons 1 Lair = 10 Minions + 2 Captain, 2 Lairs = 20 Minions + 4 Captains
Elementals 1 Lair = 6 Minions + 2 Captain, 12 Minions + 4 Captains
Rats 1 Lair = 10 Minions + 2 Captain, 2 Lairs = 20 Minions + 4 Captains
(Brian, Re: How many minions are needed to play a full game?)

Q: Do the different sculpts for the minions mean there are different stats for each variety?
A: Many of the different Minions types have different stats. Orcs and Skellys do not. Arachnids, Elementals, and the one being shown Friday do. However, we can talk about adding it to Orcs; giving the Orcs more of a class structure, as there is a good chance we see an Orc Hero in the futures. (Brian, Re: Looks pretty cool but concerned about too few monster types?)


Q: What's the name for the Arachnid boss?
A: The Arachnid Boss is named "The Terror with 1000 Legs" officially. (Brian, Kickstarter)

Info: Melee Arachnid poison the players. (Brian, Kickstarter)



Q: The Skelly with the bow is not ranged?
A: Not currently. I actually wanted to make the model swinging the bow like a baseball bat. We went with the standard look so we could make it a ranged unit if we wanted/needed to. (Brian, Re: Looks pretty cool but concerned about too few monster types?)



Q: What do the Rats bring to the game experience that I'm not already getting from the other 4 spawn types?
A: The rats act different. They are ranged and swarm. They also attack the Hero with the least Threat. The run from the Hero with the most Threat. Having them and say the Arachnids on a tiles is very hard. (Brian, Kickstarter)

Q: How's the Rat King (Rat boss) work?
A: The Rat King is a Lair in addition to a boss. The spawns have nothing to do with the Darkness dice. He is wicked hard. (Brian, Kickstarter)


Agents of Darkness

Q: What are the Agents of Darkness?
A: The Agents of Darkness are not Mini-bosses, nor are they Minions. They are Agents. They are equal to the Heroes in many ways. They are quite formidable They will be roughly the size of a Captain. They have unique stat cards and come with two quests. They are pretty cool. Humanoids that have given themselves over to the Darkness. They hunt the Heroes. They are a reoccurring enemy that appears at inopportune times. They have very specific reveal rules not associated with the Darkness cards, based on overall status of the Heroes. There will be rules provided with them for using one, two, or all three. (Brian, Update #45)


Q: How many cards are in the Quest Expansion Deck?
A: 30 cards are in both the quests and treasure expansion deck. (Brian, Kickstarter)


Q: Can you get English version of game in European countries?
A: You can keep the English version. It is an option in the pledge manager. (Brian, Kickstarter)


Q: Is MYTH going to be translated into German?
A: It gives us great pleasure to announce that, in addition to a full German version of Myth, we will deliver a full French version. (Brian, Kickstarter)

Q: Who is doing German localization?
A: The German version is being done by Ulisses Spiele, the MERCS distributor in Germany. (Brian, Kickstarter)


Q: Is MYTH going to be translated into French?
A: It gives us great pleasure to announce that, in addition to a full German version of Myth, we will deliver a full French version. (Brian, Kickstarter)


Q: Is MYTH going to be translated into Spanish?
A: Furthermore, we will have the rulebook available in Italian and Spanish. (Brian, Kickstarter Update #36)


Q: Is MYTH going to be translated into Italian?
A: Furthermore, we will have the rulebook available in Italian and Spanish. (Brian, Kickstarter Update #36)

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