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Morris the Anthropologist

Tweed jacket with elbow patches, bald wearing glasses.

Danger x x / / / / / /

4 Credits

Combat 2 Diplomacy 5
Insight 5 Technology 3
Science 2 Fitness 1
Space operations 2 Relief 4

Anthropologist When looking for a new ship in the debris field, the Anthropologist can assist by rolling insight. For every success, he may increase or decrease the result by one point when deciding which faction the new ship belongs to. If the roll is a failure, the ship has one additional threat.
Tactful When you risk it during a diplomacy roll, you may also re-roll the ones.
Cultured Whenever you enter an Unionist ship you can immediately make a personal acquisition worth a D6 credits.
Contacts in the Commissariat Whenever you defeat a Communitarian human threat you can immediately make a personal acquisition worth a D6 credits.
Personal Heraldry +3 to all social rolls against Unionists (Leasing)
The Red Star Medal +3 to all social rolls against Communitarians (leasing)
Disruption Bomb The crew may disengage from a threat, without having to resolve the first round. All crew members get 1 danger point.
Force Field Activate at the beginning of a round. You are not affected by crew or personal failures this round, but may not roll any dice either.
Plasma grenade +3 to a combat roll

Stanley - some sort of explorer or adventurer, lives on the station between excursions.
Anthropologist Owe - long hair and beard, but ruggedly handsome. Always carries a copy of his best selling book.

Morris is the quiet bookworm type, but on first impression people sometimes get the feeling that he harbors a dark side as well, though none have ever seen it surface.

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