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Ravenloft WoDu

Character sheet page for a World of Dungeons game in Ravenloft, led by @shawnssica. Game started early 2016. If you're doing garbage collection please check the game threads before throwing this on the bonfire. Thanks!
OOC thread - https://rpggeek.com/thread/1544894
IC chapter 1 - https://rpggeek.com/thread/1545838

Combined XP accounting
300 exploration (town & 1st, upper, crypt, cult quarters)
200 enemy - armor, defeated
200 enemy - spectre, rebuked
600 enemy - ghost & ghoul, grick
600 NPC - both Rose and Thorn laid to rest peacefully
1110 notable loot (books 100, topaz pendant 600, letter opener 50, ingots 50, silverware 50, carnellian eyepatch 200, agate cubes 60)
160 11 gold, 50 sp, various loose coins

3270/ 3000 Lv 2

Felix againsto as
Rain Flower the Bard
...is a wandering minstrel moonlighting as a burglar; she spends the coins as quickly as they come in.
STR +1 INT +2
DEX 0 WIS +1
CON +1 CHA +2
HP: 1/4
Skills: Music/Singing, Awareness
Abilities: Pacify, Tinker
Silver: 0
Equipment: Violin (fancy item), Short Sword (1d6), Lock Picks, Travel Rations (3), Waterskin, Wineskin, Crowbar, Short Bow (1d6)
Loot: Metal Lantern, Folded Garment, Wooden Box

Craig guyfumble as
Rane the Paladin
... was a former Priest at a small backwoods village. When a necromancer brought down the dead on his village his God, called upon him to act in his stead as a weapon, no longer his shield.
Str 1 Int 1
Dex 0 Wis 2
Con 1 Cha 1
HP: 1 / 10
Skills: Decipher, Leadership
Abilities: Slay +2 melee damage, Turn

Silver: 0
Equipment: Long Sword (d6+1 damage), shield (+1 armor), Holy water, Torches, Rations x 2, Water Skin

Cornelius seeohtwo as
Cojiñí the Stranger (Coji)
... of the Ijitua people, a nomadic group in the realm. Widowed young and without children, she left her home camp at Akvan and wandered widely, taking odd jobs to support her taste for wine and spirits.

Level 1
Str 0 Int 0
Dex 1 Wis 0
Con 2 Cha 0
HP: 4 /12
Skill: Culture, Survival
Special Abilities: Expert, WTF!

Silver: 0 pieces
Equipment: Sword (d6+1), dagger (d6), 20ft rope, Tent, waterskin, wineskin, 3 days rations, wine (1s worth), grappling hook

Christopher clweeks as
Esya the Witch (Wiz/Summoner) (lvl 2)

lived outside a town in the east called Burcred, acting as the local witch: healing, love charms, abortions, making and negating hexes, etc. Recently, word came of an invading force and Esya took up a traveling lifestyle, investigating claims of magical phenomenon.

Str 0 Int 0 Dex 0 Wis 1 Con 1 Cha 2
HP: 9/9
Skills: Lore, Heal

Befanbur - a pony-sized blurry visual phenomenon; Secrets; Travel
Rapari - two beautiful five year old girls, conjoined at the spine; Love; Pain
The Ritual for Binding Spirits to Objects
The Ritual of Manipulating Plants

Silver: 5
Equipment: Clothing of leather and felt; two small daggers; notebook w/ pen and ink; hatchet; sack of teeth; bottle of silver powder; Tarokka deck; tome of rituals _OCCVLT RITVALS OF OSYBVS_; three large blank bookss;

Marshall Mease19 as
Canter the Ranger
... is a groundskeeper at Vercy Manor, has been for 25 years. Nobody knows about the pistol.
Str +0 Int +1
Dex +2 Wis +2
Con +2 Cha +0
HP: 11 / 11 (scrapes that keep weeping blood, refusing to heal)
Skills: Survival, Stealth
Abilities: Wild, Scout

Equipment: Crowbar, flint/steel, travel rations (3), wineskin, pistol (d6), hand axe (d6), cleaver, bottle of vinegar, jar of honey, pink ribbon, heavy key, new shoes, old boots, deed to house, deed to remote farmhouse, will for children

All that deserves a name:
Vercy Manor, a stately holding
Burcred, a town in the east
Tromsk, a backwater lost to evil
Akvan, a homestead of the Ijitua
The Ijitua, colorful wanderers
Ihab, who left Coji a widow
KardZumaya, a dread necromancer
Aesch, a hamlet South of Vercy Manor, (possibly) near Barovia
Rosavalda & Thornboldt, frightened children

Durst Manor aka Spooky Death House of Melancholia

Ground Floor
Clockwise from bottom left: portico & entryway, main hall & closet, dining room, kitchen & pantry, grand staircase, hunter's den

Second Floor
Conservatory, main hall, (back room), servant's quarters


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