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"L'├ętat, c'est moi."
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Caution: May contain wargame like substance

Please use the template below to list the basics of your character.

Name: PC name
PS: 10
MD: 10
AG: 10
MA: 10
PB: 10
EN: 10
FT: 10
WP: 10
PC: 10

College: (if applicable)
Profession (if applicable)

Skills: Skill/Rank (and any annotations you want to make. e.g. Dagger/0 35% to hit, class A)

Equipment List: Any way you want to format your gear list is fine by me

Money: Money in DQ mostly revolves around silver pennies (SP)

Background/notes Personalize your character a little.


Name: Lucien (of) Eastbourne
PS: 13
MD: 16
AG: 13 (12)
MA: 18
PB: 16
EN: 20
FT: 22
WP: 16
PC: 8

College: Illusions
Profession: Troubador

- Mimic Speech/0 (cost 100 EXP)
- Bardic Voice/0 (up to 2 beings)
- +1 mod to Illusion spells

- Quarterstaff/0; Base Chance 55, IV 20, SC 71, DM +2, CL C, RG P, USE M

- Horsemanship - Rank 14
- Stealth - Rank 0, 39%
- Language - Common (spoken, read, write) Rank 8

T-1 Witchsight/1, 14%
T-2 Project Image/1, RG 30, 9 seconds to manifest
G-1 Flash of Light/0, 21%, RG 15, DU Immediate
G-2 Visual Illusion/0, 31%, RG 15, DU 10
G-3 Audio Illusion/0, 31%, RG 15, DU 10
G-4 Olfactory Illusion/0, 31%, RG 15, DU 10
G-5 Tactile Illusion/0, 11%, RG 15, DU 10

Equipment List:
Armor - Leather, Protection 4, AG Mod -1
Leather Backpack, Blanket, Oil Lantern, Oil, 2 Days of Rations, 1/2" Mountain Rope, Quarterstaff, Tunic, Longpants, Hat, Money Belt, High Boots, Gloves, Long Coat
Total cost 60sp
Weight 33
AG Mod -3 in combat (if bearing the backpack and contents)

Money: 265sp

The handsome and charismatic Lucien hails from Eastbourne region, the son of one of the territory's most sucessful bankers. He is an unusual sort of bastard, in that his birthmother left him on his father's doorstep with a note: "My life is in danger, I must flee. Raise him as your son, for he is." Lucien's distinctive gray eyes left no doubt that he was his father's son, but no clue was left as to who the mother was.

He was barely accepted by his father's wife and his half-siblings, but his father ensured Lucien was cared for and well-educated. He showed some talent for entertainment and imitation, and his mother's heritage seemed to have gifted him was some actual powers of illusion. Although the son of a banker, Lucien's path was clear.

Following his initial training as an adept, Lucien decided to leave Eastbourne with a small endowment and a handful of clues about the fate and direction of his mother. As he searches the land for her, he will continue his studies and seek new adventures and audiences as he builds his skills as an entertainer/illusionist. He is overly confident and somewhat brash, and a bit too concerned with his clothing and appearance. He prefers to use minor magic tricks or fast talk to avoid direct conflict, but when cornered he is a somewhat formidable beginner with a quarterstaff that he carries like a walking stick.


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