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Prison Planet PbF2015 madbishop

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Jackenn "Gears" Dezal

Ex-Navy Lieutenant Commander UPP 765AA6 Age 34 4 Terms
Computer-1, Admin-1, Mechanical-2, Carbine-1, Blade-1

Strength: 7
Dexterity: 6
Endurance: 5
Intelligence : A
Education: A
Social Standing: 6


Jackenn Dezal, aka "Gears" did not come from a family of any special privilege. However, he did develop a strong track record in mechanics early on. His talents in this area led him to be recruited by the Navy, an opportunity he otherwise would not have had due to his otherwise average upbringing. While he never developed a chip on his shoulder, he did always have an extreme confidence in his abilities, bordering on cockiness.

His first term in the Navy was rather uneventful. He picked up computer skills to compliment he mechanical to make him more of an asset. However, Jackenn began to display an additional trait that made in an invaluable asset to the Navy, he remained unbelievably calm during high stress, pressure situations. This was displayed in full effect lat in his first term when he and a team was sent to help rescue a stranded ship, in hostile territory, carrying a high ranking diplomat.

The success of the rescue effort established his reputation and caused the Navy to actively pursue him for a second term of service. This second term proved to be more eventful than the first. He was not permanently stationed on a given ship, but rather floated between ships tactically based on mission need. Whenever high value/high importance cargo and personnel were being sent into hostile territory he was temporarily deployed to the ship to help ensure success. He was also often sent into areas to recover older, lost ships. His exploits got him exposure to many high ranking officials and officers with whom he established strong relationships. Thus, despite a meager background, he has comparatively high social standing. He was promoted to Lt. Cmdr very early on in his 2nd term, an amazingly fast promotion rate.

One of the officers he came to know was a Brigadier General Arbigale with the Marines stationed at a base at the border of friendly territory. As Jackenn was approaching his third term, General Arbigale approached him to join his staff in a sign of service collaboration. It was here that he developed his skills with the carbine and blade, as his exposure to the Marines and the hazardous location made military skills critical. He also received a field promotion to rank of Commander, which was rare for a Naval officer without connections and not pursuing the traditional Naval career, and it was an extremely fast promotion rate as well, further establishing his reputation. Another side of effect of his tenure with the marines was a impromptu identity change. No one called him Jack at all, he permanently became "Gears". Gears was quite content in his role serving with the Marines with the occasional deployment to aid a stranded ship or ride along with a VIP. He had no desire for ship captaincy, he was content in his role. However, things would change towards the end of his third term. General Arbigale was killed during a terrorist attack at one of the outposts he was visiting. With his sponsor gone, the replacement general did not see the benefit of associating with "inferior" naval officers so his billet was canceled and he was returned to the Navy for his fourth term.

Life back at the Navy was not pleasant. Many of the officers were resentful of his rapid rise, and many condemned him for moving away from a traditional Naval path and pursing the opportunity with the Marines. He reported to Admiral Sturm on his return. Admiral Sturm was a naval purist who insisted the Gears ( he also found the casual name use offensive) should follow the normal career path for a Naval officer, the rules would not be bent no matter how talented his skills were. The field promotion was removed and gears found himself as a Lt Cmdr again. His tasking at this time was largely administrative as this is the role high ranking naval officers were to have in Sturm's eyes. They could not have Commanders running from ship to ship with little personnel responsibilities. Commanders were leaders of men, not "cowboys". The administrative role did not suit Gears at all, he found it tedious and boring. Furthermore, in his eyes, the people he was leading were as sharp as a bag of marbles. He could not believe the incompetence that surrounded him.

Personal Notes

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