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Price of Redemption

List of standard actions

Type Length Description
Half move Half Move equal to your half movement
Full move Full Move equal to your full move
Run Full Move equal to your run move, enemies get -20 BS and +20 WS to hit you
Tactical advance Full Move full movement, between cover
Attacks - Only one each turn
Standard attack Half +10 melee or ranged.
All out attack Full Give up the rounds evasion reaction to get +30 WS
Semi-auto burst Half fire a semi-auto burst. +0 BS. One extra hit for every two additional DoS
Full Auto burst Half Fire a full auto burst. -10 BS. One extra hit for every additional DoS
Suppressing fire Full -20 BS, but enemy must roll for pinning
Called shot Full -20 to WS or BS, may pick hit location if attack is successful.
Charge Full Must move at least 4 meters, and up to charge range. +20 WS
Evasion Reaction Can only be done outside your turn. Only one per round. Dodge or parry
Ready Half Ready a weapon
Aim Half/full Gives bonus to next attack. +10 if half action, +20 if full action
Defensive stance Full Character get an extra reaction, and enemies get -20 WS to hit
Brace weapon Half Heavy weapons must be braced. If not, the shooter suffers -30 BS.

Uses for Fate

    • Re-roll a test
    • Add +10 to a test. Use before roll
    • Add a degree of Success to a roll. Use after roll
    • Counts as having rolled 10 for initiative
    • Remove d5 damage. But not critical damage
    • Recover from Stun
    • Remove all fatigue
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