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Red Wine Pie PbF 2013 The Black Cat andersed

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  • Player

Anders Edqvist
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I love aerial dogfighting in Blue Max!
Conquering lion of the north



  • Sanity loss 4 -2 = 2


  • STR 2
  • CON 8
  • SIZ 1
  • INT 15
  • DEX 24 (inc. +1 from breed)
  • EDU 15
  • APP 8
  • POW 14
  • SEN 70
  • Know 75
  • Idea 75
  • Luck 70
  • Movement 12


  • Egyptian Mau (+1 dex, +10% status)


  • Trickmeister
    • Once per session, make a Luck roll to imitate the trick of another breed.
  • Open doors
    • You can open closed, but not locked, doors and use levers without a successful DEX roll.
  • Leap to the moon
    • Can travel to dreamland.
  • Nine lives (1)
    • Can reroll one roll with fatal consequences, per level.


  • Curious
    • Once per session, the keeper can give you one curious impulse that you are forced to act upon.


  • Bite 30%
  • Climb 80% (50+30)
  • Cthulhu Mythos 0%
  • Cuteness 24% (APPx3)
  • Dodge DEXx4 96%
  • Dream Lore 10%
  • Dreaming 25%
  • Grapple 25%
  • Healing 10%
  • Hide 55% (25+30)
  • Hiss 60% (50+10)
  • Human Language 30% (INTx2)
  • Human Lore 15% (EDU)
  • Insight 1%
  • Jump 70% (50+20)
  • Listen 45% (40+5)
  • Natural World 30% (EDUx2)
  • Navigate 25%
  • Nimbleness 68% (DEXx2/48+20)
  • Occult 5%
  • Rip 80%
  • Scent 50%
  • Scratch 40%
  • Sense Danger 10%
  • Sleep 50%
  • Sneak 80% (50+30)
  • Spot 25%
  • Status 16% (1% as base, +10% for breed, + 5% for skillpoints)
  • Streetwise 1%
  • Swim 10%
  • Track 20%
  • Wash 50%
  • Yowl 50%


Giza is bronze colored young feline that is very nimble and acrobatic.

Giza is a from the old country. As a kitten she slipped on a freighter
and much to her surprise ended up in Arkham. But that was two long
years ago. Since arriving in the Unites States she lives with the up
and coming Mr Robbins.

Mr Robbins is an un-married customs inspector. Giza often follows him,
from a distance, on his daily work in the trading docks and
warehouses. She loves to sniff and explore the various crates from all
over the world, especially those with the same fabolous letters that
she saw as a kitten in her ancestral home.

Giza is a very curious cat and she is often found stuck inside boxes
or cabinets inside others' homes. One would think she would learn but
no.. whenever there is a small dark pasage she could fit into there is
no stopping her!

Most other cats respect Giza and some even consider her manners
graceful and exotic (status 16%) and she is often left out of
territorial disputes. The truth however, is that she has a short
attention span and is more interest in what happends around her than
what the other cats are saying to her.

Giza does not have much interest in interacting with humans, but she
follows and spies on them constantly. She doesn't really care what
they are doing its just so interesting that they are doing


Giza's mentor and partner in crime is Jasper, the Egyptian Mau that
lives at the orphanage. As a lonly foreign kitten it was much to her
joy when she found another cat of the same breed. Most of what she
knows about getting around in Arkham she learnt from Jasper.

Sometimes the two have "races" where they run as fast as they can
between two locations on different sides of town, Jasper always wins.

Giza considers all Jasper's friends as her friends, that includes the
stray cat Nemti from the north side of the river. Whenever Nemti shows
up he always has some plot or task for them. It always sounds as
boring work at first but Nemti always tricks her into thinking of it as
some kind of game. Giza likes games...

The largest cat Giza has ever met is the main coon Rani. Whenever Giza
is near Rani's home she takes a detour to check if Rani's owners are
home, if not she tries to get in through a window or unlocked door.
On occasion Rani comes along out for a few hours.

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