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Player Stephanie
Concept I hold dominion over dreams and feed on the dreams of others. Other's minds are easily manipulated; the mind is a fascinating thing.
Cause (+1d) I must learn what makes others tick and the mysteries of the world.
Destiny Many seek out Nyx for her skill with dreamweaving.

Backstories (higher Impact)
Change is good; stagnation is boring.
I've been in this world so long, the Orgin seems like only a dream.
Oaths are binding and mustn't be entered lightly.

Connections (+1d)
Character Relationship
Lethe I am trying to help him find his lost memories through his dreams.
Gregorius I create custom dreams for Gregorius so that he is able to sleep and escape his nightmares. I admire his strength.

Passive With proper meditation and concentration, you can enter into the dreams of another sleeping creature. The creature must either be completely helpless (such as safe and soundly sleeping) or willing. You can travel and observe their dreams as a non-influential witness. While doing this, you are helpless, unconscious, and can’t defend yourself from attack or Injury in the physical realm.
Active As part of a Task, you can enter into the dreams of those unwilling; you can guide your field of view and control more of what you see; you can implant very subtle machinations and ideas within the target’s dreamstate.
Double roll As Active, except the nature of your control is greatly improved -- allowing you to dramatically influence the target’s sleep and emotions upon awakening.
Triple roll As Doubles, but the duration of these effects is doubled after awakening.
Effect You weave or etch a series of magical patterns (Glyphs) into a physical item -- clothing, armor, weapons, tools, etc. Any Covened that uses this item gains the Aberration so marked by the glyphs selected during its casting.

Any Aberration may be selected, but once the item is created, it can never be changed. Multiple loomglyphs can not be placed upon the same weapon, as they are now part of each other and can’t be further altered.

Time 100 hours to cast; but may stop and start as necessary. The effects persist until the item is destroyed (no easy task, as most mortal techniques will not damage it).
Components The item or its materials to be crafted, and a space and tools to create it (a sword needs a forge, a cloak needs needle and thread).

Several intact body parts from a Covened (living or freshly slain): a piece of bone, an entire eye, an entire lung, a bladderful of blood, and a fistful of bile. This does, in effect, require the Covened (not necessarily the caster), to sacrifice their life or physical health for the creation of the loomglyph.

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