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Mage Knight Lost Legion FAQ

Version: August 26, 2016 (corresponds to the official thread updated on 26 Jun 2013 plus some added extras)
Answers to common questions about the rules of Mage Knight Board Game: The Lost Legion Expansion.

Mage Knight FAQ
List of game FAQs

1. Volkare

Q: When is Volkare's Army first revealed?
A: Volkare's Army is discovered the first time a player starts a combat against Volkare (no discover from an adjacent hex or from the same hex if the player flees declining combat).

Q: Is it considered an assault when defending vs Volkare?
A: No. (source)

Q: What happens when assaulting Volkare on a space with an unconquered fortified site?rs are eliminated, the site is considered conquered;
A: Volkare presence trumps everything else: the player faces Volkare's Army and disregards any fortified enemy present in the space. (source)

Q: What should we do if there are not enough tokens when revealing Volkare's army?
A: Please improvise. Component shortage was not part of design, and it was impossible prevent all extreme cases. Since the scenario where it happens are usually cooperative, find a way that fits your taste: whether it is a way that affect the game least (withdraw most distant orcs from the map), or not at all (use proxy), or makes thematically sense (withdraw the closest orcs). It's not recommended, for instance, to give him no Orcs, as it would lead to non-thematical meta-tactics (do not kill Orcs so Volkare cannot recruit them). (source)

2. Cards

2.1. Basic Actions

Q: When using the advanced effect of the revised Cold Toughness against a monster with Cold-Fire attack, do we get +2 or +1 Ice Block?
A: +2. (source)

Q: Is the +2 Attack/Block given by Concentration applied to an Attack/Block before or after a potential doubling?
A: The bonuses are applied before doubling (counting twice). Same goes for Into the Heat. (source)

Example 1: Concentration's +2 + Shield Bash stronger effect will give 14 Block against an attack with swiftness.
Example 2: Into the Heat's +2/+3 + Altem Guardians' Block 8 will give 20/22 Block against an attack with swiftness.
Example 3: Concentration + Swiftness Ranged Attack 3 + Bow Starsdawn ultimate effect will give Ranged Attack 10 (or just Siege Attack 5).

2.2. Advanced Actions

Q: Can I use the Peaceful Moment's stronger ability "You may refresh a Unit paying 2 Influence per level of the Unit." to refresh multiple units per turn?
A: Just once unit per turn. (sources: #1 #2)

Q: When playing the stronger effect of Shield Bash to block an enemy with multiple attacks, may I use surplus block points against any attacks to reduce his armor?
A: No. Armor reduction is applied only to the attack that Shield Bash is actually blocking. (source)

Q: When playing the stronger effect of Shield Bash against an enemy with Swiftness, are any surplus block points also doubled for the purposes of armor reduction?
A: No. Only the block points that are required to block the attack are doubled. (source)

Example 1: Against the White Heroes' Attack 3 who have swiftness and Armor 5. Out of the 5 block points provided by Shield Bash, 3 of them are doubled to block the Attack and the surplus 2 block points are used to reduce their Armor to 3. These 2 surplus block points are not doubled, therefore the Heroes' Armor is reduced to 3 and not to 1.

2.3. Artifacts

Q: When playing the Shield of the Fallen Kings after Ambush, if the player chooses the 2nd effect of the artifact "Block 4 against two different enemies", to which block does the Ambush's +X bonus apply to?
A: The bonus is applied only to the first block used. Therefore, the first block is 4+X and the second block is just 4. (source)

3. Units

Q: When is it allowed to disband units?
A: Only when you are recruiting a new unit but do not have available command tokens. (source)

Q: Can I use the Scouts' ability "You may reveal a new tile at a distance of 2 spaces instead of one." to reveal multiple tiles per turn?
A: Just once tile per turn. (sources: #1 #2)

Q: After playing Into the Heat, how is executed the "Reduce one enemy attack by 3. Any damage from that attack must be assigned to this Unit first, even if that enemy had Assassination." Shocktroops' ability?
A: Enemy attack is reduced. Damage is dealt to Shocktroops even if Into the Heat is active. (source)

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