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Marcus Finch

Name Marcus Finch

Player Kezle
Drive Transparency
Previous Patron MI5
Background Writer who fabricate or alter news stories.

Health Stability
Total 10 12
Current 9 12

Investigative skills General skills
Ability Total Current Skill Total Current
Art History 1 0 Athletics 10 4
History 1 1 Cover 20 13
    • Russian
    • Romanian
    • Latin
    • Italian
2 2 Filch 4 4
Human Terrain 1 1 Network 20 16
Law 1 1 Preparedness 8 3
Research 2 1 Sense Trouble 2 2
Criminology 1 1 Shooting 6 3
Interpersonal Shrink 6 6
Bureaucracy 1 1 Surveillance 5 5
High Society 1 1
Reassurance 2 1
Streetwise 1 0
Tradecraft 1 1
Data Recovery 1 1
Forgery 3 3
Photography 3 3
Notice 2 2
Traffic Analysis 1 1
Urban Survival 1 1
Cherries Note
Hard to hit The difficulty to hit you is 4
Parkour Once per foot chase you can get 3 points of athletics back by describing some cool parkour move.
Support move Assist a allyin their attack. Roll Athletics against diff. 4. If successful the difference between you roll and the diff. becomes a positive modifier to your ally's roll.
Breakfall Subtract half your hand-to-hand rating when taking fall damage.
In the nick of time You can retroactively prepare specific timed actions.

Sources of Stability Status Note
Symbol Strong Childhood collection of Tintin comics, the mystery solving reporter who was everything he dreamt of being as a kid.
Solace Alive His old primary school teacher, Ms. Yung, who taught him how to write and always encouraged his 'creative writing', even when his father frowned upon it. Now a teacher's assistant and fan of Finch's old news blog.
Safety DEAD His father, Reuben Finch. They do not always see eye to eye but he raised Finch and his two brothers after their mother ran off and has always been there for him. Currently an English Literature professor at Cambridge.

Covers Status Note
Danny Ackerman Safe a British-American who has recently returned to England to study.
Gareth Rivers Safe studying for a semester at UCC.

Contacts Status Note
Gabriel Albu Alive Romanian journalist

Equipment Status Note

A young man in his early twenties who has not been doing this 'spy thing' for very long, he still believed that everything the service did had the public's best interest at heart when he was hired. However, after a few years of writing coverups and misleading articles, he is no longer so sure. Still idealistic at heart (and possibly more than a bit naive), he quit to pursue his original goal of bringing too often forgotten issues to light with his 'creative writing'. But the incidents he was supposed to help cover up, the ones he never learnt the truth about even while he was tasked with writing lies, still haunt him. The more he digs, the more rumours he uncovers and the more he becomes determined to expose the truth.

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