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This is the page for the modkiwi system created by Kiwi13cubed. It may or may not be kept up-to-date by her.

A Note on Modkiwi's interpreting commands

All commands to modkiwi should be posted in bold, and be the only thing in the bold tag, unless enclosed in brackets.

For example, "[b]sneakily vote linguistfromhell and throw a kiwifruit at him[/b]" won't work, as the entire bold tag is processed as one command.

However, you may surround what you want processed in brackets; this would also allow you to make multiple commands in one bold tag.

For example, "[b]sneakily [vote linguistfromhell] and throw a kiwifruit at him[/b]" would work.

In particular, note that newlines do not (at this time) separate commands, so to enter two commands on two lines, you must either enclose them in brackets or put them in separate bold tags.

To refer to a player in a command, the player's username must either be spelled out exactly or match one of the nicknames that are set for that player for that game.

Nicknames, usernames, and commands are all case-insensitive.

General Game Instructions

To sign up for a game, post signup in bold.

To remove yourself from the game, post remove in bold.

To guess the acronym (if applicable), post "guess" followed by your guess, in bold.

e.g., guess Platypuses might want corn when blueberries start blooming

To create a nickname for yourself (only within the scope of the game, sadly, for now), post nickname name to give yourself the nickname name. For example, to give yourself the nickname "kiwi", post nickname kiwi.

Additionally, the moderator can give nicknames to other players: to give Kiwi13cubed the nickname kiwi, they could post nickname Kiwi13cubed as kiwi.

To make a claim that will be tracked by modkiwi, post claim claim. For example, you could claim seer and modkiwi will list you as having claimed "seer". Future claims will overwrite prior claims.

(Note that this only works in games that support claims; at present, Time Bomb and Werewolf)

To view all of the posts by a specific player in a thread, the links in the modkiwi signup post will take to you to a page for that. If the modkiwi signups post is not on the first page, hopefully the mod will put them on the first page somewhere.
Additionally, they are available from the links from the game page on the website, or from a Chrome extension created by nolemonplease.

Moderator-specific commands

player count n will set the player count to n.

This will display as the total number of players on the modkiwi website, and also will automatically start the game once that many players join if autostart is set.

To turn autostart on, post autostart on. To turn autostart off, post autostart off.

You can post {someoneelse} command, and that will execute command as if someoneelse had posted it. This only works if you are set as a moderator.

To become a moderator for the game, post become mod. Note that if you are playing in a game, it would be extremely poor taste to become a moderator of the game in order to cheat.

To remove yourself as a moderator, post relinquish mod.

To replace a player in a game, post replace oldplayer with newplayer. Both usernames must be spelled out exactly.

To set a setting for the game, post add setting setting. To remove a setting, post remove setting setting.
Settings for games will be listed in the individual game's sections.

Werewolf Instructions

To vote to lynch a player, post vote player.

To nightfall your vote, post nightfall (Note: not "vote nightfall" as in Cassandra; to me it does not make sense to have the command follow the exact same syntax as a vote).

To retract your vote, post unvote.

Moderator-specific commands

As a moderator, the following commands are available:

  • dusk will change it to thinking it's night (and reset the tally).
  • dawn will change it to thinking it's day (and reset the tally).
  • Voting at night is not allowed unless "vote_night" is set.
  • Voting during the day is allowed unless "no_vote_day" is set.
  • kill player or killed player will remove them from the tallies.
  • Similarly, revive player and revived player will bring them back to life and add them back to tallies.
  • unlock player will remove the nightfall from a player (e.g., nightfalls are not supposed to be allowed in the game, or the vote they attempted to nightfall hadn't taken and they nightfalled the wrong person)

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