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Scholar August Skarprattare

Ability Score Trauma
Name August Skarprättare Strength 3 0 wounds
Job Scholar Agility 2 0 Stress
Player Anne Wits 5 1 Confusion
Experience 4 Empathy 4 0 Doubt

Max influence Current influence Standing Affinity
3 3 8 Wits

A short, elderly Scholar of House Skarprättare, who wears glasses and a coat that is too long for him.

Skill Ability Total
Endure Strength 1
Force Strength
Fight Strength
Sneak Agility
Move Agility 1
Shoot Agility 2
Scout Wits
Comprehend Wits 3
Know the Zone Wits 1
Sense Emotion Empathy 1
Manipulate Empathy 1
Heal Empathy 1
Insight Wits 3 You can use this to have deep insights into the current situation. The GM rolls secretly. If you fail, the GM may give faulty information.

Aston Von Rijn Matilda Morgonstierna Agmundr Vigg
I think they Bright young man. Good work ethic. Seems very clever, and is proof that not all of Morgonstierna is like Edvard. She once helped him with a technical problem when she wasn't even on shift. August trusts that Agmundr's military training will keep the team safe even if their beliefs don't always align. He is also relieved that his gangster contact is in a rival crime family from the one that killed Agmundr's family, because it would've been quite awkward otherwise.
They think I He helped me shift how I approach problems, and is an example of the patience I needed to exercise on myself Triggers her daughterly affections. While not quite frail yet, and certainly mentally sharp, the way he dresses and moves about somehow has her constantly ready to assist him. (Or catch him if he falls, even.) Provided information to Agmundr regarding the history of some crime families.

Gauss pistol. A slick and long pistol with glowing lights on the side. Uses magnetism to fire pebbles at high velocity.
Light weapon. +2 Shoot. Damage 2 Long range. Reduces armor by 3.
Two rations of food and water
ID-card level IV
4 credits

Talents Effect
Knows Human Nature You can roll Insight instead of Sense Emotion to see if someone is trying to Manipulate you.

Contacts Effect
Robot-butler Your robot-butler helps around the house at no cost. It also has one module. For 1 Influence it can help you in the field, 2 if it has to use its module. The robot has first aid module.
Judge You know one of the four judges on the tribunal. You can use this to get an NPC into legal trouble. 1 influence for minor offences, 2 or 3 for major ones. As an Arbiter, you can then persecute.
Gangster You have criminal friends which can find hard to get items for you. Depending on rarity and cost, you must use between 1 and 3 influence points. The gangsters might also demand favors in return.

I hate
August has a scientific rival, Edvard Morgonstierna. August thinks he's all show and no substance, but crowds love his flashy displays.
I want to protect
August has a niece, Tove, who he basically thinks is the greatest human being ever. She works down in engineering, and she's brilliant. She also has a baby daughter, and August is delighted. Do they have photographs in this world? If so, he's got a wallet full of pictures of them both. Want to see?
My Big Dream is
Experience the outside world and learn more about it. August suspects the Council isn't telling everything they know, those slimy bureaucrats. He's getting increasingly frustrated and anxious about it. It's very important, but he's getting old. He's not going to live forever.
My domicile is
August could live in the top level, but he likes to keep involved in the academic community. Instead, he has a small apartment in Gamla Koly, which tends to be overrun with books, papers, and half-finished experiments. Some of this mess winds up in the Arbiters HQ, because he's the type of person who always has something to read or work on during downtime.
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