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Name Naram-nim
Class Seer
Player Adverb
Appearance Crooked guise with crazy eyes
Background Herder
(Scholarly knowledge: Accountant, Bricklayer or Canal Builder

Max Current
10 10

Bone salt is a crystalline dust of unknown origin used in sorceries or to bring glorious or horrible memories of lives past. When a character consumes bone salt, roll on the chart below. Seers and sorcerers need not roll; rogues roll twice and choose. Effects last 1 day unless otherwise stated.

Spirit Combustion: Taking damage while carrying bone salt carries the risk of a spontaneous spirit combustion. Should you become incapacitated due to damage, you must immediately roll a ten-sided die. If the result is lower than or equal to the amount of bone salt you carry, it will disappear in a hissing ghost flame. If you carry 10 or more doses, the spirits released will seize control of your lifeless body on the roll of a 10, pursuing their own strange ends until you have successfully recovered.

Rank Next rank

Ability Rating Score
Guile 2 7
Lore 2 8
Senses 2 6
Craft 2 7
Vigor 1 3
Might 1 5

Weapons Dmg Reach Wt. Other
Crooked meteorite dagger d6 0 1 Can roll extra d6 for damage. If roll is 1, dagger shatters

Armor def (reduce) armor (negate) Wt. Other
Thick raw-hide cap 2 2

Equipment Wt.
Ragged garments 0
Obsidian mirror 1
Clay tablet 1
Rations for three days 3
Jug of water 1
Dried herbs 0
Reed stylus 0
1 Doses bone salt 0
Turquoise bird in wooden cage 1

Max Current
10 10

Skills Abilty Effect
Manipulation Guile Each 5+ grants you an influence over someone: spend it to have her reroll a die when acting against your wish.
Disguise/Conceal Guile Each 5+ grants you an influence: spend it to have someone reroll a die when searching for that which you have concealed.
Expert Knowledge Lore Each 5+ lets you remember or deduce something that others are unaware of: ask the referee a question relevant to your knowledge.
Advise Lore Each 5+ lets you grant someone a reroll on the condition that sheheeds your advice.
Search Senses Each 5+ lets you find something hidden or easily missed: ask the referee any one question about the object of your search.
Assess Senses Each 5+ lets you see through someone: ask the referee (or player) anything. If you act on this information, you gain a reroll.
Make Craft Say what you seek to create. The referee sets delimitations: quality, time, material or similar. Each 5+ lets you double or halve any one of them.
Treat Wounds Craft Each 5+ lets you grant your patient a recovery die if resting: 1d6 for short rests, 1d10 for extended.
Hurl/shoot Vigor On a 5+ you hit your mark if in reach: target may check Senses to catch or evade. Each additional 5+ adjusts reach by +1 and saves by +/-1.
Hast/Traverse Vigor Each 5+ lets you either: traverse a zone without misfortunes, get hold of something in the current zone, or bring someone with you.
Use Force Might State your demand: your target must accept or suffer damage.Each 5+ equals 1 die damage as per weapon.
Guard/Defend Might Each 5+ grants an influence: spend it to reroll damage taken or make yourself the target of an action intended for someone else in your zone.
Class Skills Ability Effect
Scholarly Knowledge Your area of expertise is broader than mosts. Roll twice on the background chart and note the extra results—in these matters you have great scholarly knowledge but little practical experience.
Immunity If you consume bone salt, you need not roll for random effects unless you choose to.
Ceremonial casting by prolonging the casting time, your sorceries can be made to last longer or target greater areas as detailed in each entry. However, your influence over the spirits increases with your class rank. On rank two, the effect is doubled in duration or scope, on rank three it is tripled an so on. This means that for a rank-three Seer, a sorcery that took a minute to cast may last three minutes before dissolving.
Bone Sorcerer By mixing bone salt with blood—from you or another creature—you can cast terrible sorceries (see below). Expending an additional dose of bone salt allows you to reroll all dice of your sorcery test.
Precognition Senses You can scrye into things yet to come. When reading the future in the skies or in blood, expend 1 bone salt and test Senses. On a 5+, you gain a vision equal in length to your preparations. Once during this period, you may nullify everything that happens during a single round by declaring that you foresaw it. During the next round, none of your allies may attempt to recreate the nullified actions. For each additional 5+, you may nullify another round of actions within that period of time.

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