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Name Otho
Class Mercenary
Player Cagey McCageface
Appearance Strong guise with burning eyes
Background Beggar

Max Current
16 16

Rank Next rank

Ability Rating Score
Guile 1 4
Lore 2 7
Senses 1 5
Craft 1 5
Vigor 1 5
Might 3 9

Weapons Dmg Reach Wt. Other
Tall bronze axe D10+1 4 2-handed

Armor def (reduce) armor (negate) Wt. Other
partial bronze scale 5 5

Equipment Wt.
sturdy clothes 0
Bronze token (choose who gave it to you)* 0
Six day’s worth of dried meat 3W
Water-skin (3 uses) 3
Snail grease 0
Grindstone 0
Fire glass 0

Max Current
16 16

General Skills Ability Effect
Manipulation Guile Each 5+ grants you an influence over someone: spend it to have her reroll a die when acting against your wish.
Disguise/Conceal Guile Each 5+ grants you an influence: spend it to have someone reroll a die when searching for that which you have concealed.
Expert Knowledge Lore Each 5+ lets you remember or deduce something that others are unaware of: ask the referee a question relevant to your knowledge.
Advise Lore Each 5+ lets you grant someone a reroll on the condition that sheheeds your advice.
Search Senses Each 5+ lets you find something hidden or easily missed: ask the referee any one question about the object of your search.
Assess Senses Each 5+ lets you see through someone: ask the referee (or player) anything. If you act on this information, you gain a reroll.
Make Craft Say what you seek to create. The referee sets delimitations: quality, time, material or similar. Each 5+ lets you double or halve any one of them.
Treat Wounds Craft Each 5+ lets you grant your patient a recovery die if resting: 1d6 for short rests, 1d10 for extended.
Hurl/shoot Vigor On a 5+ you hit your mark if in reach: target may check Senses to catch or evade. Each additional 5+ adjusts reach by +1 and saves by +/-1.
Hast/Traverse Vigor Each 5+ lets you either: traverse a zone without misfortunes, get hold of something in the current zone, or bring someone with you.
Use Force Might State your demand: your target must accept or suffer damage.Each 5+ equals 1 die damage as per weapon.
Guard/Defend Might Each 5+ grants an influence: spend it to reroll damage taken or make yourself the target of an action intended for someone else in your zone.
Class Skills Ability Effect
Hardened You may add your class rank to your maximum endurance. For a starting character, this extra point of endurace is already included.
Tackle Vigor you can tackle, throw or thrust-kick someone out of the zone you are currently in. Test Vigor: on a 5+ your target must make a saving throw against Might or be moved into an adjacent zone of your choice. Each additional 5+ increases the distance you tackle, throw or kick her by 1 zone and adjusts her save by -1.
Weapon training You get a +1 damage bonus when fighting with a weapon of your choice: small, basic, large, legendary, unarmed, bows or thrown. The bonus is added to any one damage die, making you more likely to score a critical hit. If your attack deals more than one die damage, the bonus applies only once.
Cleave Whenever your character cuts down a foe in close combat, you may make a second attack (with Use Force or similar skill) provided that there is another opponent within reach.
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