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Mike Sutherland

Name Mike Sutherland

Player Ed
Drive Mystery
Previous Patron NZSIS and Army
Background Specialist in Digital Intrusion and Surveillance with army and secret service background

Health Stability
Total 10 8
Current -1 4

Investigative skills General skills
Ability Total Current Skill Total Current
Archaeology 1 1 Athletics 10 7
Architecture 1 1 Digital Intrusion 12 8
Law 1 1 Driving
    • Car
    • Motorbike
    • Truck
6 6
Human Terrain 1 1 Hand-to-Hand 8 8
Military Science 1 1 Infiltration 8 7
Vampirology 1 0 Cover 10 7
Interpersonal Mechanics 8 4
Bullshit Detector 1 1 Network 15 8
Interrogation 1 1 Piloting
    • Yacht
    • Barge
    • Small plane
    • Helicopter
8 8
Negotiation 2 2 Sense Trouble 2 2
Streetwise 1 1 Shooting 2 0
Tradecraft 1 1 Surveillance 2 2
Technical Weapons 4 4
Cryptography 2 2
Data Recovery 4 4
Electronic Surveillance 2 2
Notice 1 0
Outdoor Survival 2 2
Traffic Analysis 1 1
Urban Survival 1 1

Cherries Note
Hard to hit The difficulty to hit you is 4
Parkour Once per foot chase you can get 3 points of athletics back by describing some cool parkour move.
Support move Assist a allyin their attack. Roll Athletics against diff. 4. If successful the difference between you roll and the diff. becomes a positive modifier to your ally's roll.
Breakfall Subtract half your hand-to-hand rating when taking fall damage.
Eye of the Tiger Use one point of Hand-to-hand to assess if someone is a better, worse or equal fighter than you.
Extra attack (hand-to-hand) You can make additional attacks with a light weapon. If you hit, spend 3 hand-to-hand and 2 health to attack again.
Martial arts May get 3 points back in hand-to-hand by describing a cool martial-arts move.
Mook shield Sped 3 hand-to-hand to attack a mook or henchman at point blank range. All ranged attacks that miss you, hit the mook instead. Your threshold also increases by one.
Breakfall Subtract half your athletics rating when taking fall damage.
Swiss army rep You can spend Mechanics points on Preparedness tests, if you can give a jaunty explanation for why you have the item.
Open Sesame You can automatically pick or by-pass commercial locks or alarms without a roll
Grand Theft Aero/Aqua You can steal and start vehicles you can pilot at the cost of one point. You can also forge bogus flight plans and port documents.

Sources of Stability Status Note
Symbol Strong A 30 minute video of a majestic New Year's Day Party at my parents farm in Canterbury, New Zealand - the landscape, the people, the memories
Solace Alive Kelly McIntyre, London Lawyer and ex-girlfriend
Safety Safe Remote family croft on the Isle of Arran, Scotland

Covers Status Note
Dmitri Karkhov Safe Vampirologist. Two points
Mitchell Morgan Safe British special effects technician. 3 points

Contacts Status Note
John Fields alive Gravedigger. One point
Alan Santner alive head of Red Eye Transport and an ex-army transport friend. 2 points
Linda Ravensdown alive she works on a zombie movie, and makes some freaky looking special effects. One point.

Equipment Status Note

Mike Sutherland, Kiwi ex-NZ army, Ex-SIS, Ex-GCSB. Specialist in Digital Intrusion and Surveillance. From a rural farming background in the South Island of New Zealand he enlisted in the NZ Army and found he really did see the world. He never heard what destroyed his unit in Afghanistan, but what he heard over the radio had him searching for answers. Was it really vampire-like creatures? He's collected the myths, but so far has had no personal contact with bloodsuckers.

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