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Richard Bonaventure

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Name Richard Bonaventure
Concept Seeking new lands and opportunities for Crown and Country!
(and profit, don't forget the profit)
Player Roy
Nationality Avalon
Wealth 0

Gaining Hero Point
• Either he or the GM activates his Hero’s Hubris.
• He chooses to say, “My Hero fails.” No dice rolled
• His Hero acts in a way as described by his Quirks. Once per session
• The GM buys any unused dice that aren’t part of a Raise for danger points.
Using Hero Points
• Add one bonus d10 to his roll, can be used multiple times.
• Add three bonus d10s to another Hero’s roll before a Risk.
• Activate a special ability on his Hero Sheet.
• Take an Action while Helpless.

Brawn Finesse Resolve Wits Panache
2 2 4 3 2

Background Quirk
Explorer Earn a Hero Point when you set your eyes upon a sight few, if any, Théans have ever seen before.
Naval Officer Earn a Hero Point when you put the needs of the crew ahead of the needs of the mission.

Aim Perform
Athletics 2 Ride 1
Brawl Sailing 3
Convince 3 Scholarship 2
Empathy 2 Tempt 2
Intimidate 1 Warfare 1
Hide Theft
Notice 2 Weaponry 1
Level 3: Re-roll a single die
Talent Effect
Quick Reflexes [Athletics] You always take actions as if you had an additional Raise to spend when you use Athletics. For example, if a Hero has Quick Reflexes with Weaponry and rolls 3 Raises with that Skill, she takes her first Action on 4 Raises. If she spends 1 Raise to take an action (and so has 2 Raises remaining) her next Action occurs on 3 Raises. A Hero can buy this Advantage multiple times. Each time they do, they choose a different Skill.
Second Story Work You can spend a Hero Point to locate a way into a building or restricted area. You can bring up to one other character along with you, but everyone else has to find their own way in—or wait for you to open a path for them.
Perfect Balance Spend a Hero Point to move across a thin beam, jump from one place to another, or otherwise perform a feat of perfect agility and balance.
Barterer Spend a Hero Point to convince someone to cut you a deal, give you a reasonable discount, or assure someone who knows you that “you’re good for it.”
Sea legs While aboard a ship, treacherous footing never affects you. You gain 1 Bonus Die on any physical Risk while aboard a ship at sea—engaging in a sword fight on a pitching ship deck, or climbing through the rigging during a storm.
Linguist You speak, read, and write all Théan languages. Even the dead ones.
Connection You have connections who can give you informa-tion or help you out when you need it. Choose a type of contact—”Freiburg underworld,” “Five Sails city watch,” or “Vodacce high society courtiers,” for example. You can always make contact with someone of that type who will give you basic information or help you in some minor way, so long as it doesn’t cost them anything or put them in danger. If you want more hard-to-find information or a dangerous favor, you must spend a Hero Point or agree to a cost that your connection stipulates, such as paying them money or agreeing to do a favor for them in return.
Disarming Smile Spend a Hero Point to keep another character from drawing a weapon, starting a fight, or resorting to violence. She will still defend herself, but she will not start any violent conflicts.

Virtue: The Emperor - Commanding
Once per session you can activate your Virtue. The GM gives a Hero Point to all other Heroes in this Scene.
Hubris: The Magician - Ambitious
You receive a Hero Point when you chase after power and the deal you’re after is dangerous or causes trouble.

Goal: Captain my own ship, command my own expedition!
Ending: I become one of the Queen's top commanders!
1st step: Coming up with a good idea for a profitable expedition to present to the right people

Story: Coming from a comfortable but modest background, Richard has parlayed a career at sea, an affinity for languages, and an ability to interact with people from all walks of life (and maybe a good word from a distant relative or two) into a position of some wealth and influence. Having already served on expeditions to far-off lands, he judges himself ready for command himself.

Richard doesn't concern himself overmuch with Metaphysick. Religion for him is as much patriotism as anything else. If his Queen changed her religion, so would he!

Privately, however, he is very interested in subjects that are outside of any official religion. Richard would be a much wealthier man if he didn't spend so much on strange artifacts, ancient manuscripts, weird devices... But who knows? Maybe that amulet will really tell the weather, or that fountain can restore youth and vigor, or at least that pink potion will cure his indigestion. Part of his ancestry is from Inismore, and the tales he heard as a boy intrigue him greatly...

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