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Sepherina Chass

Name Sepherina Chass Player Robbie
Warband   Appearance  Sepherina is scrawny and lithe, and moves with a dancer's inherent easy grace. Her face is marred by a vivid, red scar that curls her top lip on the left side of her nose and causes her to lisp heavily. She wears her red hair short and scruffy, and though she is capable of disarming stillness, her big, green eyes are always in motion. She wears a body suit with a harness for a long-las on the back, and a las pistol and a sniper's beanbag secured at the small of her back.
Home World Hive World   Background Outcast
Role Assassin Divination A suspicious mind  is a healthy mind.*
*May reroll awareness to avoid being surprised.  
25 45 30 30 45 25 42 20 40 25
Aptitudes: Agility, Social, Finesse, Perception, Fieldcraft, Ballistic Skill, General
Total wounds   Current wounds Fate Corruption Insanity  
13 13 2/2  0 2

Talents Description 
Teeming Masses in Metal Mountains Ignores crowds for purposes of movement. +20 to Navigate (surface) in enclosed spaces
Never Quit An Outcast character counts his Toughness bonus as two higher for purposes of determining Fatigue.
Sure Kill When an Assassin successfully hits with an attack, he may spend a Fate point to inflict additional damage equal to his degrees of success on the attack roll on the first hit the attack inflicts.
Weapon traning May use: Las, chain
Leap up May stand as a free action.
Inescapable Attack On all ranged single attacks, the target gets a penalty to evasion equal to ten times the DoS on the attack.
Precision Killer Does not suffer -20 for called shots

Skill highlights % Special Uses 
Acrobatics 40 • Manoeuvring
• Contortionist
• Jumping
Deceive 40 • Disguise
Dodge 45 • Dive for Cover
Stealth 55 • Shadowing
Common  Lore 25 • Underworld

Half Full Charge Run 
4 8 12 24

Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special
Sniper Rifle Basic 150m S/–/– 1d10+4 I 3 20 Full Accurate: +10 when aiming. Inflicts additional D10 damage for every 2nd DoS beyond the first, to a maximum of 2D10.
Reliable: Only Jams on 00
Laser sight: grants a +10 bonus to Ballistic Skill tests when firing a single shot.
Laspistol Pistol 30m S/2/- 1D10+2 E 0 30 Half Reliable: Only jams on 100
Two Modes:
    • Overcharge: spends two ammo per shot to give attack +1 damage. 
    • Overload: Spend 4 ammo per shot to give the attack +2 damage and +2 penetration, and makes the weapon unreliable. 
Chainsword Melee D10+5 2 Tearing: Roll an extra die for damage, keep highest
 Balanced: +10 to parry

Type Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3
Sniper rifle 18 20 -
Laspistol 30 30

Head Body Arms Legs 
0 2 2 2
Gear highlights Description 
2 doses slaugh  Taking a dose increases the user's Agility bonus and Perception bonus by 3 for 2d10 minutes. When the drug runs its course, the user must pass a Challenging (+0) Toughness test or suffer a –20 penalty to Agility tests and Perception tests for 1d5 hours. Slaught is Addictive

XP spent on Points used 
Ballistic Skill: Simple 100
Agility: Simple 100
Stealth: Trained 200
Inescapable Attack 300
Precision Killer 300
Total Spent 1000
Total Unspent 0

Sepherina and her friend Jeraq Hadlor was part of a gang on Hulee V. The gang extended their terriroty too quickly, and was massacred by a horrid creature of the underhive. Sepherina and Jeraq survived, and was found by Inquisitor Agnes. Impressed by how they had outlived their fellow gangers, she recruited them to one of her warbands.

In her own words:
I wath five or sixth when I fell in with The Thilenthe. Thupid name for a Gang that, too hard to pronounthe. But they ran the thludge pitth and that wath everythin' where I wath from. Right money maker. Top of the bloody heap, everyone thtepped out of the way when The Thilence rolled through town. I wath a lippy little thit, wanted to be taken theriouthy. Thilenthe theemed like the eathietht way. That'th a joke thee? Lippy? Thilenthe? Becauthe I lithp and make a lot of noithe. Becauthe of the thcar on my lip. Oh never mind. Soddin' offworlderth don't got not thenthe of humour.

Tho there I wath, sixth or tho, lookin' at the Gangerth rollin' in creditth and thinkin', thith ith the life for me! The thpire never theemed further, an' I never felt lower. Couldn't do muthh, if I'm honest, and 'tween you and me I uthually ain't. I wath a thcrawny little thing. No muthle, lethth brainth. Good at hiding, real good, not muthh good at workin'. I ran noteth at firtht, for the ethtablithed gangerth. Mothtly gak about romanthe and the like. Love letterth. People lotht and alone lookin' for thomeone to thare the dark with. Ain't that unuthual.

But I moved up. Thlowly thure, but I tharted early. Thtarted running ammo. Then gunth. Then I fell in with an old hand name of Vik 'The Nothe'. Ugly bathtard he wath, but he thure could thoot. Thhowed me how to hold a gun, how to breathe, how to pull the trigger. How to thtill the voitheth in your head until thereth only the thot. Killed my firtht man not long after. Took to it like nothin' I've done before or thinthe.

That wath me in, a proper ganger. Made a few friendth, man named Jeraq in particular. Did ok for mythelf. Thcrounged enough to buy my own Long-Lath! Cuthtom wooden thtock, red-dot thightth, the workth. That wath right around the time The Thilence took over thome territory on the other thide of the thludge pitth. Old land, ain't been uthed for decadeth. Belonged to a rival, but they didn't put up muthh of a fight. Boththeth thet to work makin' it pay out. New tech, pipeth and pumpth. Only they woke thomething up. Thomething that wath betht left thleepin'. Ate the whole gakkin' lot of em.

'Courthe I thurvived. I'm thtill here ain't I? Jeraq too. Thaid I wath good at hidin' didn't I? Though I'm not thure what we'd have done but that wath when you thowed up. Who did you thay you worked for again?

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