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Pater Nemoris

Name Pater Nemoris Player Karl
Tier Tier ascended
Rank 1 Rank Bonus 1
Species Human Archetype Ministorium Priest

Ability Rating
Strength 4
Agility 3
Toughness 4
Intellect 3
Willpower 5
Fellowship 5
Initiative 4

Combat trait Rating
Defense 3
Resilience 9|4
Soak 4
Speed 6

Shock and wounds Rating max Current
Shock 8
Wounds 8|4

Mental Traits Rating
Conviction 5
Corruption 0
Passive Awareness 4
Resolve 4

Social Traits Rating
Influence 7
Wealth 3

Skill Rating Ability Rating Total
Athletics 3 Strength 4 7
Awareness 4 Intellect 3 7
Ballistic Skill 4 Agility 3 7
Cunning 0 Fellowship 5 5
Deception 0 Fellowship 5 5
Insight 4 Fellowship 5 9
Intimidation 0 Willpower 5 5
Investigation 0 Intellect 3 3
Leadership 0 Willpower 5 5
Medicae 1 Intellect 3 4
Persuasion 4 Fellowship 5 9
Pilot 0 Agility 3 3
Psychic Mastery 0 Willpower 5 5
Scholar 2 Intellect 3 5
Stealth 4 Agility 3 7
Survival 0 Willpower 5 5
Tech 0 Intellect 3 3
Weapon Skill 4 Initiative 4 8

Weapons Damage AP Salvo Range Traits
Chainsword 10+1ED 0 - Melee Brutal: When rolling damage dice for a Brutal weapon, add +1 to the result of each Extra Damage Die.
Master Crafted: +2 on melee attacks using this weapon
Laspistol 7+1ED 0 1 24 Pistol:

Imperium, Adeptus Ministorium, Rogue Trader
Memorable injury
An Aquila-shaped burn on your chest.
Reminisce about a far-flung world you saw as a Missionary of the Imperial Creed.

Talents Effect
Fearless You automatically pass Fear tests and are immune to Intimidation interaction attacks
Hatred (Heretics) +rank on melee attacks against beings with the Heretic keyword.

+ 2 DN penalty to any non-hostile interaction skill tests vs beings with the Heretic keyword.

Fiery Invective Once per battle, the Ministorium priest may take a free action to preach the Imperial Creed, which heals 1d3 + rank shock for characters and allies with the Imperium keyword within range of hearing.

Gear Effect
Missionary kit Grants a +1d bonus to Persuasion tests made involving converts to the Imperial Creed or those seeking forgiveness.
Trinket A bottle of sacramental wine blessed by an Arch-Deacon of the Adeptus Ministorium.
Rosarius May attempt to Soak Mortal Wounds.
Ministorium Robes
3 reloads

Pater Nemoris was burned across his chest during a battle aboard a Rogue Trader vessel years ago. He believes the burn resembles the holy Aquila, and he claims it is a mark of fidelity to the God-Emperor. His journeys as a missionary earned him some respect from the Rogue Trader.

Very Base Rules

Determine your dice pool: Which Skill and Attribute work for the roll.

Add any Bonus Dice: Apply any modifiers from talents, items or any other modifers that may affect the roll.

Determine Difficulty Number: The GM will declare the DN of the roll, in which you must match or exceed that number in icons rolled.

Roll your Dice: A 4 or 5 grant 1 icon. A 6 grants an exalted icon which counts as 2 icons. If the number of icons beats the DN then you succeed.

On the roll we will be adding img to the end of the roll to show the dice. The last die of the roll will be known as the wrath dice. The wrath dice still grants icons, but also on a 1 it will grant complications. If on the wrath die you roll a 6, it will still grant the exalted icon, but it will also have a point of Glory added to the group pool for use.

Personal points of wrath can be gained for use by good roleplaying and achieving your objectives. When starting the game, roll 1d6 and see what your objective is for this game, that is on your character sheet.

Wrath can be used to:

    • Reroll Failures
    • Restore 1d3+3 of Shock
    • Improve a Defiance Check
    • Narrative Declaration - you may add a minor narrative point to the scene

Glory, part of the group pool, can be used to:

    • Increase Dice Pool
    • Increase Damage
    • Increase Severity of a Critical Hit
    • Seize the Initiative

Extra Damage Dice: Dice that are added to the damage value of a successful attack. These are abbreviated as + X ED, with X being the number. For example, a laspistol has a damage value of 7+1ED, meaning you roll one Extra Damage dice and add the Icons from that dice to the damage value of 7 for your total.

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