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Mary Lou Moulin



Woman, Piercing eyes, Casual clothes (jeans, black t-shirt)


Charm+1, Cool+1, Sharp+1, Tough-1, Weird+3


Premonitions: At the start of each mystery roll +Weird. On a 10+ you get a detailed vision of something bad that is yet to happen. You take +1 forward to prevent it coming true, and mark experience if you stop it. ON a 7-9+ you get clouded images of something and that is yet to happen: mark experience if you stop it. On a miss, you get a vision of something bad to happening to you and the Keeper holds 3, to be spent one-for-one as penalties to tolls you make.

The Big Whammy: You can use your powers to kick some ass: roll +Weird instead of +Tough. The attack has 2-harm close obvious ignore-armour. On a miss, you'll get a magical backlash.

Tune In: You can attune your mind to a monster or minion. Roll +Weird. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. On a miss, the monster becomes aware of you. Spend hold to ask the Keeper one of the following questions, and gain +1 ongoing when acting on the answers:

  • Where is the creature right now?
  • What is it planning to do right now?
  • Who is it going to attack next?
  • Who does it regard as the biggest threat?
  • How can I attract its attention?

Jinx: You can encourage coincidences to occur, the way you want them to. When you jinx a target, roll +Weird. On a 10+ hold 2 and on a 7-9 hold 1. On a miss, the Keeper holds 2 over you to be used in the same way. Spend your hold to:

  • Interfere with a hunter, giving them -1 forward.
  • Interfere with what a monster, minion, or bystander is trying to do.
  • Inflict 1-harm on the target due to an accident.
  • The target finds something you left for them.
  • The target loses something that you will soon find.

Mystical Library

The Dark Side

Poor impulse control


  • Shotgun (3-harm close messy)


_ _


Okay _ _ _ | _ _ _ _ Dying


Mary Lou has always been a little different and she suspects even her parents knew that. She figures that has to be the reason they left her on the stairs of a church and never looked back. She was raised by the nuns, but never really believed in the religion.

She was a teenager when she discovered she truly is different and can do things... things, that other people can't do. Her teenage was very difficult because in addition to normal difficulties involving being a teenager, she had to hide her powers. And after a while, she started seeing things. Things that she knew were not real. Sometimes she didn't know if they were real or not and that made her have periodical depression. Every time after the depression she found it very hard to control her impulses and she was often in trouble.

She tried to study many different things, including nursing, cooking, languages, ICT and even some chemistry. She did not finish any of those studies and was in a downward spiral when she found her way to Canada's STAMP. She found a home there and have been less restless. She's even started studying again, this time carpentry. Working the wood sooth her and having when she's having her depressions, she always creates something very beautiful.


  • Get +1 Weird
  • Get +1 Cool
  • Take another Spooky move (Premonitions)
  • Get a mystical Library, like the Expert's haven option
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