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Ranqor Avenger

Name Ranqor the Zealous Avenger Player Tajs

Hit points
Current Max
1 8

2 -3

Trait Sum relevant positive and negative traits to determine aptitude (max +3, min -3)
My approach to conflict One at a time, until all are dead
My goal Kill those who murdered my kin
My gimmick I make blood-sworn oaths before entering battle
My background A peaceful life as a simple farmer
My foreground Trained my body and mind to reap revenge
My weakness Terribly uncreative, unable to conceptualize

Injury tags
Lost a lot of blood.

Core Flaw
(Once per session, use to wriggle into or out of trouble, or succumb for +3xp)
Vengeance is all that matters; nothing will stop me

Nezumi You can gnaw through any mundane physical substance given enough effort and time, and take no damage from cutting your teeth on chains, rocks, or similar. You usually don’t need to roll to accomplish this, but if you must you do so with advantage.
You are immune to all forms of disease, including magical plagues and the like. You gain no resistance to venoms, toxins, or ingested poisons of any kind, however.
You never fail to resist any kind of disgust, madness, or foul profanity you’re exposed to (treat 6- as 7-9).
You’re a hoarder, and ignore up to 5 speed worth of equipment worn (including armor), stashed on a backpack, or similar. Once weapons or equipment are held in the hands, however, treat the penalties as normal.

Frothy rage While in the high-risk stance during a fight, you get a critical success on a 12+ (instead of 13+).

Mail armor 2, worn
Sword of Vengeance light: 1h, arm, bane against those on your kill list
Throwing knife
Morning star heavy, stashed
List of people you need to kill Krand (Leader of the Bloodreavers),
Leader of Duergar Dwarves (?? Murkelmore Grimmerzhul ?)
Quill and ink To put more people on your list
Adventuring kit Adds +1 to a test or allows for adventuring actions(5 uses)
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