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More About Geekroller

Here is a very quick visual guide to the basic uses of the GeekRoller.

How to add a basic roll to your post:

1. click the ROLL button found in the formatting line shown above the Subject line of your post.

2. Click on the button that indicates the type of die/dice you would like to roll.

3. You can add a modifier to the dice by typing + or - followed by the number with which you would like to modify the roll.

4. You can also add a comment/note that you want to have attached to the roll. This note will be posted in front of the roll result in your post. This will stay with the roll and be visible in the post and in the parent list of rolls.

5. Click the ADD ROLL button.

6. The GeekRoller will now add the roll to your post, which will look like this in the text window:

You can then add text to your post and click submit like normal.

7. You can roll more than one die at a time, by just clicking another dice type or by typing + and then typing in the desired dice:

In this example, I clicked d10 and then d12 and the roller added the + sign for me.

8. When the roll is added to the post, it will show the results and your note/comment (from #4 above) in front of the result. If you don't leave a note/comment, it will display the dice you chose to roll:

9. If you would like to see the results of the individual dice in a combined roll, you can click on the result in the submitted post:

10. You can also see any result of a die roll added to the post, even if it is not shown in the text of the post itself. You can do this by clicking the [+] Dice Rolls button shown under the post:

11. Clicking on that button opens a drop down area that displays all rolls associated with the post:

12. If you want your roll to show in your post, but you accidentally erase it, you can find the roll number and add the roll to your post manually. The roll number is the roll next to the roll in the display under the post (197693 and 197694 in the example above). If you type [geekroll=xxxxxx][/geekroll] where xxxxxx = the roll number, it will add the roll back to your post. See #6 above for an example of a roll in a post.

13. If you want other people to be able to add rolls to your post, you must check the box beside enable public dice rolls found at the bottom of the text window of a new post or thread. This pic shows the box not checked:

14. This is the most basic use of the geekroller. You can also perform basic mathematical operations on the dice you have rolled (using + - *). You can even remove the lowest or highest die from a group roll (eg 4d6L rolls 4d6 and removes the lowest before adding them). Other dice types are available, including custom dice and FUDGE dice (eg 3dF rolls 3 fudge dice).

This guide as originally posted, with examples, here:

One last thing... This is really only the most basic of introductions to the geekroller. If you would like to know more information, you can read the much more comprehensive guide to the GeekRoller. You can find this guide here: Geek_Randomizer_Guide

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