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Priest Marius

Name Marius Player Barad
Warband Appearance
Home World Highborn Background Adeptus Ministorum
Role Hierophant Divination A job worth doing, is worth dying for.
30 29 33 29 31 35 32 35 37 35
Aptitudes: Strength, Perception, Social, fellowship, offence, toughness, willpower
Total wounds Current wounds Fate Corruption Insanity
10 10 4/4 0 0

Talents Description
Breeding Counts Anytime you are to reduce your influence, you reduce it by one less, to a minimum of 0
Faith is All When using fate to get +10 to a test, you get +20 instead.
Sway the masses You can use a fate point to automatically succeed in a Charm, Command or Intimidate test with a number of DoS equal to you willpower bonus
Double team Gain an additional +10 when outnumbering the enemy.
Resistance (Fear) +10 to resist fear
Deny the Witch May use Willpower to evade psychic powers.
Weapon traning May use: flame

Skill highlights % Special Uses
Charm 37
Command 37 • Inspire
• Terrify
Inquiry 37
Scrutinty 32
Interrogation 35
Common Lore 35 • Adeptus Ministorum

Half Full Charge Run
3 6 9 18

Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special
Hand flamer Pistol 10m S/-/- 1D10+4 E 2 2 2 Full Flame: Hit target must roll agility or be set on fire.
Spray: Hits everything within range and 30 degree arc. Hit target may roll agility +0 to evade. No cover. Jams on damage roll of 9.
Sacred Inscription: +10 to resist pinning
Blind grenade Thrown SBx3 S/-/- - 0 1 Smoke: Creates a smoke screen with a radius of 3m

Type Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3
Hand flamer 1 2 -

Flak Cloak
Head Body Arms Legs
0 3 3 3
Counts as one higher against blast weapons
Gear highlights Description
Imperial Robes AP:1
Monotask servo-skull Loud-hailer

XP spent on Points used
Resistance (Fear) 300
Deny the witch (can use willpower to evade pshycic powers) 450
Interrogation: Known 100
Scrutiny: Known 100
Total Spent 950
Total Unspent 50

A mild mannered man who only uses weapons in self defense. How he found his way into the Inquisition is anyone's guess. He believes in the power of his faith and that most humans, even heretics can be shows the rightious path of the emperor. Only aliens and deamons need to be taken care of right away in his book.

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