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Oliver Haddon


Oliver Haddon
A Strange Paradox who Conducts Weird Science
Crash A Strange Paradox who Conducts Weird Science
Heinlein World A Strange Paradox who Controls Nanomachines
Level 1 Effort 1
XP 0 Cypher limit 3
Stat Current Pool Max Pool Edge
Might 3 10 0
Speed 9 9 0
Intellect 12 18 1

Minor effect suggestion
You learn one additional piece of information in your analysis.
Major effect suggestion
Foes within sight are dazed for one round upon seeing your strange creation or its results. During this time, the difficulty of all tasks they perform is modified by one step to their detriment.
GM Intrusion
Creations get out of control. Side effects cannot always be predicted. Weird science terrifies people and can draw the media. When a device created or modified by weird science is depleted, it detonates.

the Strange Decreases the difficulty of knowledge of the Strange related tasks by one step
Fractal surfing –1 buffer against positive factors of alienation for being exposed to the Strange
Sense something strange You can sense whether creatures of an alternative recursion, creatures of the Strange, Strange cyphers, or other related phenomena are active in situations where their presence is not obvious. You must study an object or location closely for a minute to get a feel for the situation.
Quantum Biology EARTH/CRASH Decreases the difficulty of Quantum Biology tasks by one step
Cryptology Decreases the difficulty of Cryptology tasks by one step
Strange Lore Decreases the difficulty of Strange lore and knowledge tasks by one step
Strange Because you often seem as strange to others as they do to you, people have a harder time interacting with you, sometimes to the point where they can’t recall your name. The difficulty of any task involving charm, persuasion, etiquette, or deception is increased by one step.
Lab Analysis (3 Intellect points) EARTH/CRASH You analyze the scene of a crime, the site of a mysterious incident, or a series unexplained phenomena, and you maybe learn a surprising amount of information about the perpetrators, the participants, or force(s) responsible. To do so, you must collect samples from the scene. Samples are paint or wood scrapings, dirt, photographs of the area, hair, an entire corpse, and so on. With samples in hand, you can discover up to three pertinent pieces of information about the scene, possibly clearing up a lesser mystery, and pointing the way to solving a greater one. The GM will decide what you learn and what the level of difficulty might be to learn it. (For comparison, discovering that a victim was killed not by a fall, as seems immediately obvious, but rather by electrocution, is a difficulty 3 task for you.) The difficulty of the task is modified by one step in your favor if you take the time to transport the samples to a permanent lab (if you have access to one), as opposed to conducting the analysis with your field science kit. Action to initiate, 2d20 minutes to complete.
Nano Infusion (1+ Intellect point) Heinlein World You infect a location (and everything within it) with thousands of microscopic, invisible nanomachines with a wave of your hand. The area infected is equal in size to a 10-foot (3 m) cube and includes all objects or creatures within that area. The area must be within short range. You can use this ability more than once between ten-hour recovery rolls; however, each time you do, you must spend 1 additional point of Intellect (for instance, if you infect three areas with nanomachines, it would cost you 1, then 2, then finally 3 Intellect points). Each creature within the area can attempt to resist your attack if it chooses, even if it doesn’t realize what you’re up to (assume creatures that are not allies always resist). Once a creature, location, or object is infected, you thereafter always know the direction and distance to it. Furthermore, you can burn all the infecting nanomachines out of one target within short range as an action, which deals the target 3 points of damage that ignore Armor. Action.
Exception (1 Intellect points) You pick one creature within long range. The target is jolted by a confluence of fundamental forces for 4 points of damage.

If the target you select is not native to the recursion where you attack it, its senses are overwhelmed. On a successful attack, in addition to taking 4 points of damage, it cannot act on its next turn. Once exposed to this revision, a non-native creature normally can’t be affected by the sense-overwhelming portion of this attack again for several hours. Action.

Premonition (2 Intellect) You learn one random fact from a person or location that is pertinent to a topic you designate. Alternatively, you can choose to learn a creature's level; however, if you do so, you cannot learn anything else about it later with this revision.
Remembering (level 4) Allows the wearer to mentally record everything she sees for thirty seconds and store the recording permanently in her long-term memory. Useful for watching someone pick a specific lock, enter a complex code, or do something else that happens quickly.
Uninterruptable power source Once activated, the device provides power appropriate to some other device for up to a day. The device to be powered can be as simple as a light source or as complex as a small starcraft, assuming the cypher’s level is equal to the item’s power requirements. A desk lamp is the equivalent of a level 1 power requirement, a car engine is a level 5 power requirement, and a starship is a level 10 power requirement.
Cash 2000
Street clothes
'Science field kit
Light tools
Pen knife
Smart phone

Oliver became aware of the Strange through a series of scientific experiments. Though this cast a questionable light on his studies, which ultimately resulted in his being politely removed from his position at a prominent university, he continued his research privately, eventually learning how to gain access to the Strange.

Oliver joined up with the Estate in order to further facilitate his study of the Strange. If they're footing the bill, he's in!

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