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Your Dungeon Master for this short adventure is:

United Kingdom
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For the love of all that is holy, will someone just ask her about the book?

Character Sheet
andrew pollak
United States
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STR: 12
INT: 7
WIS: 17
CON: 9
DEX: 9
CHA: 13

Patron Deity:
Languages known: Common, alignment

Hit Points (max): 6
Hit Points (current): 6

Spells memorized: Choose three 1st level, may duplicate

Armour worn: Banded Mail
AC: 3
Weapon proficiencies: Mace, club
Weapon in hand: Mace

Equipment List:
Footman's mace
Low, hard boots
Large Shield
Banded mail
Small Helmet
Hooded Lantern
Iron Holy Symbol
Iron Rations 7 days
Rope 50'
2 torches
3 vials of oil

Money: 2gp, 4sp

All Bledsoe ever wanted to do was have a good time. But at 17, when he burned down his family's hut for a second time after another drunken binge, his father told him: "IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO JOIN THE CLERICS, SIRRAH." And off Bledsoe went to Valfather Village, the local monastery, wondering who the heck "sirrah" was. There at the Village he learned and worked as a lay brother for some years. Even there, Bledsoe could not stay away from the ale (Valfather Village as you know grows fantastic hops) and every now and anon, the father superior would find him curled up in a corner with a half empty ale keg. Now, Valfather Village has a large number of lay clerics living and working in its environs, but last month Bledsoe got the sad news: the Father Superior told him the hop harvest was only half, and the Village had to tighten its belt, as it were. To wit, Bledsoe had to hit the road on his own with some basic gear, a few prayerbooks and all the ale he could carry.

Thus Bledsoe shambles into this adventure. . .

Kat Tastrophy
United States
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1st Level Halfling Thief

STR: 09 (11)
INT: 14
WIS: 8
CON: 11
DEX: 15
CHA: 10

Alignment: Neutral Good
Languages known: Common, alignment, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Orc, Thieves' Cant

Hit Points (max): 5
Hit Points (current): 5

Racial abilities :+3 saving throw vs magic and poison; Infravision 30'; detect up or down grade of passage and direction; higher chance of surprise if on own.

Armour worn: Leather
AC: 7
Weapon proficiencies: Sling, dagger
Weapon in hand: Dagger

Thief Skills

  • Pick Pockets: 35%
  • Open Locks: 30%
  • Find/Remove Traps: 25%
  • Move Silently: 25%
  • Hide in Shadows: 25%
  • Hear Noise: 15%
  • Climb Walls: 70%

Equipment List:
Small Pouch
Leather Armour
Sling bullets, 10 (in pouch)
Thieves' Picks & Tools
Skin for water
Tinderbox with flint & steel
1 Week of Iron Rations
Large Sack
Flask of Oil
10 ft Rope (purloined in pit)

Money: 3gp, 11sp, 4cp

Gender - male
HT/WT - 4 ft 2 in
Characteristics - Long black hair, hazel eyes, and slender / light-boned physique.

Vishar, from a very young age, learned to sneak around the other homes and take the toys, babbles, and sparklies that caught his eye. As his matured Vishar found the pickings of his village to be too meager and the watchful eye of local authorities too diligent. Though his father wanted him to continue in the family brewing trade, of which Vishar frequently partook of, the thrill and enticement of wealth to be taken always kept Vishar’s eyes on the road out of the village. One adventurous night Vishar proceeded to snatch all the coin pouches of the tradesmen in town and hang them from the tall Fir in the village center - tied to limbs with purple ribbons. At that point his father realized Vishar would be make his way in life ‘outside’ the village using his astute burglary skills on other untoward races.

As Vishar traveled to various locations, mingling with other races, but he saw how other halflings were unjustly treated and tried to right-the-wrong through thievery. Some of his efforts backfired, causing reciprocating harm to his fellow halfling, so Vishar vowed to be the best thief he could - to leave no clue, to never be heard, to never be seen. He realized the only true way to test his abilities is to venture forth with various parties into unknown locations.

Vishar is a Tallfellow Halfling who is a devout follower of Brandobaris, the god of adventure. He prefers the company of dwarves, clerics and humans although he will join others in expeditions should the chance for treasure be a factor. Vishar enjoys a good drink, the comforts of a tavern, and listens carefully without much interaction to glean opportunities spoken aloud. Vishar is a loyal adventurer when others in his party let him best exploit his strengths, which usually does not entail fighting. If placed in a dire situation Vishar will do his best to survive, with riches, and help his fellows the only way he can - silently with a quick backstab.

Matthew Richards
United Kingdom
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Mike Walker
United States
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let's keep the Geek a happy place!!

Name: Michaels
1st Level Human Fighter

STR: 16 (+1 to hit, +1 damage)
INT: 9
WIS: 11
CON: 15
DEX: 9
CHA: 10

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Languages known: Common, alignment

Hit Points (max): 10
Hit Points (current): 7

Armour worn:
AC: 9
Weapon proficiencies: Broad sword, club, light crossbow, dagger
Weapon in hand: Fynn's short bow

Equipment List
High, hard boots
Fynn's short bow, quiver, 20 arrows

Money: 6gp, 14sp

If you can't beat them, join them. This became Michaels' philosophy as he lived at home watching his mother slipping into debt. Like clockwork every week there would be a knock at the door and strangers shouting and threatening until payment was made, or taken.

Michaels was helpless back then, always told to keep away from the men and keep out of sight, but as the months turned into years of this treatment he knew he couldn't let it go on and must act to protect his mother.
One night, now older and prepared, he locked her in a bedroom before the men were due to arrive. He blocked out her cries as he turned at the sound of the banging on the front door and headed to answer it.
The men stood, confused at first, giving Michaels the split second he needed to gain the upper hand on them.

He stood there panting for breath, blood covering his hands, the men laying at his feet. He suddenly realised that he hadn't thought much past this point of what to do next and hurridly began trying to clean up the evidence.
A few hours later there was another bang at the door and Michaels steeled himself for another encounter. Surely this was the men's employer come to seek him out and gut him for his actions. Michaels hadn't the strength left for another fight and couldn't flee and leave his mother.
Slowly he opened the door and sure enough the man behind introduced himself as the boss of this particular group of loansharks.
Michaels told him what had happened, there was no point in lying, but wasn't expecting the man to suddenly burst out a belly laugh.
"Saved me their wages", he chuckled. "Besides, what good were they if someone like you can take them out this handily?".
The man proposed a job for Michaels. If he didn't like the way things were being done currently he could do them himself and as long as he got the job done the boss wasn't bothered, he'd only be paying one man's wages instead of two.

And so it went that Michaels entered the business but unlike others that used intimidation and abuse to get what they want he always conducted his tasks fair and evenhanded, unless situations dictated otherwise. He didn't discriminate in his work, from the wealthiest to the poorest you had to pay and if you couldn't then you'd be reported to the local authorities, rather than set upon in your own home.

It was his good work and reputation that lead to his current job of Tax Collector, a supposedly more legitimate line of work but he finds it still carries the same burdens he was used to dealing with before.

Andrew Bone
United Kingdom
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Name: Fynn
1st Level Elf Fighter

STR: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 9
CON: 13
DEX: 12
CHA: 13

Alignment: Neutral Good
Languages known: Common, alignment, Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orc, Gnoll

Hit Points (max): 8
Hit Points (current): 1

Racial abilities: 90% resistance to sleep and charm spells; +1 to attack rolls when using bows (other than crossbows), long swords, or short swords; Infravision 60'; enhanced ability to detect secret or hidden doors; can move silently and more likely to surprise if not in armour.

Armour worn: Chain mail
AC: 5
Weapon proficiencies: Short bow, long sword, staff, spear
Weapon in hand: Long sword

Equipment List
High Hard Boots
Large belt pouch
2 Small Sacks

Standard rations, 7 days
Chain mail
Small shield
Long sword with scabbard

Money: 5gp, 6sp, 10cp (less 2sp)

In his local town he was known as “Fynn the Despondent”. He didn’t want to learn and study in the local magician’s guild where his father was an Enchanter. He didn’t want to spend hours and hours attempting to conjure and evoke inconsequential things. Yes, Magic fascinated him but the tedium of looking over dusty old books and scribing scrolls was just too much. Instead of foraging in the woods to find ingredients for potions he would be practicing sword and bow skills on the great Oaks.

Eventually his father could see that the arcane was not his forte and agreed that Fynn could leave the guild and seek out his destiny. Armed with Longbow and Sword and a few simple scrolls bequeathed by his father Fynn headed out with a joyous heart. It was only three days later when he realised that the band of adventures he’d fallen in with where all pickpockets and thieves. He had managed to kill one before they ran off with most of his possessions but he had managed to hold onto his armour and weapons.

Arriving at the nearest town with an empty belly he found the only work available for a hired hand like himself was a tax collector. Far cry from his dream of adventure , but Fynn needed feeding and a roof over his head so he settled down to the mundane. He vowed he would not be fooled again and would choose his friends more wisely. He would only work long enough to replenish his provisions and then he would be off.

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