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Psyker Cain

Name Cain Player Aaron
Warband Archetype Psyker
Motivation Arcane Alignment Tzeentch
Pride Devotion Disgrace Betrayal
34 32 35 40 40 46 45 58 43 48
Total wounds Current wounds Infamy Corruption
10 10 4/4 56

Talents Description 
The Quick and the Dead add a +2 bonus to Initiative Rolls
Chaos Psyker Is an unbound psyker
Psy rating 4  Has a psy rating of 4
Weapon traning May use: Primary, SP
Jaded  Dead bodies, xenos creatures, and other terrifying but natural occurrences do not elicit Fear Tests
Warp sense  Using Psyscience becomes a free action; can also passivly detect psychic effects and entities
Lesser minion Lomb the Moronic
Sacrifice May sacrifice an intelligent victim. Requires a Forbidden lore (Warp) test, and takes 2D5 minutes. In the subsequent turn Cain gets +5 to a focus test for every DoS on the Forbidden lore test. Any psychic phenomena or perils of the warp affects the victim, and may harm those within 3m of the victim.

Skill highlights Char. % Char. %
Awareness Per 45 Psyscience Per 55
Deceive Fel 53 Forbidden Lore (Psykers) Int 46
Dodge Ag 40 Forbidden Lore (Demonology) Int 46
Scrutiny Per 45 Logic Int 46
Trade (Cryptographer) Int 46 Common Lore (Imperium) Int 46
Common lore (Administratum) Int 46 Forbidden Lore (the Warp) Int 46

Half Full Charge Run
4 8 12 24

Name Class Qual Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special
Stub Revolver Pistol Common 30m S/-/- 1D10+3 I 0 6 2 Full Reliable
Autogun basic Common 100m S/3/10 1D10+3 I 0 30 Full
Projectile attack Special N/A 10m S/-/- 1D10+5 E 3 - - Spray, Smoke, warp
Flame arm Special N/A 10m S/-/- 1D10+8 E 0 - - Spray, tainted, warp
Sword Melee Good 1D10+3 R 0 Balanced
WS: +5
Balanced:+10 to parry when using this weapon
Reliable: Only jams on a 00 
Spray: Do not roll to-hit. All targets with 30 degree arc of shooter must make agility test or be hit.
Tainted: Adds corruption bonus to damage (added)
Warp: Ignore AP from most armour and cover

Type Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3
Stub revolver 6 6 -

Armour: Flak-coat and Carapace helmet
Head Body Arms Legs
4 3 3 3

Gear highlights Description
Explosive Collar & Controller Comes with a remote controller that can detonate the collar at ranges up to one kilometre, killing the wearer instantly and infl icting 1d10 Explosive Damage to anyone within three meters. -20 tech use to remove.
Psy-Focus When a psyker with a psy-focus makes a Focus Power Test he gains a +10 bonus.
Dataslate with Arcane lore
Ritual Kit +20 to focus tests requiring profane symbols and +10 tests involving rituals.

Mutations Description
Icon of Blesphemy Once per session Cain may reveal his blasphemy. For one round, he gains Fear (3). Tzzentch allignment: By passing a Willpower (-20) roll, he may extend it for an additional turn.
Projectile Attack Half action to make a ranged attack. See weapons for details
Flaming Arm One of Cain's arms his the arm of a Flamer. May be used as a weapon, see weapon profile for details.

Acrobatics Ag  20 Parry WS 14
Athletics S  15 Psyniscience Per 55
Awareness Per 45 Scrutiny Per   45
Charm Fel 23  Security  Int 26
Command   Fel  23 Sleight of Hand Ag 20
Commerce Int 26  Stealth Ag   20
Deceive Fel  53 Survival Per 25
Dodge Ag   40 Tech-Use Int 26
Inquiry Fel 23 Intimidate WP 33
Medicae Int 26 Logic Int 46

Psychic Powers
Action Test Range Sustained
Half Challenging (+0) Willpower 20 metres x Psy No
Description Doombolt is a Psychic Barrage (works as a semi-auto burst) that deals 1d10+ Psy Rating Energy Damage with a Pen of 8.
Thought Sending
Action Test Range Sustained
Free Simple (+40) Opposed Willpower 1 kilometre per Psy No
Description The psyker can broadcast a short message—no more than one sentence per Psy Rating—to a number of individuals (no more than two for each Degree of Success scored on the Focus Power Test), or indiscriminately to every single creature within range.
Action Test Range Sustained
Half Challenging (+0) Opposed Willpower 1 metres x Psy Free action
Description The psyker must nominate a single target within range and line of sight, who may resist with a Willpower Test. While this power remains in effect, the psyker gains a +5 x Psy Rating bonus to all Interaction Skill Tests against that target.
Mind over matter
Action Test Range Sustained
Half Challenging (+0) Willpower; se below 5 metres x Psy Half action
Description A psyker with this power may use it in one of three ways: constant motion, rapid push or forceful throw. When using constant motion, the Focus Power Test is Routine (+20), and the psyker may move any object within range and line of sight that weighs no more than 10kg x Psy Rating. When using a rapid push, the Focus Power Test is Ordinary (+10), and Opposed by a Strength Test from a single target within range and line of sight. If the target fails the test, he is thrown backwards Psy Rating metres, plus an additional metre for every Degree of Success on the Focus Power Test. When using a forceful throw, the Focus Power Test is Challenging (+0), and allows the psyker to lift an object weighing no more than 5kg x Psy Rating and thrown at an enemy within range, hitting them to deal 1d10 Impact Damage +1 for every 5kg of the object's weight.
Action Test Range Sustained
Half Difficult (-10) opposed WP 5 metres x Psy No
Description Nominate a target, and roll tests. If successful the target must follow the psykers orders, as long as they are achievable within a single round. If the command is suicidal, the target get +20 to his willpower test.
Mantel of Lies
Action Test Range Sustained
Half Difficult (-10) Willpower 25 metres x Psy No
Description Pick a target within range. When power is in efect the sorcerer appears to be the target, and the target appears to be the sorcerer. To see through the illusion requires an awarness test with a penalty equal to five times the sorcerer's psy rating.

XP spent on Points used Alignment 
Willpower: Simple 250 Tzeentch
Willpower: Intermediate 250 Tzeentch
Forbidden lore (demonology): Known 200 Tzeentch
Psyscience: Trained 350 Tzeentch
Scrutiny: Known 200 Tzeentch
Logic: Known 200 Tzeentch
Will power: Intermediate 350 Tzeentch
Psychic Power: Compel 200 Unaligned
Lesser Minion 250 Unaligned
Deceive: Trained 350xp Slaanesh
Psy Rating (+1) 750xp Unaligned
Psychic Power - Mantel of Lies 200xp Unaligned
Forbidden Knowledge (the Warp) 100 Tzeentch
Intelligence: Simple 250 Unaligned
Sacrifice 500 Unaligned
Total 4400
Unspent 100

Cain is the most recent of many names this twisted psyker has known through his long and painful life. Touched by the grasp of chaos at an early age, Cain was always an outsider - unaware of why he could not connect with others. The only companionship he had was with the darkness hiding within his soul.

Eventually the Black-Ships of the Inquisition came and took Cain, sensing his latent psychic power. Their rigorous psycho-surgeries and tests left the already fragile man, a neurotic mess. However, impossibly, he was able to hide his inner darkness, becoming enlisted as an official acolyte as part of an Inquisitor's retinue.

While at first hesitant, the skittish psyker and his new companions grew to begrudgingly respect one another. Cain rose up the ranks of the inquisition, making a name for himself as a skilled and dangerous psyker. It seemed as if he may have been destined for great things, his master even contemplating promoting Cain as his fellow equal. This was not to last though. Cain's desire and goals grew ever more personal, seeking to use his position for the discovery of forbidden lore and knowledge - specifically those that could explain what it was that always lurked inside him. On a particularity dangerous mission, Cain and his fellow Imperial agents finally came to open confrontation; rather than return a heretical tome to the Inquisition, Cain kept it for himself, killing his fellow agents in the ensuing battle. His master survived, vowing to hunt down and kill his former pupil.

Cain now roams the stars, seeking out the secrets of the universe. While once unstable, he is now verging on deranged - using his pursuit of knowledge to fill the-ever-decreasing guilt he feels in his heart.

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