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Property Tag

The property tag can be used for multiple items within the Geek websites. For the sake of completeness the known uses of the property tag set are documented here. However, the tag set doesn't seem to be particularly useful for Geek users. For users it would be easier to remember the named tag set.

There are two forms of the property tag set:

  • N/A[/property] retrieves the Geek name for the link text.
  • N/AAlternate Caption[/property] where "Alternate Caption" is the user supplied text for the link

For geek programmers, the property tag set is probably very useful. It would help the programmers write domain independent code so that it would work on BGG, RPG, and VGG. So in the forum editor, many of the links created using the "Insert Geek Link" dropdown actually used the property tag set.

If you know of another use of the property tag set please geekmail herace

Named tag
Example Wiki Markup
Markup renders as:
BGG Category
BGG Mechanic
Dice Rolling
RPG Category
Campaign Setting (game world)
RPG Mechanic
Dice (Various)
VGG Genre
Flight Simulator
VGG Hardware Category
VGG Mode
Local Multiplayer
VGG Rating
SEGA: 18+
VGG Theme
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