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RPGGeek Wrestling Federation!


Dave "wavemotion" Bernazzani - GM
Evil Bob - Assistant GM

Paul Hunt - Play-by-play Announcer
"Emerald" Paul Grant - Color Commentary

Player Characters

El Train

Popularity: 2
Infamy: 1
Testicular Fortitude: 3
Mad Skills: 4

El Train wears a mask because he doesn't want his co-workers to find out what he's doing. He's fairly large and agile, but more than a little dumb. He's really named after the El Train but many people assume because of his mask and name that he's Hispanic (he's not, he comes from a predominantly Polish neighborhood near Chicago). He'd be more popular if he wasn't so dumb and naive.

His finishing move is the "Missed Connection". He tosses his opponent into the ropes, misses him and then hits him when he comes back off the ropes himself. His speciality match is the barbed-wire match.

Alexander Darren Richard Neville

P: 1
I: 3
TF: 2
MS: 4

Alexander Neville claims to be descended from Richard Neville, the Kingmaker of yore. He was trained he what he calls "Real" Wrestling, focussing on grapples and submissions over high-flying manoeuvres and over-wrought shows of strength. He stands at 6' 3", weighs 218lbs and comes out to "Land of Hope and Glory".

Ascalon - Superkick
Kingmaker - Double-Underhook Powerbomb
Le Morte D'Arthur - Bridging Cobra Clutch

"Real Wrestling" Match - 2 out of 3 falls, no holds barred (not no-DQ).

Overlord Drax Starcrusher

Popularity: 1
Testicular Fortitude: 3
Mad Skillz: 3

Otherwise known as the Transdimensional Tyrant, the Angel Of Annihilation or the Celestial Conquerer, Overlord Drax stands nearly 7 feet tall and tips the scales at over 300 pounds. He arrived on Earth through a warphole from his home planet, Draxon V. His mission is to take over the world by defeating every Earthling in single combat. To this end, he plans on breaking our spirits by showing us our greatest warriors humbled at his feet.

Drax wears the war-mask befitting his lofty rank and has the words "HATE" and "FEAR" tattooed along the outside of his right and left forearms respectively. He always refers to himself in the third person and enters the ring to "Hysteria" by Muse.

The Subjugator - Torture Rack submission hold
Antimatter Bomb - Back kick to groin, powerbomb back turn into elevated sitout powerbomb

Drax's utter contempt for pathetic, self-indulgent Earth notions such as sportsmanship and morality makes him particularly dangerous in No Disqualification matches.

Herr Wulfgang Drosselmeyer

P: 3
I: 1
TF: 4
MS: 2

Allow me to introduce Herr Drosselmeyer. This gangling and distinguished gentleman stands at an impressive 2.1 meters. His left eye has been replaced by a curious gear shaped device that whirs quietly as he looks around. His left arm has similarly been replaced by a series of pistons and gears that roughly resemble a stylized arm.

Herr Drosselmeyer was involved in a most hideous accident that claimed his left eye and left arm through his own genius. He dresses dapperly, a short bowler hat tops his lean face, with a sharp goatee and thin mustache. He wears a white shirt with a black vest that is intricately embroidered with geometric patterns.

Victorian Stemp Punch - Jackhammering punch while sipping tea
Clockworks - twisting opponents arms and legs into a very uncomfortable position, then spinning them around by the appendages and flinging them across the ring.

"Clockwork Orange House of Fun" Match - Chain linked wall with various weapons drawn up one side of the ring, falls anywhere count, 2 of 3

Other Wrestlers

The Progressive

The Progressive is a heel is always on about how "up to date" he is, always sporting the latest fashions and newest electronic gadgetry. Even stopping in the middle of a match to change clothing if something went out of style during the time he left the dressing room.

Popularity: 1
Infamy: 3
Testicular Fortitude: 3
Mad Skills: 3

The Progressive yells out "You can't stop progress!!" as he charges head first into the fray.

The Progressives finishing move is the "Way of the Future", in which he grabs and opponent by the arm, places them in a full nelson hold facing away from him. Then flips backward throwing the victim across the mat upside down.

Professor Perfect

The Professor is a heel who really hates how stupid El Train is. In a previous match PP got to strip El Train of his costume but instead tore off only the E leaving him to wear a big L on his shirt.

Popularity: 1
Infamy: 3
Testicular Fortitude: 3
Mad Skills: 3

Professor Perfect's identifying quote is "Of course I'm perfect, I'm a perfect ..." with the last replaced by some negative thing like bully, jerk, or his favorite, asshole.

His finishing move is the Board of Education, a submission hold that allows him to concentrate on repeatedly smashing his opponents abs until he begs for forgiveness.

Bubbles the Clown

P: 3
I: 1
TF: 2
MS: 4

Bubbles the Clown stands at 6' and weighs 201 lbs, he comes out to the Radetsky March. He trained with Alexander Neville in a similar style, when they arrived in RWF, they were a tag-team. Neville played the whiteface straight man, and Bubbles the more colourful comic player. After a few matches (mostly wins) Alexander attacked Bubbles after a loss for the Tag Team Championships claiming he didn't want to be a clown anymore and that he wanted to be a real wrestler, with the respect someone of his lineage deserved. They haven't gotten on since.

Coulrophobia - Frog Splash
Harlequinade - Sharpshooter.

Ladder Match

John Q. Public

Testicular Fortitude: 3
Mad Skillz: 3

John Q. Public stands 5'4" and weighs less than 170 pounds, but his struggle to be taken seriously in the Land Of The Giants that is the RWF hasn't made him bitter or resentful. He understands how lucky he is to do something that he loves every day and wears a mask that is emblematic of his humble and selfless nature. He doesn't fight for fame or glory or riches - he fights for everyone who's ever been bullied, taken for granted or written off. He fights for anyone who can't fight for themselves. He fights for the people. He fights for you, wherever or whoever you happen to be.

A paragon of fairness, equality and liberty, Overlord Drax's sneering, arrogant might-makes-right philosophy is a complete anaethema to the little man. Drax is a lumbering, awesomely destructive instrument of oppression and tyranny. JQP is a speedy, agile snub fighter. And we all know how that story ended.

His entrance music is Joe Esposito's "You're The Best Around."

Vox Pop - 720 DDT
Public Service - 450 splash

John Q. Public's indomitable force of will is such that he is almost impossible to beat in Last Man Standing matches.

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