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Martin Dayle

Name Martin Dayle

Player Andrew
Drive Atonement
Previous Patron Independent
Background High-end smuggler

Health Stability
Total 10 10
Current 10 10

Investigative skills General skills
Ability Total Current Skill Total Current
Accounting 2 2 Athletics 4 4
    • Romanian
2 2 Conceal 3 3
Law 2 2 Cover 10 10
Interpersonal Driving 6 6
Bullshit Detector 3 3 Filch 4 4
Bureaucracy 3 3 Gambling 4 4
Flattery 1 1 Infiltration 4 4
Flirting 1 1 Mechanics 4 4
Negotiation 2 2 Network 20 13
Reassurance 2 2 Piloting 6 6
Streetwise 3 3 Preparedness 8 8
Tradecraft 1 1 Sense Trouble 6 4
Technical Shooting 4 4
Forgery 2 2
Cherries Note
In the nick of time You can retroactively prepare specific timed actions.

Sources of Stability Status Note
Symbol Strong Picture drawn by daughter of him and her together (childhood, crayon drawing)
Solace Alive Daughter (now in University)
Safety Safe Old family house in Worthing, Sussex - quiet safe house away from his other life

Covers Status Note

Contacts Status Note
Eugen Smuggler in Romania. 5 points.

Equipment Status Note

Martin Dayle has always had a talent for being in the right place, knowing the right people and having the right things to hand to make the best return on an investment. These skills made him very attractive to all the wrong people and so it was only natural that he fell into the smuggling game, soon building a tidy little reputation for himself in the criminal underworld as a man that can fix things for you. He doesn't pick sides and has worked providing covers, equipment and other services for people from a number of backgrounds and professions, both government-sanctioned and criminally-inclined. Of course, walking that knife-edge is dangerous and recently, he's found himself cut on the blade. Strange stuff is afoot and he wants out before he's taken out - a chance to actually experience something approaching a normal life with his daughter, who he barely ever sees.

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