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Newt Whitsun


Newt Whitsun
A Foolish Jack who Explores Deep Waters
Level 1 Effort 1
XP 0 Cypher limit 2
Stat Current Pool Max Pool Edge
Might 6 12 0
Speed 12 12 1
Intellect 4 8 0

Minor effect suggestion
You can take an extra action. You may use this action only to move or perform a movement-related activity
Major effect suggestion
The difficulty of any Speed defense actions you make before the end of the next round is reduced by one step
GM Intrusion
Spending a lot of time underwater might make the character more susceptible to dehydration and exhaustion when exploring arid environments

Pickpocketing Decreases the difficulty of pickpocketing tasks by one step
Sabotage You are trained in lockpicking, the numenera, and any task that involves sabotaging an object
Flex skill At the start of the day you can pick one extra skill to be trained in
Swimmer While underwater, you are trained in escaping, perception, sneaking, and swimming tasks, as well as in tasks to identify aquatic creatures and geography
Trick of the Trade
Practiced in armor The might and speed penalty for wearing armour is 2 points less
Other abilities
Carefree You succeed more on luck than anything. Every time you roll for a task, roll twice and take the higher result
Weapon practice You are practiced in light and medium weapons
Diver You can safely dive into water from heights of up to 100 feet (30 m), and you can withstand pressure when in water as deep as 100 feet (30 m)
Hold Breath You can hold your breath for up to five minutes
Intellect Weakness Any time you spend points from your Intellect Pool, it costs you 1 more point than usual
Intellect Defense The difficulty of any Intellect defense task is increased by one step
Awarness The difficulty of any task that involves seeing through a deception, an illusion, or a trap is increased by one step
Weapons and armour
Knife 2 points of damage. Attack rolls are one level easier. Can be thrown up to short range
Spear 4 points of damage. Can be thrown up to long range
Leather Jerkin (Light Armor) 1 Point of Armor. Costs one point of might per hour two wear, and reduces the Speed pool by 2
Visual Displacment Device (level 5) Projects holographic images of the wearer to confuse attackers. The images appear around the wearer. This gives the wearer an asset to Speed defense actions for ten minutes
Mono-Blade (level 7) Produces a 6-inch (15 cm) blade that's the same level as the cypher. The blade cuts through any material of a level lower than its own. If used as a weapon, it is a light weapon that ignores Armor of a level lower than its own. The blade lasts for ten minutes.

Cash 8 Shins
An oddity Small wandlike device that keeps away normal insects in a 5-foot (1.5 m) radius
Bag of Light tools Small tongs, pliers, screwdriver, hammer, pry bar, lockpicks, string, wire, screws and nails
Explorer's Pack 15 m rope, three days of rations, three spikes, hammer, warm clothes, sturdy boots, three torches and two minor glowglobes
An oddity when fitted in your mouth, allows you to breathe underwater. The device functions for up to four hours at a time, after which you must wait four hours before you can use it again


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