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Wiki for the Cthulhu Dark Masks of Nyarlathotep game.
OOC thread:
IC geeklist:

Chris, since it hasn't come up in Carter's thread, and we skipped ahead in scene 26, is it safe to say that McCall's apartment was not broken into (yet)?

I'm going to be on vacation for the next week. I should have BGG access but won't be checking in as frequently. That should help bring the timelines closer together again.

Some OOC speculation and strategizing:

- it seems clear to me that Elias was killed for something he discovered during his book research. Especially given his last paranoid notes and the fact that someone else is now trying to collect all his work and tie up loose ends. I think the real story here is going to be about figuring out that mystery. It's probably worth keeping in mind and trying to give each character IC motivations for pursuing the story beyond just catching Elias's killers. It is possible we may never actually solve Elias's murder to our satisfaction.

- the break-in guy is obviously a connection to the mystery. I'm not sure how to go after him though. Maybe if we assume we're being watched we can talk up some big discovery and set a trap for him?

- the Juju house seems important. It was one of the first clues, Molina found the forehead symbol there, Carter saw arcane markings on the basement door... It's also the only real connection we have to the negro community. It could be a red herring, but something's going on there. Rather than breaking in again, it might be worth just staking out the place for a while to see who comes and goes. Of course at this point it's understandable if no one wants to go back there IC. (I feel like Sallows got a bit hosed in that last scene... He rolled well enough to find a lot of information but ran screaming into the night before he could really do anything about it).

- Erica's books seem like a good lead. Elias was interested in them, so they're likely useful for something. Since Frankie already expressed interest, he should probably take point on tracking those down. I wouldn't be surprised if the buyer was linked to the person who broke into Carter's place...

- Rosellini's research leads me to believe that Carlyle'e group was either involved in or stumbled into something nefarious in Africa. While the characters have all been fairly skeptical up to now, OOC we know we're playing a Cthulhu game . Carlyle's dreams sound like they were touched by the supernatural. That plus Erica's views on Anastasia and Huston lead me to believe that at least some of Carlyle's group were more likely instigators than victims, though they almost certainly were influenced by something outside.

- I think we're getting close to the point where we need to go overseas to continue to pursue the investigation. Egypt seems the likely choice to me. We have the most information to go on there thanks to Rosellini, who's also an expert in the field. And we know it was the focus of Carlyle's trip. There are other options, though:

  • Kenya, where the expedition ended. Elias did leave a few notes about contacts there, but I feel like we don't have enough to look for there right now, besides getting additional confirmation that Carlyle might not be dead.
  • London, to visit Penhew's home base. Presumably he sent artifacts and records from the dig back there, so it might help us prepare for Egypt.
  • China, where Brady was spotted, and the photo of the yacht was taken. Though both seem like searching for a needle in a haystack without more to go on.

- to that end, I think McCall's next move will be to approach Wupperman as a patron to fund an expedition so we can continue to pursue the adventure overseas. That might be the wrong move - Wupperman could be the bad guy here, but of the people we've met so far he seems fairly benign and likely to help us out. I think we need someone like that, because eventually we're all going to die or go insane A patron gives good story continuity to continue the investigation with replacement characters.


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