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Prison Planet PbF2015 eracer68

Game Threads


Colin Kirkland

Ex-Merchant UPP 9869C8 Age 30 3 Terms
Ground Car-1, Vacc Suit-1, Navigation-1, Electronics-1, Steward-1
Blade-1, Revolver-1

Str: 9
Dex: 8
End: 6
Int: 9
Edu: 12
Soc: 8

Adventure Backstory

The adventure takes place starting on the 1108th year after the founding of the Imperium. It is an empire of star systems nominally ruled from a central government, with policing maintained by the Imperial navy. There is ongoing tension and conflict with the empires of the Solomani, Vargr and Zhodani. Within the Banasdan Subsector of the Solomani Rim there are no major military conflicts, but still plenty of chances for action and adventure. Patrons hire teams such as yours to undertake difficult or distasteful tasks for appropriate rewards.

You have all been sentenced to a period of penal servitude on the planet Newcomb for a minimum of 12 years each. You know that this facility has an extremely unsavoury reputation. Prisoners are expected to perform hard labour in the pitchblende mines, in hazardous conditions of high radioactivity.

Safety regulations are not enforced, despite the occasional article even in the Imperial media. You here from others in transit that many prisoners never complete their sentences, leaving their bones to rot on the unwelcoming planet.

More roleplaying notes and thoughts. Feel free to expand on or contradict these...

  • Shawn and Jackenn bonded over their disgust at the way the Merchant and Navy services are run, and how their abilities were misused in favour of privileged, kiss-ass guys. They saw the chance to take a ship that was in the process of being decommissioned, to put it to better use than their service managed. Colin suspected something was odd about this late request for inspection by two alleged Navy service guys, but he let it pass. Colin failed to follow procedure, which should have seen this visit flagged to superiors and delayed until properly cleared. But these guys were so helpful and it was going to make a mountain of paperwork...
    • Shawn never meant for Colin to take a fall too. There was enough of that type of stuff in the Merchants to last a lifetime. I hate that he went down with us. Poor kid might've been one of the last few honest ones out there. Maybe I could make it up to him some how. If I can ever get out of this place that is. The least I could do is keep an eye out for him while he's in here.
  • Why did the plan fail? Do Shawn and Jackenn think Colin ratted them out, or do they feel sorry for getting him in prison too? Does Colin think they owe him (is there something he's kept secret)?
  • How does Jackenn feel about the Navy v Marines? If there was a Red October event was Doug's sympathies with the Imperium or the Solomani (the Terra-based empire)?
  • Jan also hates the Merchant service. Did he know Shawn from the service?
    • How about Jan's crime was fairly petty but the Vemene fixed the evidence to make it look like Jan was funding the ship-jacking, thus making it a more serious offence. Jan met the others at the trial.
  • Does Ryder have existing criminal contacts on Newcomb? There is a little smuggling, but not much population or crime. Does he know anyone already in prison?
    • He definitely knows people in this prison, but he's not ready to let anyone know yet (as in, i'm not sure who yet.) he is a well-connected Career criminal that was taken down for being too successful.
    • I picture him as a mix between Zack Morris and Van Wilder as far as smooth talking and inappropriate dealings. Very Narcissistic very self-centered.

Character Backstory

Colin came from a line of merchants, so his enrollment in the merchant guild was expected. His first term in was his most successful. His initial assignment found him driving overland deliveries on planet. Boring and tedious, he made a game out of trying to plot faster more efficient routes. it turns out he had a knack for this, getting him noticed and quickly sent to navigation school to better his abilities. He was thrilled to be assigned to a small freighter. It was a quaint boxy thing that required frequent external manhandling to get an array aligned or an airlock functional, forcing him to become familiar with a vacc suit.

His second term found him transferred to a larger, but older vessel. Maintenance was a constant chore and he spent most of his off hours fixing all sorts of electronics that had gone on the fritz. Unfortunately near the end of his second term he had a run in with an officer over an item he hadn't repaired correctly. The man suffered a burn that blackened his left ear when his communicator overheated. Due to his clean record, there wasn't much the irate officer could do in way of punishment other than a formal reprimand ... or so Colin thought.

Colin's third term found himself made a steward of an even older free trader, compliments of the injured officer. Instead of plotting courses or fixing faulty scanners, Colin found himself setting up shuffleboard and mixing drinks for the high passage tourists and VIPs. While he did an admirable job of learning his way around the kitchen, he was frequently bored. To challenge himself and fill up his down time he became proficient with a blade, and even learned how to use a revolver. One of his mates was an antique gun enthusiast and the two spent many an off hour shooting in the indoor range they had devised.

At the end of his third term the irate officer made it a point to gain passage on the free trader and proceeded to mercilessly mock Colin for the entire voyage. On the last day of the voyage Colin delivered a special room service to the officer (that would keep him in the head for days), promptly tendered his resignation and disembarked. He hoped the prank wouldn't come back to haunt him, but he'd be damned if he'd stay in a service where one petty man could Shanghai his career.

For the most part Colin is a quiet, go-with-the-flow type of guy. He doesn't like confrontation or making waves. But, if pushed, he will eventually come out swinging ... sometimes to his detriment.

Personal Notes

  • Parent's deceased
  • Uncle Thom on mother's side
  • in cell block 2
    • cell #?
    • cell mate Jan 1729
  • upper mines work detail w/ Lucky
    • Lucky cheats at cards?
    • Lucky's buddy is his muscle
  • Josip Kikina - potential friendly?

Card from "Document Expert"

Renfrew Magus
Documents and Art Specialist
Starport Box 8701
Circle City

  • Captain Straker - pilot
  • Evan - vagabond
  • Parl Klive - social worker (Circle City Social Services)
  • Marta Renis
  • Sula (Marta's niece)
  • Arsenio Hall - alias given to Gang & Gears.
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