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This is the Wiki for The Monster of the Week Shared universe

A list of upcoming sessions
S.T.A.M.P mission recruitment.

If you're running a session feel free to use the setting and NPCs for your game, read the mission reports first to avoid repeating a plots.

All the playbooks that I know of can be found here in my dropbox

GM me if you have any suggestion/critiques about changes I've made to the rules (see XP, Luck etc)

Al P
Sør Trondelag
flag msg tools

Welcome to S.T.A.M.P

Supernatural Threat Assessment and Mitigation Protocol
Clearance level Omega granted. STAMP tech phone issued (do not switch off, do not use for personal calls)

The Council expects great things from you and your team. You'll be tasked with tracking potential monster sightings
across the globe and containing the threat.


All agents must be assessed at REDACTED before being classed field ready. Freelance hunters must report to
REDACTED with all queries involving REDACTED and REDACTED, especially in the case REDACTED

Remember that you're either a permanent agent of STAMP or work freelance for them. Certain playbooks are harder to work into the fiction like the 'beat' whose moves and tags revolve around his interactions with his police department. Mundanes, flakes etc can quite easily be integrated as field support agents or similar. Remember the setting but be creative, with a little twist nearly all playbooks should fit the setting. Some agents work as instructors at STAMP hq between missions while some have home lives and are called up on missions when needed.

Moves that just grant xp
Certain moves grant xp in specific situations, while these are great to enrich your roleplaying the way I'm using xp is to give 1 improvement per mission. Take this into account when creating a character or leveling up.

Bloody chosens they think they're so unique. Just add them to the pile...

Havens and other fixed location options
You'll nearly always be in the field on missions away from any fixed locations. Consider not selecting options that can't be used remotely or in digital form. Creative ways round this are encouraged, like a pocket dimension containing your haven that you can access with a spell.

Fill your Agency (which is STAMP) section with ...
Resources: Offices all over the place and Cover Identities
Agency red tape: On-call 24/7 and Secretive hierarchy

You can be a Sect that is part of a Exchange program with STAMP or one of the more fanatical members of STAMP's Psi Division, if so fill your Sect section with ...
Good traditions: Rich, Modernised
Bad traditions: Paranoid and Secretive, Mystical Oaths

Psi Division works closely with all mystical hunters: Spooky, Monstrous, Expert?, Initiative.. etc
S.T.A.M.P will require field reports handed in by the agents supervisor. Problems encountered, casualties, witnesses, detainees etc

Custom Histories

Each session will begin with creating custom histories between characters you haven't played with before. You can just say your characters haven't worked together or just met in passing at HQ. You can also create elaborate connections with others if it doesn't contradict both your previous histories and you both agree on it.

I suggest your histories with each other stick to when you were introduced to S.T.A.M.P and on wards. Here is a selection of sample histories that you can use if your struggling to come up with any:

They helped you out getting ready for a mission. How did they help?

You did something to annoy the other when stuck together on a long stakeout. What did you do?

You were both in the same STAMP training course as either trainees or course leader.

You/they saved their/your live during a mission. Who saved who?

You regularly work together on missions and now each other's quirks.

You've not worked together yet but you've heard rumours about them. We're they positive, what were they and do you believe them?

You had one mission with them and your still scared of them. Was it the mission or what they did that scares you?

They helped you pass one of the mandatory stamp qualifications. What was it?

You go to the same STAMP group counselling. What do you each know about your tragic pasts or that mission that went seriously south?

They keep fucking up and you keep covering for them.

They don't think you should be in the field. How do you feel about being a field agent?

They creep you out. STAMP hunts monsters not work with them.

Other agents keep their distance but he/she sees past the fangs/being dead/fur/bolts...

They recruited you to STAMP. How did it happened?

You nearly got kicked out but ____ stuck up for you.

They got you in trouble by reporting you to the bosses

You have a office crush on them. How do they feel about this?

You had a thing (romance) during training. How/why did it end?

They were brought in on a mission when you couldn't get the job done. What skill did they bring that you lack?

You were both on that one mission that went really bad were the monster escaped. What got away and do you blame each other?

They keep you company when the change happens. Do they get afraid of your monster side?

They work in r&d and are researching a cure for you in their part time

You had to hunt down the monster that escaped them

They never listen to your advice, you're the expert dammit!


You will level up at the end of each completed mission. You'll not be given individual xp.


Your luck track will be reduced to 2 boxes but will be refreshed at the end of each mission. In between multi session story arcs you will only get 1 luck back.
(I'm still fine tuning this and may change it after I've ran more missions)


All harm will be healed between missions unless part of a multi session story arc.

Field reports


Location: Winnipeg, Alberta.
Contact: Sheriff Nate DuPrey.
Subject: Strange creature sightings, missing domestic animals.
Team Bradley Harrison, Isadora Channing, Kary Cavanough, Adam Sinan.
Suspected unauthorized biological activity centered around Monsanto Research Facility in Winnipeg. Laboratory assistant Bazin, Josh reported missing. Many domestic animals reported missing. Multiple eyewitness sightings of a strange creature. Data pattern matching algorithms point to a 82% probability that these distinct events are somehow linked. Investigate, mitigate, and report. Uploading links now for additional information.

Experimental proteins in development at Monsanto create an unexpected flesh-to-flesh bonding in living organisms. Josh Bazin was affected and absorbed the tissues of several domestic animals starting with his pet cat and concluding with hundreds of cattle. The resulting biological conglomeration dubbed "The Spawn of Shub-Niggurath" was found and neutralized in rural meat processing plant in nearby Winkler, Alberta. Multiple civilian casualties, significant damage to the research facility, Winkler meat processing plant destroyed. Cover team dispatched. No tissue samples survived the fire.

A more detailed report is now on file and is available at request: VoIP play April 13 - Become one with the Bazin


Location: Timmins, Ontario.
Contact: Sheriff Bill Pardy.
Subject: Minor meteor strike along the Porcupine River.
Team Nøkken, Bertie, Mary lou, Summer, Rufus.
Verify meteor strike ordinary and harmless. If otherwise, contain and eradicate any other-worldly threats. Your cover is a federally funded scientific team sent to investigate. Rendezvous with other team members by 16:00 at the Timmins Emergency Services building. Uploading links now for additional information.

Possible extraterrestrial organism found and neutralized, sample sent to Hwangpo for analysis. 3 casualties
and significant damage to the town, Cover team dispatched. Kylee Grove recruited to Psi division - Xeno biology department.

A more detailed report is now on file and is available at request: Monster of the Week Play by VoIP - Burn them down


Location: St. John's, Newfoundland.
Contact: Officer Xue Lee.
Subject: Mysterious drowning deaths of fishermen.
Team Damien Devlin, Sara Saunders, Jed Lemaire, Gideon Kimberly, Desmond Bannister
Three fisherman have recently died in their sleep of saltwater drowning. Pattern matching algorithms predict a 0.00000043% chance that this could be due to natural causes. Investigate the possibility of witchcraft or other supernatural causes, identify the perpetrators, and mitigate them if possible.

Former crew of the fishing vessel Doris Maddux who had improbably survived a storm due to the aid/interference of a mermaid were being targeted by Deep Ones under over-interpreted terms of the Benthic Treaty (1641). Team was able to prevent additional soul-harvestings. Large scale conflict took place in St. John's Harbor at the foot of Cabot Tower with multiple Deep Ones and Mother Hydra. Several investigators were injured, but there was minimal incidental property damage. Cover team dispatched, performed short term memory wipe on two witnesses.

Due to the extremely sensitive nature of this assignment, and ongoing investigations into the legal standing of the Benthic Treaty, a full field report on this incident is being withheld until the date of REDACTED .


location: Leeds, England
Contact: Inspected Harris
Subject: Missing persons
Team Maxwell, Mary Lou, Van Der Meer, Claudia
normally missing people wouldn't be up our alley but
the boys in Psi have picked up some unusual readings in the
area, investigate and neutralize any supernatural threat.

Encountered re-animated body parts formed from missing persons. Tracked a hand (by tracking the signal of a iphone taped to it) back to the hospital morgue. Found Dr Harker was behind these monstrosities as part of a twisted attempt at immortality. One witness, a morgue assistant by the name of Derek Hove. Dr Harker and surviving samples have been taken back for containment. Two creatures incinerated with thermite. Agent Moulin requests a replacement phone and Agent Van Der Meer is to report to Dvorak over poor mission management.

A more detailed report is now on file and is available at request: S.T.A.M.P. Mission 004 - Talk to The Hand


location: Dyrøya, Norway
Contact: N/A
Subject: Potential Doomsday
Team: Bertie, Kilroy, Mary Lou, Summer, Linda
The guys in research just flagged a potential doomsday from the prophecies database. Looks like a standard dark god resurrection, class 3. Get in there and stop it before we need to resort to more drastic action.

It seemed we had some previously thought to be extinct sect worshiping in the town. Luckily our agents were able to learn of their plans to summon their dark god 'the golden one'. Next time we would have liked to take in the 'holy book' for PSI but our overzealous team burned down the defiled church, with the book inside. At least agent Meyers was able to learn the ancient language they were using which gave them enough information to lead them to the ritual site. The summoning was nicely halted before we needed to resort to anything drastic, though we did get some dangerously high thaumic readings for a moment. 5 Casualties (including the priest ringleader) and 20 cultist incarcerated. !0 remain at large. We are also treating 8 sacrificial victims that made it through the nigh because of the teams good work. Request sending agent Sands to personnel for cultural sensitivity training before we field him again.

A more detailed report is now on file and is available at request: STAMP Mission 005 - Strange prophesies in Dyrøya, Norway


location: Southampton, England
Contact: Dr Henderson
Subject: Mauled clubbers
Team: Sinan, Van Der Meer, Vofa, Meyers
A Doctor who owes STAMP his life when REDACTED during REDACTED, contacted us about a possible supernatural killer. Investigate and neutralize any supernatural threat.

On arrival in Southampton the team split up, Vofa and Meyers contacting the doctor, and Sinan and Van Der Meer investigating the most recent crime scene. After talking to the ghost of the first victim it became reasonable to assume they were dealing with something that at least looked human, and had picked up the victim at a nightclub. Magic at the crime scene confirmed this. Upon further investigation definite signs of a vampire attack were found and tracked to abandoned building. Meanwhile the nightclubs security feeds revealed at least 2 vampire hunting and so the building was staked out after agent confirmed they were inside. Attempts were made to seal the building but were not completed in time. Two vampires were killed attempting to leave. Meyer's vampiric knowledge led them to belief there may have been a master vampire and with some magical tracking led them into the city center. The team is commended for moving the vampire into a secluded spot before neutralizing.

Report being processed.

Note to command: We need a meeting about these initiates running around killing the homeless, possible reprimands. For once Van Der Meer actually had a legitimate problem report.


Location: Newark, New Jersey
Contact: Detective Jones
Subject: Recent coma patient devoured
Team Mary lou, Van Der Meer, Sinan, D.A.W.E, Harrison.
Jones called in the death of a coma victim under strange circumstances. It seems the first victim fell into a coma shortly after a emotional outburst late Saturday evening. When doctors checked in on there patient the next day all that was left was blood, bone fragments and lumps of bite marked flesh.

Agents managed to neutralise the mysterious figure and recover the 'key' it was carrying. The item is currently in magical containment till we can safely store it. REDACTED survived, and is currently being REDACTED before being returned, thankfully one witness is within the limits. MRI scan bills payed.


Location: Amazon rainforest, Brazil
Contact: -
Subject: artefact recovery
Team Kilroy, Vofa, Summer, D.A.W.E, Patrick.
Research picked up clues in a archeology digs latest data upload to the location of a powerful magical artefact. 'The Gauntlet' has shown up in a few of the darker ancient texts and if this is were it resides we need to get too it first. Secure and contain the gauntlet and whatever you do, do not put it on.

The gauntlet has been recovered and is being sent to magical containment for analysis.

D.A.W.E has been issued replacement legs(note: can someone install some evasion software in this guy?) a week leave for agents to recover. And a life Essenes donations for agent Vofa.

Note: was agent Shore working alone? How did she know of STAMP? REDACTED to REDACTED REDACTED REACTED urgent REDACTED to sub level 5.

A more detailed report is now on file and is available at request: S.T.A.M.P M-008


Location: Yorkshire, England
Contact: Team A
Subject: Seismic suprise
Team Adham Sinan, Albert Maxwell


A more detailed report is now on file and is available at request: S.T.A.M.P Mission: The tremors under the hill.


Location: Blackpool pleasure beach, England
Contact: -
Subject: Werewolf attack?
Team El Puma, Anna, Vofa and agent Patrick
We've been getting lunar energies readings over the last couple of months and finally have a location pinpointed, neutralize the threat before civilians are put in danger.

Excellent work team, It seems this mysterious enemy group is now upping their attacks on us. Using a captured werewolf to lead us into a trap, disgusting! Well the 3 combatants we have will finally get us some answers.

Werewolf is being contained till he turns back, we'll figure out what to do with him after debriefing.

Magical items taken in:
spectral handgun, small leather pouch of runes, a collection of magic rings(segmented claw rings)


Location: The Iceberg(STAMP HQ)
Contact: -
Subject: Attack on S.T.A.M.P
Team Huntington, Mihr, Jones, Cavanough and Dunlop
Power has just gone down and the Zoo has been compromised. We need to contain this fast, Director Abbas has a previous engagement that he would prefer not to miss.

Servers are being rebooted and a overhaul of security is needed. Mass replacement workers needed for the Zoo level. Unfortunately a large portion of the specimens from the Zoo escape needed to be put down to retake the lower levels. Magical containment security will be quadrupled. All stolen artifacts returned to containment.

Final casualties: 27 Zoo workers, 9 R&D techs, 15 security guards and one werewolf in temporary containment till after the full moon.

A more detailed report is now on file and is available at request: S.T.A.M.P. Mission 011 - Attack on S.T.A.M.P. part 1 and S.T.A.M.P. Mission 012 - Attack on S.T.A.M.P. part 2

Chain of Command

The Council (Identities unknown)

Abbas - Director of Operations Egyptian - in his mid 50's - 'I will not repeat myself!' - He does not break his cool ever.

Tereza Dvorak - Instructor and field liaison, monster tracking and takedown Czech - late 30's - Always alert/on mission -
You think you're tough? She's tougher! - she talks with a thick accent and is world weary but can kill a werewolf with a stapler.

Simon Hwangpo - Crypto/Xeno Biology American - early 30's - know it all - usually up to his elbows in demonic entrails.

Horace Hunt - Magicks Liaison and head librarian English - mid 20's - ex boy wizard - hard drinking and can barely go a sentence without a string of expletives - Respect his library if you don't want a carrot for a head.

Additional NPCs
Kylee Grove - Xeno biologist - mid 20's - Canadian (M-001)

Established world building

Map of the STAMP HQ:
STAMP HQ is nicknamed 'The Iceberg' because of the way most of it is underground within a mountain. It is located in the Himalayan mountain range. There is nothing on the lowest level so stop asking. Trainees are not allowed past level 12.

Agents with traumatic pasts have mandatory group therapy.

Response teams arrive by black helicopter, Sometimes large helicopters carry specialist equipment like field labs or vehicles.

Agents use a variety of cover identities when needed such as Interpol agents

Skilled individuals found on mission may be recruited to work for STAMP.

Agents are given a handful of local currency when on mission.

STAMPS enemy:
A enemy agent, named Shore, pretending to be a STAMP agent was met and died during a mission(M-008). Nothing is known of her, not if she was working alone or working as part of another secret organisation or even how she knew of STAMP. Her mission seemed to be getting to a magical weapon before STAMP could. Her corpse is in deep freeze after a extensive autopsy found no leads to her identity.

The team that tried to lure our agents into a trap were a 4 man team lead by a robed figure called D and wielding a selection of magical weaponry. D(later learned to be called Darius) arrived at HQ dead then resurrected later and managed to take down the building power, let loose the monsters from the Zoo and then raid the magical containment vault to try and kill STAMP command. Luckily a group of agents managed to stop him mere meters from getting the Abbas the director of STAMP.

The enemy organisation was named, C.A.B.A.L. Nothing else is known of them.

Magical containment now contains:
The nightmare key - a curved black key that unnerves all who touch it. currently contains a demon. See M-007 and M-011
The belt - a leather belt with that replaces lost limbs with living metal, while wearing the belt the limbs will always regrow and can shift form into blades and such. See M-012
The sky crown - a thin silver crown that grants the power of flight. See M-012
The gauntlet - a black metal gauntlet with gold trim detailing, when worn it gave super human speed and strength with that arm(deflect bullets, throw people) it could control creatures that were created to guard it. Wearing for any period of time will influence the wearer, megalomania and hallucinations. It may grant further powers. See M-008
Wand of the nine hells - wand that fires a thin stream of hellfire, can be used as a crude form of propulsion. See M-012
various rings and bracelets that can deflect bullets, grant telekinesis, create shadow weapons. See M-012
Contact lenses of strength - when worn create what looks like smoke flowing from the persons eyes. See M-012
Lots of other unnamed items are also in storage.

R&D contains:
2 reanimated hands M-004
A sample of a seemingly dead extraterrestrial organism. See M-002 send to disposal
Ashes of a master vampire. See M-006

The Zoo contains:
Large rabid werewolf,
Swamp man (see creature of the black lagoon)
fluke worm man


Hunter Database

For full character sheets, and to add your own, head over to the Hunters Geek list: S.T.A.M.P Hunter Database

Agents are asked to add their character sheet by clicking add item from the top of the Geeklist. It
is also a good place to keep track of histories you have with other characters.

User name
Mission count
Prefered time(UTC)
Al P
Sør Trondelag
flag msg tools

Cyril 'Sid' Butcher
Weekends UTC+1
Monstrous (plant elemental), tall, quiet, not a fan of hedge trimmers.
Hardcase - ex old school British punk brawler/adrenalin junkie.
flag msg tools
"Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering." ― Steve Maraboli
नमस्ते (Namaste) – I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one.

Mary Lou Moulin
Isadora Channing
Sarah Jones
Weekends UTC+2
Monstorous - Werewolf
The Protégé
Jan Van Zon
flag msg tools

Agent Patrick Van Der Meer
Week nights UTC+1
T'Leynti / Leonie
flag msg tools
Live long and prosper
You proceed from a false assumption. I am a Vulcan. I have no ego to bruise.

Summer Davis,
Kary Cavanough
(((100% real name)))
flag msg tools

Bertram "Bertie" Holes
Sun-Fri nights,
Sat day/night UTC+2
flag msg tools

Linda Meyers
Toni Miinalainen
flag msg tools

Maxwell "Max" Huntington
United Kingdom
flag msg tools

Kilroy Sands
Blue Tyson
flag msg tools

Claudia Cardinale
Not in the middle of the night Expert Basic Moves - Use Magic

Expert Moves - Preparedness, I've Read About This Sort of Thing
Haven - Lore Library, Mystical Library, Magical Laboratory

Gear - Magical dagger, Juju bag, Shotgun

Luck - 0 Harm - 0 Unstable - 0 Experience - 0

Baden Wurtemburg
flag msg tools

Bradley Harrison
Former NSA agency, leaving the Agency on unknown terms.
The Professional
Sören Kohlmeyer
Halle (Westfalen)
flag msg tools
2007 - 2013
You'll always stay the cat on my shoulder!

Adham Sinan
Tue/Thu night
Sat/Sun all day
Bo P
flag msg tools

monstorous - ghost of a STAMP agent
andy murphy
United Kingdom
flag msg tools

Rufus Wilson
Weekends UTC (some weeknights UTC 1900 onwards)
Sam H
flag msg tools
Every weirdo in the world is on my wavelength
We carry a new world here, in our hearts.

Albert Maxwell
Variable. UTC-5
Action Scientist
United States
Lake Worth
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Sean Patrick

Matias Dahlbäck
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I release my anger through writing.


Lowell Francis
United States
South Bend
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explanation does not equal excuse

El Puma Sangre

The Minister of Sinister
United States
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Just happy to be here.

Sebastian Dunlop

Andrea G
United States
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Panda Empress, First of Her Name

Anna Mihr
3 + PbF


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