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Red Wine Pie PbF 2013 The Black Cat fastfox

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Nemti of Curwen Street

  • Official Name
    • several, depends on the location, but mostly a typical name for the unknown cat
  • Player

Sören Kohlmeyer
Halle (Westfalen)
flag msg tools
2007 - 2013
You'll always stay the cat on my shoulder!


  • STR 3
  • CON 4
  • SIZ 1
  • INT 12
  • DEX 22
  • EDU 8
  • APP 14
  • POW 9

  • SEN 45
  • Know 40
  • Idea 60
  • Luck 45
  • Movement 12


  • Domestic Shorthair


  • Stray
    • You have no home or owner. This trick adds +20% to your Streetwise skill.
  • Top Cat
    • You are a master of the streets. You may be the leader of a cat pack. You know people. You know how to get stuff and info. And food. And a warm place to sleep. This trick improves your Streetwise skill roll by one success level.
    • Prerequisite: Stray
  • Leap to the Moon
    • This trick allows you to travel in the Dreamlands. In the Dreamlands, cats posses the ability to jump trough space to other worlds. The moon, for example, is a popular stomping ground by night, and can also be used as a waypoint on travels accross the Dreamlands.
  • Nine lives (1)
    • You are lucky and can cheat death. This trick allows you to choose a roll (yours, your companions, or the Keeper's) which led to your potential demise to be re-rolled, once per session. If the re-roll goes in your favor, the action proceeds again from that point. You can have this trick a maximum of 9 times at any one time.


  • Bite 30%
  • Climb 50%
  • Cthulhu Mythos 0%
  • Cuteness 42%
  • Dodge 90%
  • Dream Lore 16%
  • Dreaming 27%
  • Grapple 25%
  • Healing 17%
  • Hide 60%
  • Hiss 50%
  • Human Language 30%
  • Human Lore 8%
  • Hypnotize 10%
  • Insight 1%
  • Jump 50%
  • Listen 40%
  • Natural World 16%
  • Navigate 25%
  • Nimbleness 50%
  • Occult 5%
  • Rip 80%
  • Scent 50%
  • Scratch 40%
  • Sense Danger 10%
  • Sleep 50%
  • Sneak 50%
  • Spot 30%
  • Status 1%
  • Streetwise 60%
  • Swim 10%
  • Throw 10%
  • Track 20%
  • Wash 50%
  • Yowl 50%


  • Nemti is not "owned" by someone in special.
  • He switches between several houses and sleeping places.
  • His main territory is Curwen Street and the better part of northside.
  • The gang he is associated with are the "Nor'wood Boys".
    • Their base of operations is the attic of an old farmhouse on the corner Curwen Street / High Lane.
    • With the "fishheads" of Ricardo's gang they share a nonaggression pact since the wailing hound incident two years ago. Given that the territories are on the opposed sides of the town, this has proven to be a good thing for both sides.
    • Nemti is one of the Boys' best scouts and knows the northside like the back of his paw.
  • On his frequent strides to southside, he became comrade-in-arms in "aquirering issues" with Jasper and Giza.
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