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Prison Planet PbF2015 5scola

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Shawn Williams

Ex-Merchant 3rd Officer UPP B8468A Age 34 4 terms
Steward-1, Navigation-1, Computer-1, Blade-2, Winged Craft-1


The story...
Shawn left his family, determined to make it on his own and not to be dependent on his father's money. He decided that the Merchants was his place. He didnt have a ton of schooling but where else to learn than in the field. He applied and was a shoe in. Little did he know that his father called ahead and guaranteed his initial placement on a ship with the captain. His father wanting him to at least get his foot in the door.

Shawn worked hard those first few years, there was an incident midway in the first term. A fire in the kitchen, no one was seriously injured and the captain was impressed with his quick thinking and cool head and gave him his first commission, making him 4th Officer. It was less than 2 years (just before the end of his term he was promoted to 3rd Officer.

During his first term of service, he worked in a lot of areas trying to learn every station he could. He started out working as the steward. They worked him hard, giving him all the crap jobs. He started to give him some muscle as he came into his own. After the first few years they eased up on the "new sickly rich kid". He got his promotion and he decided to start enhancing his knowledge more so. He got transferred up to Navigation and began learning the ropes there. He even began working the computer systems near the end of his term.

A few months in his second term he grew very ill with something [ooc](low endurance)[/ooc] and was bed ridden for weeks. Many of his friends thought he might die. He finally recovered and went back to work working in the Navigation section. Nothing special happen in this term and he decided to re-enlist again.

He was passed up on a promotion this term again. He found out through the rumor mill that it was a close decision but Charlie Baxter was chosen over him. A younger kid but very bright. Shawn tried not to let it bother him. He had given almost 12 years to this crew, and he thought he deserved it more. He started hanging around with the security team. Making friends and truly trying to learn how to fight with a weapon. Why he chose a knife, he wasnt entirely sure but it seemed to work. He began to get skilled with the weapon.

He decided to re-enlist once again. This was his life. He WOULD get to 1st officer and get his own ship. Charlie would NOT out rank him. He worked harder than ever the next few years. He even took up learning how to operate one of the in atmo shuttles on board but it did no good. He was passed up again for Charlie. Charlie showed up in the hanger bay when he was working on one of the shuttles. In built up frustration, he smacked Charlie with one of the wrenches (knocking him out) and went to the captain and quit.

Personal Notes

Shawn escaped the prison in Week 6. No-one knows if he has successfully got away yet, or not.

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