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What you need to know

In Paranoia you are a troubleshooter. You live in a big closed off community where life is good thanks to 'The Computer'. 'The Computer' serves you at all your needs, well the needs he thinks are relevant. Everyone has a job and life that is nice, everyone is happy. People who aren't happy will get some 'supplements' by the computer. Thank and hail the computer for your life. However there is one slight problem, the computer suffers from Paranoia.

There are tons of little things that go wrong in the Alpha Complex where you live. That's where you come in as a troubleshooter, together with your fellow troubleshooters you will get assignements by the computer. It's up to you to find out what is wrong and fix it. However be aware because there are traitors and commies all around the place! If you find one they must be turned in. Even if they are fellow troubleshooters! Well there are a lot of things that are treasonous for example: doubting the computers wiseness, having mutant powers or being a member of a secret society. One problem however is that each player starts off with a mutant power and as a member of a secret society.

Security Clearance

This is a very strict society and there are ranks. Everyone has a rank that tells you where you may go to, where you can sleep, where you can eat and what kind of information you can get your hands on. You are all starting off as level RED troubleshooters. Not long before you where Infrared, which is just the working masses. Levels go from:

- Infrared
- Red
- Orange
- Yellow
- Green
- Blue
- Indigo
- Violet
- Ultraviolet

Every room is color coded, you will always see which rooms you will be able to enter and which ones you are forbidden from.



The games uses D10 and D100. As always I use the honor system so you can roll at home and just tell me what you rolled.

Skill checks

The formula for see if you can do something:

15% + (5x highest listed skill number (see below) = base % to succeed. Roll equal or lower to succeed.

Attribute checks

When something isn't covered by a skill or you do an unskilled check we will look at your attribute. According to the difficulty of the task you will need to roll a number a d10's. The harder the task, the more d10's. You will need to roll equal or under your attribute number to succeed.


Basic Information

So you will see that each of your characters have 5 clones ready to take their place. This is a good backup. The reason for this is that Paranoia is a game in which a lot of backstabbing happens. You can turn in persons to the computer for treason, but you could try to take out them by yourself, hoping you will get some recommandation points from the computer for showing initiative and taking out a traitor. With the recommandation points you can advance your rank.

Some stuff is missing on the character sheets that I have posted. That is:
a. Your Mutant Power(s)
b. The secret society your character belongs to

I thought it would be more fun to keep this hidden. I will send you all a geekmail with this information.

So far as your mutant power. You have two choices:
a. You keep it a secret
b. You report your mutant power to the computer. This is perfectly okay and you will not get excecuted on the spot. However you now will get a new jump suit, still red (as your clearance) but with a yellow line running over it. This shows to everyone you are a registered mutant. This makes you a second class citizen. You can compare it a bit to the David star that Jews had to wear during WWII. If you want to report it to the computer, just geekmail me back.

Character Sheet information

- Strenght (psyhical strenght)
- Endurance (stamina & ability to withstand pain)
- Agility (balance, dodge, hitting someone, ...)
- Manual dexterity (hand - eye coördination)
- Moxie (comprehend new and unusual phenomena)
- Chutzpah (the quality of a man who kills both his parents and then pleads for mercy because he is an orphan, conning)
- Mechanical aptitude (operate and repair machinery and equipement)
- Power index (strenght of your mutant power)

Secondary Attributes:
- Carrying capacity (cary heavy burdens)
- Damage bonus (extra damage done with melee)
- Macho bonus (withstand pain & survive serious injuries)
- Melee bonus (ability to hit someone with melee)
- Aimed weapon bonus (ability to hit someone with weapon)
- Comprehension bonus (use of hostile environment skills)
- Believabilty bonus (how to lie succesfully)
- Repair bonus (repair skills)

Paranoia uses a skill tree on top are the main skills:

  • Basics
  • Personal Development
  • Hostile Environments
  • Vehicle Services
  • Technical Services

Each of these have number off subskills and these have specialisations themselves. The number next to you skill tells the level, all off these already mentioned skills have level 1, subskills become 2, and so on until maximum number 4. The more specific the skill the better you are with it and the higher chance you will have to succeed.

Each character starts with 6 points on this skill three and has 3 basic skills that everyone has:

Basics (1)

Aimed Weapon Combat (2)

Personal Development (1)

The rest are assigned as you like but mainly come from which Service Group you come from.

Name Player
kat-r-fin-1 Kattvippa
kwa-r-bel-1 Kwakkie
nar-r-net-1 Narl
nem-r-ger-1 Nemesis13
daj-r-usa-1 dajebriza
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