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Renegade Rosenberg

Name Rosenberg Player Nathan
Warband Eternity Reapers Archetype Renegade
Motivation Dominion Alignment Slaanesh
Pride Foresight Disgrace Wrath
37 50 34 40 28+5 39 44 39 (6) 44 96
Total wounds Current wounds Infamy Corruption
10 1 9/9 92

Talents Description 
The Quick and the Dead add a +2 bonus to Initiative Rolls
Adroit Add one additional Degree of Success to successful Tests involving Ballistic Skill
Hip Shooting  As a Full Action, the character may both move up to his Full Move rate and make a single shot attack with a ranged weapon
Weapon traning May use: Chain, Las, Primary, SP, Flame
Jaded  Dead bodies, xenos creatures, and other terrifying but natural occurrences do not elicit Fear Tests
Deadeye Shot  When making a Called Shot ranged attack, the character reduces the penalty by 10 (so a –20 becomes a –10 instead). Is Combined with Sharpshooter
Double team  When ganging up on an opponent, the character gains an additional +10 bonus to Weapon Skill Tests. If one or more of the other allies ganging up on the opponent have this Talent, both gain an additional +10 bonus, for a total of +20
Combat sense May use perception bonus instead of agility bonus to roll initiative
Quick Draw  The character can draw and ready a weapon as a Free Action when the character is armed with a Pistol or Basic-class ranged weapon, or a melee weapon that can be wielded in one hand
Rapid Reload  The character halves all reload times, rounding down
Sharpshooter When making called shot, reduce the penalty by 10. Is Combined with Deadeye Shot
Lightning Reflexes Roll 2 times for Initiative and keep highest roll
Mighty Shot Add half BS Bonus to ranged damage rolls (added to weapons)
Air of Authority When making Command Skill Tests, the character may affect a number of targets equal to 10 times his Fellowship bonus. If the character has Minions they are also more devoted to him and add +10 to their Loyalty when in his presence.
Excessive Wealth +10 to acquisition tests
Unremarkable Any attempt to spot him in a crowd is at -20. +20 to deceive someone that they have never seen you before.
Inspire Wrath As a Full Action, the character can make a Charm Test to grant the effects of the Hatred Talent to any people in his immediate vicinity. Success on the test grants the Hatred Talent to the listeners (with the object of hate chosen by the character). The effects of the characters speech can be resisted by passing an Opposed Willpower Test against the character's Charm Skill Test. Inspire Wrath affects up to 10 times the character's Fellowship.
Heightened Senses (all) The character gains a +10 bonus to any tests specifi cally involving all sense
Unnatural Fellowship (2) Included above
Target Selection

Skill highlights Char. % Char. %
Acrobatics Ag 28+5 Operate (Aeronautica) Int 34
Charm Fel 54 Command Fel 44
Awareness Per 44 Parry WS 37
Deceive Fel 54 Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) Int 34
Stealth Ag 38+5 Common Lore (War) Int 34
Dodge Ag 48+5 Tech Use Int 34
Intimidate WP 39 Survival Per 44
Trade (Technomat) Int 34 Common Lore (Imperial Navy) Int 34
Common lore (tech) Int 34 Tracking Int 34

Half Full Charge Run
3 6 9 18

Name Class Qual Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special
Las pistol Pistol Best 30m S/2/- 1D10+2+3 E 0 30 half Las, no jams
Bolter Basic Good 100m S/3/-  1D10+5+3 R
4 24 Full Tearing, reliable
Spiteful Tormentor (Long-Las) Basic Best 150m S/-/- 1D10+3+3+4 E 1+4 40 Full Legacy Weapon
  • Half infamy added to Damage and penetration
  • Never Jams
  • Legacy of Excess
    • Adds one extra DoS to rolls. +5 to Agility, 1 corruption if a test with Agility is failed with 4 DoF or more.
  • Vigilant Pattern:
    • Indefatigable: When using guarded attack or defensive stance actions, you may re-roll evasion tests.
    • Sheild of Hate: May spend reaction to give arm and body location armour points equal to infamy points.
  • Accurate: An extra +10 when aiming, and when aiming every 2nd DoS gives one more D10 of damage, to the maximum of 2D10
  • Felling: When calculating damage, reduce the target's Unnatural Toughness Bonus by 4
  • Crippling (3): Anyone wounded by this weapon is crippled until healed. That means if they take more than a half action on their turn, they suffer 3 R wounds.
Chain sword Melee Best 1D10+6 R
2 Tearing
WS: +10
Tearing: roll an extra D10 for damage, and use the highest.
Balanced:+10 to parry when using this weapon
Felling: When calculating damage, reduce the target's Unnatural Toughness Bonus by 4
Reliable: Only jams on a 00 
Las weapons: In addition to the stats above, the weapon has two additional settings. Overcharge: spends two ammo per shot to give attack +1 damage. Overload: Spend 4 ammo per shot to give the attack +2 damage and +2 penetration, and make the weapon unreliable.

Type Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3
Las Pistol 30 30 -
Long-Las 40 40 -
Bolter 24 24 -

Armour: Carapace armour
Head Body Arms Legs
4 6 5 5

Gear highlights Description
Medikit Grants a +20 to those using it in conjunction with the Medicae Skill.
Dataslate With annotated version of Tactica Imperialis
Good Craftmanship Preysense Goggles No darkness penalties, and +20 to vision-based Perception Tests at night
Poor craftsmanship Conversion Field
A bit of Thermium Glowing faintly green
Chameleoline cloak +20 to stealth, -30 to hit when stationary

Mutations Description
Intelligent Cyst When the character fails an Interaction Skill Test, he fails it by two additional Degrees of Failure, as the Cyst momentarily causes him to do or say something contrary to his interests
Tail A writhing darting tentacle. Can make attacks at +20 weapon skill. Counts as a normal unarmed attack.
Mark of Slaanesh Included above
Thousand and one senses All Degrees of succeses on perception rolls are dubled.
Featureless face All interaction, except intimidation is at -20. May not speak, but does not need to eat.

Acrobatics Ag  28+5 Parry WS 37
Athletics S  34 Psyniscience Per 24
Awareness Per  44 Scrutiny Per   24
Charm Fel 54   Security  Int 14
Command   Fel  44 Sleight of Hand Ag 8+5
Commerce Int 14  Stealth Ag   38+5
Deceive Fel  54 Survival Per 44
Dodge Ag    48+5 Tech-Use Int 34
Inquiry Fel 24 Intimidate WP 39
Medicae Int 14 Logic Int 14

XP spent on Points used Alignment 
Ballistic Skill: Simple 250 Unaligned
Stealth: Trained 350 Unaligned
Tracking: Known 200 Unaligned
Deceive: Known 200 Slaanesh
Sharpshooter 500 Unaligned
Ballistic Skill: Intermediate 500 Unaligned
Dodge: Experienced 500 Slaanesh
Lightning Reflexes 250 Slaanesh
Mighty Shot 750 Nurgle
Fellowship: Simple 250 Slaanesh
Excessive Wealth 250 Slaanesh
Unremarkable 250 Slaanesh
Air of Authority 200 Slaanesh
Charm: Known 100 Slaanes
Command: Known 250 Khorn
Inspire Wrath 300 Slaanesh
Fellowship: Intermediate 250 Slaanesh
Fellowship: Trained 500 Slaanesh
Charm: Trained 250 Slaanesh
Deceive: Trained 250 Slaanesh
Target Selection 750 Unaligned
Intelligence: Simple 250 Unaligned
Total 7250
Unspent 50

Rosenberg is a Former Imperial Guardsman who was sent by the Imperium on a suicide mission to the hives of Tyranids. His entire squadron was decimated and he escaped with his life. He commandeered an abandoned Marauder Bomber and left the planet and his Imperial duties behind. His hatred for the Imperium is only matched by his desire for control. Rosenberg fosters hatred for the breed of xenos found on Tyranids, but more importantly for the commander that sent him to his death.

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