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Parisa Kabirii

Name Parisa Kabirii

Player Ken
Drive Comradeship
Previous Patron Iranian Intelligence/The Quds Force
Background Wetwork/Cuckoo

Health Stability
Total 8 6
Current 8 6

Investigative skills
Ability Total Current
Accounting 0 0
Archaeology 0 0
Architecture 1 1
Art History 0 0
Criminology 0 0
Diagnosis 0 0
History 0 0
Human Terrain 1 1
Languages 3 3
Law 1 1
Military Science 1 1
Occult Studies 0 0
Research 0 0
Vampirology 0 0
Astronomy 0 0
Chemistry 0 0
Cryptography 0 0
Data Recovery 0 0
Electronic Surveillance 0 0
Forensic Pathology 0 0
Forgery 1 1
Notice 1 1
Outdoor Survival 0 0
Pharmacy 0 0
Photography 0 0
Traffic Analysis 0 0
Urban Survival 2 2
Bullshit Detector 1 1
Bureaucracy 1 1
Cop Talk 1 1
Flattery 2 2
Flirting 0 0
High Society 2 2
Interrogation 0 0
Intimidation 2 2
Negotiation 0 0
Reassurance 1 1
Streetwise 2 2
Tradecraft 1 1
General Abilities
Ability Total Current
Athletics 8 8
Conceal 4 4
Digital Intrusion 0 0
Disguise 8 8
Driving 1 1
Explosive Devices 0 0
Filch 0 0
Gambling 0 0
Hand-to-Hand 8 8
Hypnosis 0 0
Infiltration 4 4
Mechanics 0 0
Medic 0 0
Piloting 0 0
Preparedness 0 0
Sense Trouble 6 6
Shooting 8 8
Shrink 0 0
Surveillance 4 4
Weapons* 10 10
Network 15 15
Cover 13 13
Cherries Note
Hard to Hit (Athletics) Hit threshold is 4 instead of 3.
Parkour option(Athletics) Thriller chase rules (p58)
Support move option (Athletics) Thriller chase rules (p58).
Breakfall option (Athletics) Subtract half your hand-to-hand rating when taking fall damage.
Connected Cover (Disguise) A connected cover is personally known to a given NPC.(P28)
Eye of the Tiger (Hand-to-Hand) Use one point of Hand-to-hand to assess if someone is a better, worse or equal fighter than you.
Extra attacks (Hand-to-Hand) If you hit, spend 3 hand-to-hand and 2 health to attack again.
Martial arts (Hand-to-Hand) May get 3 points back in hand-to-hand by describing a cool martial-arts move.
Mook shield (Hand-to-Hand) Spend 3 hand-to-hand to attack a mook or henchman at point blank range. All ranged attacks that miss you, hit the mook instead. Your threshold also increases by one.
Extra attacks (Shooting) If you hit, spend 4 shooting and 1 stability to attack again.
Sniping (Shooting) Take a round to aim and reduce difficulty of shot.
Special Weapons Training (Shooting) Use build points for training in specific firearm and do extra damage.
Suppressive Fire (Shooting) Prevent enemies from advancing or pursuing(p77)
Technothriller Monologue (Shooting) May get 3 points back in hand-to-hand by describing a cool martial-arts move.
Quincey Morris’ Bowie Knife(Weapons) Throw any balanced hand weapon (e.g., fighting knife, tomahawk, scalpel)at a target within Near range at no penalty to Difficulty or damage.
Extra attacks (Weapons) If you hit, spend 3 weapons and 2 health to attack again.
Martial arts (Weapons) May get 3 points back in hand-to-hand by describing a cool martial-arts move.
Special Weapons Training (Weapons) Use build points for training in specific weapon and do extra damage.

Sources of Stability Status Note
Symbol Turquoise pendant from her mother
Solace Emma Weber, innkeeper in ? who believes Parisa is an artist
Safety An apartment safe house in ?

Covers Status Note

Contacts Status Note

Equipment Status Note

What She Does: A master of a dozen languages, with an encyclopedic working knowledge of Western cultures, societies, and professions, Parisa is able to disappear within a disguise or a cover completely. Using her ambiguous looks and the ability to chance accents and languages fluidly, Parisa has posed as anything from Slavic, Roma, Palestinian, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, Jewish, German and more. With an understanding of society from the dregs of the street to the wealthiest class, Parisa is able to blend in completely, whether quickly adopting a role for immediate access, or creating an entire life and history for long-term placement. Once in place, Parisa is adept at gaining access to targets through infiltration or through social grift. And once a target is acquired, Parisa is equally lethal with her hands, knives, or firearms.

Who She Is: A gifted youngster in Iran, Parisa was groomed at a young age by Iranian intelligence services and became a foreign agent in the Quds Force upon leaving school. Parisa served faithfully in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and the United States for over a decade until blunders by her commanders in the Quds Force revealed rampant corruption and infighting. Her cell compromised and exposed, Parisa was ordered killed by her own agency and had to go underground. She has survived for years in Europe working with low-level criminal organizations.

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