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Owlglass Wiki

This is a wiki for Newbie PbF - The Owlglass (2014).

Non-Player Characters

Vegar Morten Nygaard - Captain of the SS Edmonton

  • Nygaard is of average height and build, if a little heavy around the midsection. He has thin, greying, blonde hair and a thick blonde and white beard. His nose is small and bent, having been broken during his Navy boxing days. His eyes are a deep blue and surprisingly bright, despite being deeply set beneath a heavy brow. Nygaard normally exudes authority and calm, qualities appreciated by his officers and crew. He is always finely dressed in a Navy-inspired suit and jacket, complete with polished leather shoes. Nygaard was killed by his own sword in his room by an unknown entity.

Oscar Candace - Second Mate/Physician

  • Killed once by a mass of tentacles attached to the cook cadet, Johnson. Killed again by the investigators after he had been brought back to life as a zombie creature by the influence of the Owlglass.

Milton French - Chief Engineer

  • Currently dead or unconscious and being surrounded by zombie creatures that are performing some type of ritual.

Jason Walden - Chief Steward

  • Walden has gone insane and locked himself in his room after witnessing a zombie creature. The investigators have convinced him to join them in killing the creatures and destroying the Owlglass.

Charles Foss Hutton - Archaeologist

  • Hutton is a tall, slender man with thick grey hair and a rather majestic, if overly dramatic, grey moustache. He has a large, regal nose set between two small hazel eyes. His small mouth is thin lipped and creased. Though only in his mid-fifties, Hutton appears at least a decade older, with deep-set wrinkles and lines crisscrossing his narrow face. He is plainly dressed in a white shirt and tan trousers with no ornamentation. When the investigators encounter him, Hutton is clearly agitated, opening and closing his mouth, eyes darting left to right, and fidgeting with his sweaty hands. Hutton went completely insane and threw himself overboard.


Primary Objective

Travel to New York safely

Tertiary Objective

Find out why the ship has stopped
Find out who has killed the captain and why
Stop the ritual being performed in the Aft Cargo Bay
Destroy the Owlglass
Escape the Edmonton

The Story Thus Far

Part 1

We join our investigators aboard the USS Edmonton midway through a 5-day transatlantic crossing from Southampton to New York City. Early on their journey, they come to know many of the crew members (see below). At 5:40 PM on the second day of the trip, the bellowing voice of the archaeologist Charles Hutton has a heated argument with the ships captain over an accident aboard. Apparently, a crewmember accidentally broke open Mr. Hutton's crate containing a mysterious stone he calls The Owlglass. Some of the investigators go to find out more from the captain, and others go to try and calm the archaeologist. After a brief visit to see the damage, the investigators become intrigued by The Owlglass.

Part 2

The investigators return to the cabins and enjoy a little peace and quiet until dinner at 7:30 PM. Talk revolves around the accident, until the captain puts an end to that discussion. Suddenly a bright blast of light erupts over the ship. All aboard rush outside to see a meteor light up the night sky.

Part 3

Just after nodding off the investigators are awoken by commotion above their rooms. There is a fire on deck. The cook cadet has started a fire in all of the lifeboats. Radio operator, Heron, is missing. Nothing can be done and the investigators again retire to their rooms.

Part 4

The investigators are again awoken at 3:00 AM by the ship coming to a sudden and jarring stop. James investigates the bridge to find out there is no power making it to the control console. All of the investigators move below ship to investigate the power outage. Kate comes upon the murdered body of Captain Nygaard in his cabin. He has been fatally stabbed by a Royal Navy Officer's Sword. The radio has been smashed beyond working order. In the infirmary, the cook cadet and ship's physician are dead. The cook cadet's leg has transformed into a writhing mass of tentacles and the tentacles have latched onto the dead physician's body. Hutton has left a very strange diary in his room. Walden has gone insane and locked himself up in his quarters. Hutton comes running and screaming, then throws himself overboard.

The remainder of the crew has been transformed into disgusting zombie creatures with masses of tentacles crowing from their body. The corruption of the Owlglass is transforming the shipmates into willing servants. The investigators begin to feel the terrible effects of the Owlglass and it's influence. The investigators make a surprise attack on the cultist zombie creatures killing three of them (Bailey, Mickey, and Ivy), but not before James has his arm wrenched off by Ivy. James is carried up stairs where the investigators are attacked again, this time by Johnson and Candace. The investigators quickly dispatch these two, as well as a lump of tentacles that removed itself from Candace. James is taken upstairs and locked in a room to keep him safe. Walden is convinced to help dispatch the rest of the creatures on board. The investigators make their way back to the Aft Cargo Bay to finish the job they started.

Hutton's Journal
Hutton references Nyarlathotep, Kyyitix (a Thousand-Eyed Oracle), Azathoth. Towards the end of his writing, it seems that he is writing as the being Kyyitix. He writes of being the Oracle of Azathoth, of Azathoth plucking his eyes and scattering them across time and space, of how he can still see with those eyes even though they have been flung far from him, and of a comet crossing the sky above one of his eyes allowing him to possibly pinpoint the location of one of his eyes.

Successful Tests

James - Listen, Persuade, Photography, Spot Hidden, Navigate
Kate - Listen, Medicine, Spot Hidden, First Aid, Psychology
Abraham - Archaeology, Spot Hidden, Sneak, Listen
Theodore - Listen, Physics, Spot Hidden, Persuade

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