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Samuel “Peewee” Raymond

Ork Street Samurai

Body: 7 Essence: 0.88 Composure 5
Agility 6 Initiative: (Physical) 10 + 3D6 Judge intent 5
Reaction 5 (7) Memory 5
Strength 5 Lift/carry 12
Charm 2 Street Cred 0
Intuition 3 Physical Limit 8 (9) Notoriety 0
Logic 2 Social Limit 3 Public Awareness 0
Willpower 3 Mental Limit 4 Armor 13
Edge Edge Points Karma Spent Karma Yen
1 1 0 0 ¥ 2555

Active skills: Lvl Knowledge skills Lvl
Automatics (AGI) 5 Great Resturants (INT) 2
Blades (AGI) 5 (6) Law Enforcment (LOG) 2
Longarms (AGI) 3 (4) Poetry (INT) 1
Pilot Ground () 1 Safe Houses (INT) 3
Pistols (AGI) 4 Sprawl Life 3
Sneaking () 3 (4) Japanese 2
English N
Unarmed Combat (STR) 2 (3)

Physical damage track
7 Overflow boxes
Physical damage track

Quality Effect
Ambidextrous Can perform actions equally well with both hands.
Code of Honor (Bushido) Will not attack defenseless or unaware targets.
Guts +2 to resist fear and intimidation
Home Ground +2 knowledge relating to gangs and their operations [Street Politics]
Incompetent Acting
    • Con
    • Impersonate
    • Performance

Ranged Weapons Type Accuracy Damage AP Mode RC Ammo Note
Ares Light Fire 75 Light Pistol 6 (8) 6P - SA - 16 100 rounds
3 extra clips
Ares Predator V Heavy Pistol 5 (7) 8P –5 SA Ammo 15 (c) 100 APDS ammo (100 rounds)
3 spare clips
HK-227 SMG 5 (7) 8P –1 SA/BF/FA (1) 28 (c) 100 rounds explosive ammo
3 spare clips
FN HAR Assault Rifle 5 (7) 10P 6 SA/BF/FA 2 35 (c) Smartlink (Wireless: +2 to attack)
100 rounds APDS ammo
3 spare clips
Enfield AS-7 Shotgun 4 (6) 15P(f) +4 SA/BF 10(c) or 24 (d) Smartlink (Wireless: +2 to attack)
100 rounds flechette ammo
3 spare clips
Ingram Valiant LMG 5 (7) 10P –3 BF/FA 2 (3) 50 (c) or 100 (belt) Smartlink (Wireless: +2 to attack)
100 rounds explosive ammo
3 spare clips
Cyber Machine Pistol SMG 4 (6) 6P - SA/BF 1 32 Implant in right arm

Melee Weapons Type Accuracy Damage Reach AP Note
Katana Blade 7 14P 1 -3
Sword Blade 6 14P 1 -2
Spurs (cyber) Unarmed 9 14P –2 Implant in left arm. With slide

Cyber Effect
Cybereyes Rating 3
    • Flare compensation: mitigates the vision modifiers for glare and reduces the penalty from flashing lights, like from a flash-pak.
    • Low-light vision: allows you to see normally in light levels as low as starlight. It doesn’t help in total darkness, though.
    • Smartlink: Allows a Smartgun system
    • Thermographic: Enables vision in the infrared spectrum, enabling you to see heat patterns.
    • Vision enhancement: It adds its Rating [2] as a positive modifier to your limit on visual Perception Tests. Wireless: Add the vision enhancement’s rating as a dice pool modifier to your visual Perception Tests.
    • Vision magnification: This zoom function digitally magnifies vision by up to fifty times, allowing distant targets to be seen clearly. For rules on using vision magnification in ranged combat, see p. 177.
Dermal plating +2 Armor (Alphaware)
Cyberarm (right) [right, obvious, Strength 11, Agility 9, cyber sub-machine gun w/ external clip port]
Cyberarm (left) [left, obvious, Strength 11, Agility 9, Armor 2, cyber spur, cyberarm slide]
Enhanced articulation Enhanced articulation provides you with a +1 dice pool modifier to your Escape Artist skill and a +1 increase to your Physical limit (cumulative with other limit modifiers).
Platelet factories Any time you would take 2 or more boxes of damage to your Physical Condition Monitor, reduce the damage by one box.
Reflex recorder [Blades, Longarms, Sneaking, Unarmed Combat]
Synaptic booster The booster confers a bonus of +1 Reaction (and accompanying adjustment to Initiative and Physical limit) and +1D6 Initiative Die per point of Rating [2]. The synaptic booster cannot be combined with any other form of Reaction or Initiative enhancement.
Synthcardium The synthacardium adds its Rating [1] as a dice pool bonus to your tests using skills in the Athletics skill group.

Gear Effect
Earbuds Audio Enhancement [1]
    • Audio enhancement adds its Rating to your limit in audio Per-ception Tests. Wireless: Add the audio enhancement's rating as a dice pool modifier to your audio Perception Tests.
    • Spatial Recognizer: pinpoints the source of a sound. You get a +2 bonus on your limit in Perception Tests to find the source of a specific sound. Wireless: You get a +2 dice pool modifier to your Perception Tests when looking for a sound’s source.
4 fake SINs [Rating 4, each with fake licenses (Rating 4, concealed carry, possession of firearms, possession of augmentations)]
Hermes Ikon commlink (Rating 5)
Jammer Rating [4]: The area jammer affects a spherical area—its rating is reduced by 1 for every 5 meters from the center (similar to the blast rules for grenades). Wireless: You can set your jammer to not interfere with devices and personas you designate. [area, Rating 4] (area) rating4 : 800Y
Lined Coat [9, chemical protection 3, fire resistance 3, non-conductivity 3]
Medkit Add 3 to limit for first aid. Wireless: Adds 1 die to first aid rolls. Can operate by itself with 6 dice
Medkit Add 6 to limit for first aid. Wireless: Adds 1 die to first aid rolls. Can operate by itself with 12 dice
Micro-transceiver This classic short-range communicator has been favored by professional operatives since the 2050s. It doesn’t do anything special, it just lets you communicate by voice with other micro-transceivers and commlinks that you (and the other person) choose, within a kilometer. The micro-transceiver consists of an ear bud and an adhesive subvocal microphone (p. 439), both of which are commonly available in hard-to-spot designs. Wireless: The micro-transceiver’s range becomes worldwide.
Middle Lifestyle (3 months)
5 Stim Patches This patch removes a number of boxes of Stun damage equal to its Rating. This effect lasts for (Rating x 10) minutes—after that period of time, the patient takes (Rating + 1) unresisted Stun damage (which may be well become physical overflow by that point). While a stimulant patch is in effect, the character is unable to rest. Frequent use of stimulant patches may require Addiction Tests. Treat it as Addiction Rating 2, Addiction Threshold 1. [Rating 6]
2 Trauma Patches If placed on a dying patient, it allows her to make an immediate stabilization test (Physical Damage Overflow, p. 209) using her Body instead of First Aid or Medicine. Wireless: Instead of making a test, the patient is automatically stabilized immediately.
White Noise Generator This device creates a field of random noise, masking the sounds within its area and preventing direct audio surveillance. All Perception Tests to overhear a conversation within (Rating) meters of a white noise generator receive a negative dice pool modifier equal to the generator’s Rating. If more than one generator is in use, only count the highest rating. A white noise generator is redundant in a noisy environment (such as a nightclub or a firefight) and does not help to curtail video surveillance or jam wireless signals. Wireless: The white noise generator’s effective radius is tripled. [Rating 6]
3 High Explosive Grenades [Grenade, non-aerodynamic, DV 16P , AP –2, Blast –2/m]

Vehicles Type Handling Speed Accel Body Armor Pilot Sensor
Harley-Davidson Scorpion Bike 4/3 4 2 8 9 1 2

Contacts Connection/Loyalty
Joe Getz Fixer [Connection 4, Loyalty 3]

Sam was always a small, skinny, shy boy. He spent most of his time alone, reading comics, novels and old poetry. Not much into sports, the other kids started calling him “Peewee” and bullying him around.

When he was about 14 or 15, his body began to change. He was getting stronger, bigger. At first, since the transformation was slow and gradual, his parents thought he was just going through the normal growing phase as any boy does. Then, the change became faster. In a couple of years, he doubled his weight and grew taller some 40 cm. He was surprised at his new strength and power. Started working out, playing sports (contact sports, mainly, also martial arts). The two things combined turned him into a “brick wall”. The bullying stoped but he kept the "Peewee" as a reminder of his youth.

He caught the eye of some gang members. He began doing some protection/intimidation jobs for them. The praises he got and the money he earned led him to change his attitude. He began to have discussions at home and finally his parents made him an ultimatum: the gang or the family. He left, joining the gang, his new “family”. He started getting body augmentation surgery, enhancing his power and strength, training in weapon use at the same time.

One day, during a run, the gang he was with kidnapped the young daughter of a rich executive. He was told to take a box with her jewels to her father, as prove they had her, in exchange for the ransom. He never saw the girl and didn’t look inside the box. When he met the father, he opened the box to show its contents to him and inside where a couple of rings and some earings… along with the fingers and ears of the girl. The executive fainted at that sight and Sam almost did the same. He was used to extorsion and beating up some guys, but this was too savage for him. He left the box, took the ransom money and run away, making a new life away from the gang and turning from a thug into a street samurai. Still running the shadows for money but with a sense of honor and moral (if somewhat twisted).

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